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Why doesn't life behave equal towards us?

I dont know how to write a good explanation. But we know, there are people who suffers somewhere. There are people that suffers inside our society, too. Generally, noone hear our voice, we cry, but noone can hear a silent cry. People suffers from disappointed loves, starvation, deaths, cheats, monetary problemsi, etc. But why? Why doesn't life behave equal to us? Is it just our destiny?

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    Aug 18 2012: Pancakes

    When I first made pancakes I'd mix the batter until it was smooth and even. I was disappointed when they'd always come out flat.

    Pancakes won't rise unless the batter is lumpy.
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      Aug 28 2012: Interesting
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        Aug 31 2012: Thank you for your interest Na Naomy.

        I'll expand on my Pancake Theory of Distribution.
        What did I learn from making pancakes? Although I may know the fundamentals of the process that I am attempting to create and understand as an equation of ratios, time, and temperature that produces a sum, what had seemed to be an adulteration of the process (lumps) was in fact essential to the product.
        The dry yeast in the lumps of batter activates while cooking making the pancake fluff up, while the yeast that had been moistened becomes part of the cake of the pancake. I was making the mixture smooth and all the yeast was being activated while I mixed. My pancakes were flat because I was making sure that all the ingredients were being distributed evenly. But to make good pancakes you have to leave the lumps in the batter.

        Concentration of resources is necessary for all advancement. Nature, on the universal level, does not distribute itself evenly, there will always be dense pockets over there and sparse over there. That's why progress comes in spits and spats from resource rich areas, Vienna during the Renaissance, Germany during the Reformation, Motown during the '60s. Trace any progress or innovation and you can localize it to a specific area that had the right resources and the right people at the right time.

        To round it out; It is the active factors receiving the resources in the correct time that create the structure, while the inert material form the foundation.

        Who'd of thought pancakes were that interesting?

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