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what really do you want? can you ensure it right?

I major in ecology now, but I found that I am favor of statistics more recently. In the next semester I will have a opportunity to apply Ph.D. of ecology without testing, because I will graduate in 2013. In addition, I want to take part in the Ph.D. exam of statistics for my dream. I know it is very sweet to make the dream true, but there is also many risks and hinderings on the way to get it. Think it simply, if I apply the Ph.D. without testing, I could save a lot of time to do something else, for example, learning the statistic by myself, writing, reading and so on.
so how to select? Thanks.


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  • Aug 18 2012: Hi Dong

    I would say that you are suffering because of the over-choice you have there, but I won't. because the choice is yours.
    and there is only one choice which feel right to us. the over-choice is an artificial invention which doesn't allow human's to make a decision that is right for the future. (yes today's decision for the future)

    It is the moment of your decision that your future is shaped.

    What I really wanted yesterday, is not what I wanted for today.
    What I really want today may not be what I really want for tomorrow.

    but one thing is certain choosing the path that will take me there where I really want to be.
    (If I don't know where I want to go, then any roads will take me there, it doesn't matter which one to talk)

    as Martin Luther King Jr once said: "Take the first step in faith, you don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step"

    My 1000 miles cycling trips started with one pedal - yet before that I had a vision, a mental picture, me being there already. I felt what I would feel when I would be there. I saw what I would see when I would be there. I heard what I would hear when I would be there.

    Now, How would you feel if you had Ph.D ? What would you see if you had it? what would you say to yourself if you had it? what you would hear people saying if you had it?
    whatever you are see around you, has been in someone's mind before they became things.
    My point is: Instead of creating a dilemma for yourself, seek ways to achieve the highest peak you dreamed for.

    No one ever wandered around Mount Everest hoping to get on the top. and the one on the top didn't just fall there.

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      Aug 19 2012: Thanks, Edwin. I really appreciate what you said, what I really wanted yesterday, is not what I wanted for today. What I really want today may not be what I really want for tomorrow. However, today we have to choose the best in our hearts, though it would be the worst tomorrow.
      You are very energetic and valiant, and I believed that you are a very good leading card to me and guys around.
      I like statistics, and I can learn more in the professional environment, maybe that is why I want to get a statistic's degree of the field in the future. I don’t know what will say to me, but I will never say sorry as long as I have tried. Additionally, what someone else say is not important; we cannot be liked by everyone. Just do it.

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