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what really do you want? can you ensure it right?

I major in ecology now, but I found that I am favor of statistics more recently. In the next semester I will have a opportunity to apply Ph.D. of ecology without testing, because I will graduate in 2013. In addition, I want to take part in the Ph.D. exam of statistics for my dream. I know it is very sweet to make the dream true, but there is also many risks and hinderings on the way to get it. Think it simply, if I apply the Ph.D. without testing, I could save a lot of time to do something else, for example, learning the statistic by myself, writing, reading and so on.
so how to select? Thanks.


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    Aug 18 2012: I agree with James.
    You don't have to choose between ecology or statistics -- you can do both!! Although statistics might be your passion, you have invested so much into ecology that you should not throw that knowledge away. Knowledge is never useless.

    For practical or economic reasons, you may need to initially go ahead and begin working in ecology. But as you said, you can still pursue your passion in your spare time. Or, for a more creative option -- find ways of including your passion (statistics) into your professional job (ecology).

    A quick google search for the phrase "Statistical Ecology" shows that there is a whole world of people just like you -- who share your background in those 2 subjects. GO MEET THEM!! :-)

    NCSE: National Centre for Statistical Ecology - www.ncse.org.uk
    CSEES - Center for Statistical Ecology and Environmental Statistics - stat.psu.edu/~gpp
    International Statistical Ecology Conference - www.cees.uio.no/isec2012/
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      Aug 18 2012: Thanks, Barry. I agree with what you said, knowledge is never useless. I learned agricultral resource and enviroment in my university and then I chose ecology as my master student's major. I am very satisfied that I have learnt so many. However, it is not about what I will learn but which I will choose. Nevertheless, I will persue my passion and I will not give the ecology up.

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