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Why humans feel insulted ?

being humans we often feel offended, abused or insulted , why we are feel so ? is it something natural which we inherit or is it something we develop ?


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    Aug 16 2012: Two factors that contribute to how insulted one feels are pride and misunderstanding. It is, indeed, interesting at the variation among people in how readily they feel insulted, even when no insult was meant.
    Part of this phenomenon is surely learned. That is, I believe some people may learn to interpret disagreement with them as a form of attack, while others who mature in a different milieu interpret disagreement as natural among independent-minded people whose different observations and experiences give them different perspectives.
    Along the same lines, some people are insulted when people ask them clarifying questions.
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      Aug 16 2012: do you mean that, when people fails to prove themselves right, they feel insulted ?
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        Aug 16 2012: That was not my meaning, but if it is yours, please share your thinking.
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          Aug 16 2012: after reading your words, I got thought that,as humans we tend to create self image and anything against that self image can be termed as insult, I don't know whether I am right or wrong
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        Aug 16 2012: I believe there is some truth in what you wrote, particularly as our self-images are influenced by others.
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          Aug 16 2012: Fritzie,
          If we depend on others for self image, wouldn't there be more possibility to be influenced/insulted?

          I agree with most of what has been offered...ego...pride...misunderstanding...need to be "right"...

          I believe that people who are more secure in themselves and their own self image, tend to accept different observations and perspectives as natural among independent-minded people. When we are secure in ourselves, we can evaluate what others are telling us, and do not need to choose to feel insulted.....yes? no? maybe?
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          Aug 17 2012: Colleen,
          I agree with you last paragraph.
          It completely depends on the perspective of a person about how he views the external environment.
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          Aug 18 2012: Chetan,
          Yes.......It completely depends on the perspective of a person about how s/he views the external. environment...........and.............maybe the internal environment as well?
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        Aug 16 2012: Colleen, I agree with you.
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          Aug 17 2012: Thanks Fritzie,
          That's how I function, and it's always worked pretty well for me. I don't need to feel "insulted" by someone else's perceptions. I consider the information and move on. Feeling "insulted" uses up too much energy that can be used more productively....in my humble opinion:>)
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          Aug 17 2012: Colleen,
          I have gone through several comments on different topics of yours and in most of the comments you have stated the facts,behaviour,protocols that you have practised in your course of life.
          Its rally inspiring and challenging since it really needs the zeal to set up the standards for a particular protocol that you want to adhere to in your course of life.
          How do you do it..??
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          Aug 18 2012: Dear Chetan,
          I always appreciate your feedback, and I LOVE to observe your exploration of the life experience.

          To answer your question:
          I have certain underlying very basic beliefs, which you have probably seen here on TED many times...

          Life is an exploration.....about learning, growing, evolving....living in the present moment....what we focus on expands.....where attention goes, energy flows....if I'm not part of the solution, I'm part of the problem....

          These are some of the ideas that are firmly implanted in my mind and heart, and everything filters through these very basic ideas. I live life mindfully aware in each and every moment with the intent to leave the earth a little better, even if only in the tiny space I occupy. I am at the same time, the observer as well as passionate participant in the life experience. Make any sense?

          I am happy to expand, elaborate and discuss more if you wish:>)

          I promise not to be insulted if you ask.......LOL:>) Have to keep us on topic:>)

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