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what really do you want? can you ensure it right?

I major in ecology now, but I found that I am favor of statistics more recently. In the next semester I will have a opportunity to apply Ph.D. of ecology without testing, because I will graduate in 2013. In addition, I want to take part in the Ph.D. exam of statistics for my dream. I know it is very sweet to make the dream true, but there is also many risks and hinderings on the way to get it. Think it simply, if I apply the Ph.D. without testing, I could save a lot of time to do something else, for example, learning the statistic by myself, writing, reading and so on.
so how to select? Thanks.


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    Aug 17 2012: This is an earnest and deep question. You have a set of skills and an opertunity. I would personally suggest , and have- take the opening. There is a Canadian expression from hockey that says "If you never shoot, you never score". So take that shot! You know that your love of stats is not going anywhere and you will build it within yourself. That will serve you well in your career. I think now of the man who wrote "Freakenomics". By using methodogies from inside his field and applying it to things outside that field he moved the whole world ahead in its thought processes. (I did read that he simply reported those studies but the point for you remains the same.) From the inside you have many opertunities. Grab that chance and bend it to your own interests! Stats is a great skill which has many applications. Good luck! MAKE US PROUD!
    Only take that test in a year when no one can hurt you with the results.
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      Aug 17 2012: I'm out of likes, Debra, but that was very inspirational :)
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      Aug 18 2012: Thank you for the energetic suggestion and encouragement. I will take the exam to pursue my dream, hence I could not say sorry to myself in the future. I will try with confidence.
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        Aug 18 2012: You have my very best wishes from Canada to keep you fortified! Good luck, Bonne Chance!

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