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A basic income tax: Asking everyone within a society to pay 10% BIT and dividing this amount through its population = Basic Income For One

(In the Netherlands for example, this would sum up to a basic income for everyone of $350 a month, in South Africa $90 a month for everyone, etc.)

The idea I am proposing could be implemented everywhere, regardless of the size of the society it is implemented in.

The advantage of such a tax would be:

- Equality

- Families with many children would get more support

- People that can't work would be safe

- The division of poor and rich would shrink and with it criminality

- Everyone would feel more as an equal part of society

If we would tax everyone in the world 10% Basic Income Tax and divide this amount through the world population, we would generate a basic income for every one on earth of $60 and that would be the end of extreme poverty!


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  • Aug 22 2012: I'm not a fan of flat taxes, for the reasons others have already stated on here. In the UK wealthier people pay 45% I don't think that figure should be reduced. I think all taxes should be based on income. Sales taxes unfairly affect the poorest in society, as it costs them a far higher proportion of their income. In the UK we pay VAT, which is meant for luxury items - products that people can live without. However we pay it on condoms, fuel, most foods, clothes, services... the list goes on!

    Something needs to be done to reduce the gap between rich and poor, but with the rich controlling everything why would they want to make that change?

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