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Why humans feel insulted ?

being humans we often feel offended, abused or insulted , why we are feel so ? is it something natural which we inherit or is it something we develop ?


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    Aug 16 2012: Colleen, me too! You have to challenge the thinking behind the emotion of 'being insulted'. No-one can insult you if you choose to see what they say in a different way. Equally you can be insulted by every little thing that does not conform exactly to your world view. Basically to be or not to be insulted is up to you!
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      Aug 16 2012: I totally agree Lesley...so well said!
      It does indeed depend a LOT on how we choose to use the information, and I think MANY times, what people choose to be insulted by is exactly what you say...something does not conform to their world view or expectations. Yes, it is a choice:>)

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