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Human Evolution

Evolution is one of the most tested theories present in the scientific community today. The fact is that it appears to be hardening into substance - more fact that theory.

Modern evolutionary theory discusses two principle pathways of evolution - punctuated vs. gradualism.

So who are we, the humans?

Our rate evolution is beyond understanding in comparison to pretty much all other species.
Or is it?
I believe that yes it is and that there lies something bizarre hidden in the facts of our evolution.
I short summary of what we have accomplished as since homo sapiens in 50,000 years -

traveled the globe.
settled across the globe.
brutally slaughtered all our relatives or absorbed all other directly related species into our gene pool (theories differ).
developed a diverse network of cultures.
built skyscrapers.
built spaceships.

Now, i hate to sound pretentious but are we not one fantastically competent species? Give yourselves a pat on the back! No, don't. really.

Anyway, the question is how have we achieved this feat of evolution? Other animals require millions of years before they are able to fly.

I would like to hear some opinion.


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    Aug 20 2012: The Mayan calendar follows the evolutionary progression from the big-bang to the present with surprising accuracy. It is as if life was supposed to follow the path that it has taken.
    first stage; big-bang to cellular organisms.
    second stage; cellular organisms to mammals dominating the land.
    third stage; mammals to primates with family oriented traits.
    forth stage; primates to hominids in hunter-gatherer groups.
    fifth stage; hominids to homo-sapiens in first civilizations.
    sixth stage; first civilizations to development of nations.
    seventh stage; nations to planetary issues.
    eighth stage; planetary issues to galactic awareness.
    ninth stage; galactic awareness to universal awareness.

    Each stage is exactly 20 times shorter than the one that preceded it, so it wasn't adjusted to fit the geological record. It fits for reasons that we can't account for.

    It was adopted 2000 years ago, long before any concept of globalization could be realized, and yet it is right on schedule. What we are experiencing today is just what the Mayan calendar suggests should be happening. I am not suggesting that some supreme being is in charge, just that the universe itself seems to be following a pattern that is ordered from the beginning. It is reductionism in reverse following a cyclic and predictable pattern. How many times has it happened prior to our present universe? Possibly more than we wish to count.

    Throw the akashic records into that, and it gets pretty mind-boggling. What happens, why and how it happens, is probably more complex than evolution alone can account for.
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      Aug 20 2012: The Brahman is not a Being!!!
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        Aug 20 2012: My point exactly. What modern religions are teaching are words of scripture but no meaning beyond the words. The words were meant to convey a meaning that takes you into higher realms of understanding. Christ is the seventh energy chakra. When I go to various churches, I feel like I am in a one room schoolhouse and you never get past first grade.

        I have had spiritual experiences that led me to a study in Eastern philosophy. I was surprised to see how many connections I could make between the Judeo-Christian tradition and Eastern philosophy, but none of it is explained in the modern Christian church. I wrote a book to reflect this observation. You can find in on my profile.
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      Aug 21 2012: "The Mayan calendar follows the evolutionary progression from the big-bang to the present with surprising accuracy."

      No it doesn't, in fact, people like Neil de Grasse Tyson like to point out that we shouldn't worry about the end of the Mayan calendar because they got the dates for the beggining of the universe so abominably wrong.

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