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what really do you want? can you ensure it right?

I major in ecology now, but I found that I am favor of statistics more recently. In the next semester I will have a opportunity to apply Ph.D. of ecology without testing, because I will graduate in 2013. In addition, I want to take part in the Ph.D. exam of statistics for my dream. I know it is very sweet to make the dream true, but there is also many risks and hinderings on the way to get it. Think it simply, if I apply the Ph.D. without testing, I could save a lot of time to do something else, for example, learning the statistic by myself, writing, reading and so on.
so how to select? Thanks.


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    Aug 18 2012: Ecology, as I understand it, is a content area and statistics a methodoligical approach in research. In many countries a doctoral program in a content area such as ecology would not only encourage you to pursue statistics but eve require it.

    I would guess that regardless of whether your doctorate is in ecology with a great deal of graduate coursework in statistics or whether the PhD was in statistics proper, you would have the opportunity over your career to do much of the same work if you are interested in applied work.

    If you want specifically to be a professor of statistics, you may need the doctorate in statistics.

    If you wanted an academic or professiona position in biostatistics, you may well be able to work or teach in that area with a doctorate in ecology supported by a lot of graduate level coursework in statistics.

    So I think whichever route you take, you will have great opportunities to develop competency in statistics and an opportunity to use statistics professionally.
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      Aug 19 2012: Thanks, Fritzie. Reading many of your suggestions I decided to take the exam no matter what happens.
      Honestly, PhD is just a label but not the real power. I really want to engage myself to the research of statistic, even though ecology has it interesting character. Everyone could choose only one main way to approach.

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