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Why humans feel insulted ?

being humans we often feel offended, abused or insulted , why we are feel so ? is it something natural which we inherit or is it something we develop ?


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    Aug 17 2012: Miscommunication between one humanss mouth and another ones ears
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      Aug 17 2012: i disagree with you Jeremy, Miscommunication is not always an indicator of insult
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        Aug 17 2012: What if someone miscommunicated a idea or subject not today but farther back in time to you like they said the only good people in the world wear blue shirts soo your idea or belief was that blue shirts are good people and then you see a red shirted person and well you say hey red shirts arent normal to that person would you believe they may feel insulted?? This is just one example there are a infinite number of possible miscommunications and a infinite number more of possible situations sooo yeah i think miscommunication hjas a lot to do with insult. A lack of knowledge or understanding leads to a insult. The miscommunication between our enviroment (that is the people places and thing's) and all the sensory organs of our body as well as our body is what i should of said lol...
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          Aug 18 2012: Jeremy,
          I believe miscommunication can be part of insult. One has to interpret the communication in a certain way to feel insulted.....yes?

          To use your idea of red shirted/blue shirted person...
          What if the red shirted person was perfectly content, confident and comfortable with the red shirt? Do you think it would matter as much what anyone said about it?

          You say, which I agree with..."a lack of knowledge or understanding leads to a insult".
          If the person "KNOWS" the red shirt is ok, and "UNDERSTANDS" that the other person is simply stating his/her personal preference, perhaps that red shirted person does not "CHOOSE" to be insulted?

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