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Why doesn't life behave equal towards us?

I dont know how to write a good explanation. But we know, there are people who suffers somewhere. There are people that suffers inside our society, too. Generally, noone hear our voice, we cry, but noone can hear a silent cry. People suffers from disappointed loves, starvation, deaths, cheats, monetary problemsi, etc. But why? Why doesn't life behave equal to us? Is it just our destiny?

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    Aug 18 2012: Pancakes

    When I first made pancakes I'd mix the batter until it was smooth and even. I was disappointed when they'd always come out flat.

    Pancakes won't rise unless the batter is lumpy.
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      Aug 28 2012: Interesting
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        Aug 31 2012: Thank you for your interest Na Naomy.

        I'll expand on my Pancake Theory of Distribution.
        What did I learn from making pancakes? Although I may know the fundamentals of the process that I am attempting to create and understand as an equation of ratios, time, and temperature that produces a sum, what had seemed to be an adulteration of the process (lumps) was in fact essential to the product.
        The dry yeast in the lumps of batter activates while cooking making the pancake fluff up, while the yeast that had been moistened becomes part of the cake of the pancake. I was making the mixture smooth and all the yeast was being activated while I mixed. My pancakes were flat because I was making sure that all the ingredients were being distributed evenly. But to make good pancakes you have to leave the lumps in the batter.

        Concentration of resources is necessary for all advancement. Nature, on the universal level, does not distribute itself evenly, there will always be dense pockets over there and sparse over there. That's why progress comes in spits and spats from resource rich areas, Vienna during the Renaissance, Germany during the Reformation, Motown during the '60s. Trace any progress or innovation and you can localize it to a specific area that had the right resources and the right people at the right time.

        To round it out; It is the active factors receiving the resources in the correct time that create the structure, while the inert material form the foundation.

        Who'd of thought pancakes were that interesting?
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    Aug 17 2012: The simple saying 'We are one, but not the same' captures the truth of life.
    Pain or suffering can not be quantified or measured. But it is real and common. And there is no comfort or convinience in pain. The experience of being you, living in the world, is exclusive to you. But human experience is a human thing; so we are one as far as this is concerned.
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      Aug 17 2012: That's a good quote!

      I think pain and suffering can be quantified by the number of people who suffer or are in pain. However, the quality/degree of pain to each individual probably can't be measured.
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    Aug 31 2012: The question supports a fatalistic view which would make the answer easy to say we are destined at birth to live out a scripted life. My view which come's from my Christian upbringing is that we are not destined to unfairness from birth. I personally believe we are dynamic and capable of anything....both good and bad. Unfortunately some use their gift of humantity to exploit while others use their gift of humanity to try and offset the unfairness and help. It's a continuous battle dominance vs social equality, moral vs immoral. So at one extreme, you have the looters and at the other extreme you have producers, where the producers understand responsibility while the looters understand power. I countries where the balance leans to the looters you see more unfairness. In countries where the balance leans toward producers you see prosperity. In countries where you see the scale teeter every election cycle you see civil unrest. Being human allows us the privilage to choose our own path.

    That being said, I realize many are born into conditions that, while they have choices, the conditions of their envoirnment does not allow them to act on those choices. (death not being a vialble choice).

    To answer the why, I would say greed, and insecurity drives some people to need to control others. I don't understand the drivers of this mentality but it does a convincing job of creating an unfair world.

    I know my example is somewhat black and white but I used it for simplistic explanation of the dyanamics of the extremes. I left out the middle which is where most of us find ourselves. I do believe that it is there where the battle for fairness will be the middle ground.

    Thanks for allowing me to share my thoughts.
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    Aug 28 2012: In a manner of speaking it does. Those born of the purple have issues as well as those on the opposite end of the spectrum.

    The rich worry about maintaining their status, social image, investing, media perceptions, those who would prey on them physically and mentally, etc ...

    The poor worry about housing, food, clothing, security, the future of their children, transportation, etc ....

    These concerns are just as reall to one group as to the other. Yes granted they are to most of us disportionate. But I think to put this in perspective we must consider the level involved.

    The real answer here is when faced with a problem how does the INDIVIDUAL react. Some will withdraw, some will face it and resolve the issue.

    The winner is the one who will learn and grow from what life throws at them regardless of the level.

    All the best. Bob.
  • Aug 25 2012: Without bad, there is no good. The same can be said concerning pain and comfort. Fortunately, these responses exist in life such that we are able to distinguish from the two and appreciate the positive end of the spectrum. Unfortunately, not everyone experiences these responses in a balanced manner, leaning either to the positive or negative end of the spectrum. Thus is the nature of life; some are born within situations where there exists more opportunity for pain than comfort and others are born within situations where there exists more opportunity for comfort than pain. Being born in the latter, it is easy for me to state that regardless within which situation we were introduced at birth, we exist and this in itself is something for which all should be appreciative when considering the overwhelming odds against our unique individual existence.
    • Aug 27 2012: Good and bad are created by the same i said,we are pawns in a divine sport and not significant at all.
  • Aug 20 2012: I believe we are inside some kind of Divine videogame in which controller is with someone called god by us.

    As I type this into Ted, I also feel that someone is making me do it and had even fixed this moment for me.Am from India and have been trying to look for answer to this question for the past several years of which I seem to have come closer (only closer but maybe several light years away still) to truth after I lost my hard earned business and sitting on my butt for more than a year.

    Imagine this - You drive a beautifully engineered German car in Turkey-Made of Iron/Steel extracted in (say)India-Assembled in China-Burning fuel extracted from Saudi arabia-the fuel of course is remains of dino living of millions of years ago....this is called Supply Chain by people but I think a freely killing TRex millions of years of ago was destined for salvation inside your car cylinders or create carbon monoxide catalyzed by other natural resources.


    Its said USA uses 25% of world's resources for 5% of world population or 75% of world's resources are used by rest of 95% people.

    India is supposed to be an economic superpower when most of its people are not well off.

    An ill paid worker makes iPhones in China in the worst conditions and Apple is called one of the most valuable companies in the world . This makes you wonder if Stevejobs slept at night or not?.. He may have bloody well slept in his multi million villa when Chinese workers were trying to get sleep on their bunks

    There is no right or wrong .Its actually the (survival)perspective ! Being best suited for a job doesn't get you selected by an interviewer who is most unfit for the role. Binary thinkers find it unbelievable that one is not in control of things and one must do things to deserve good life.

    No one knows anything (incl me).

    Life is like being in a train,you can only enjoy the view not drive it!

    Its a Zero sum game ,wait for your turn,its Destined!
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    Aug 19 2012: Life is unpredictable.It is bound with Ups and Downs.Every person does experience it during his course of life.
    I don't think its apt to say life behaves unequal towards us.It all depends on us how we perceive and how we lead our life.
    since, we are the soul owners and we decide what we need to do.
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    Aug 18 2012: Hi Hilal,

    I guess that is just the way life is for most of us. A mix of good and bad times. More or less depending on luck and our own actions.

    Life doesn't owe us a living, but I guess we make make it a little bit better if we love and help each other a bit.

    If you look at nature it is dog eat dog most the time.

    Humans on average may have it better than other animals.

    I guess we can strive to make the best of our life and appreciate the good times, the sunsets, the good people in our lives...

    I guess its different for everyone but for the last decade I reckon 80% of my life experience has been good to great. Lost some people on the way, but was lucky to have them for a while.

    Take care, make the most of it how best you see fit.
  • Aug 18 2012: Hilal,
    Your question is an old one for humanity; we've probably asked this from our beginning. The key word in your question is "equal". What would life be like if we were? What is equal behavior?

    The desires of the center of a person are vitally important clues for direction in which we are moving. You seem like a person who is sensitive and who wants friends and good health for all. Good! People actually get busy and get involved when they feel inspired to cause change in society.

    We have had a lot of trouble on this planet. But, we are slowly, very slowly working out of past influences as more and more people stand up and are counted for change. Look at the sudden changes in the Middle East! Your area of the world has seen strife for centuries, but people want change, perhaps more equality and freedom to think, have a good job, and freedom to express opinion and choose a religion without reprisal.

    They why of your question requires more space than one person can give. There are others here more wise who may wish to address your concern. I hope you get satisfactory responses to help you understand why!
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    Aug 17 2012: if there were no suffering, there would be no joy.

    john lennon once said that God is a concept by which we measure our pain. i interpret that to mean that we have our view of heaven as a place where there is no suffering, there is absolute truth and we are well and truly free of our mortal coil.

    anger, sadness, angst, jealousy, disappointment - these are the emotions that many artists quote as the things they tap into for inspiration and creation. i think it's because these are the emotions that are closest to the physical. as such, they are the easiest to access.
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    Aug 17 2012: On some level, there are many more ways of being uneven in some way than of being even. So just from that, one might expect things in nature to be uneven most of the time. Our Earth isn't exactly uniform. There are mountains and rivers and craters. As astronomers study the galaxy, I think they would be surprised to find anything uniform in the sense of all the same everywhere.

    Humans as we evolved developed from lots of genetic differences, so other than identical twins, each of us is genetically unique, though we have most of our genes in common- not only with each other but with other animals. Still there are differences.

    Because the environment across our Earth is not uniform, where we are born, even if we were evenly distributed over it, affects what we experience. Our lives will be affected by our genetic make -up as well as by the influence of our environment, including who else lives near us.

    These are some of the reasons I think that it is not surprising that our life experiences are different. I think it would be much more surprising if our life experiences were all the same.
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      Aug 17 2012: One of my sons has a girl friend who is a medical student. She says that people are just as different on the inside as they are on the outside. HOW interesting. I guess, I assumed that they were all sort of textbook - the same. What an assumption!