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Why humans feel insulted ?

being humans we often feel offended, abused or insulted , why we are feel so ? is it something natural which we inherit or is it something we develop ?


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    Aug 17 2012: I think we cant say exactly when/why a person feels insulted.It all depends upon the person attitude of behaviour.

    If a person is generous enough,he wont feel insulted when a person doesnt accept his/her generousity.

    If a person is egoist,he often feels offended/insulted when people dont go by his statements/purposes.

    So, all i think is it completely depends upon the attitude of a person about how he takes the internal/external environment according to his protocols.
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      Aug 17 2012: I agree Chetan, attitude and perception of person is of-course related to his/her feeling about insult but thinking further on this, i got confused with question are insults socially framed or personally framed ?

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