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Happy validly author,


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I think there is much "invalid happiness", which just wastes our efforts and resources and leads us to human self-extinction.

(1) Happiness must be the short time feeling of things being a-step-better for keeping one's DNA alive. Or, there is no human in the world.

(2) To have happiness is easy if you quit the harmful "invalid happiness" that does not exist in our instincts. Over 90% of today's happiness is invalid. Invalid happiness leads us to doomsday!


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  • Sep 9 2012: Happiness is a state of mind.I think the invalid happiness you mean here are more like the physical satisfaction or the way you purse happiness on purpose. The real happiness is not what you pursue but the feeling you with the process you pursue for something in your life.
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      Sep 10 2012: Yes.

      It physically-apparently makes us happy.
      It spiritually-intrinsically hurts our life goal.

      e. g. smoking, drinking, abusing drugs, ... making too much money.

      Thanks a lot!
      • Sep 13 2012: Intrinsic goals make anyone's life meaningful. They indefinably create valid happiness. .

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