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Aren't Christianity, Judaism and Islam basically the same? How much archaeological evidence is there of similar teachings in the past?

Among countless arguments that keep recurring almost on a daily basis, specially in the middle-east, many are centered around the constant conflict between the Abrahamic religions. I found it strange that whole centuries were not enough for humans to reach some conclusions, perhaps because we are all, to some extent, biased. People simply ignored, and in some cases resented, what they didn't konw. The media played a significant role in further increasing the gap using inflaming language, fabricated and biased news while ignoring or hiding historic and concrete facts altogether.

Apparently, Jews denied Christians and Muslims, Christians denied Muslims and Jews, and Muslims denied Christians and Jews. Nowadays, many people are conditioned to take sides without even thinking. One puzzling point is that some people turned other religions to a forbidden knowledge instead of encouraging people to know. Thus, they seem to prefer keeping people ignorant rather than letting them form an opinion on their own.

I don't know if someone has contributed to any sort of worldwide work that deals with the basic similarities between the Abrahamic religions, specially the beliefs. Thus, I invite everyone who is willing to share what they know about: the similarities between the Abrahamic religions, the archaeological evidence regarding them and what you think whether any human, organization or government nowadays has any right to turn any of the Abrahamic religions to a forbidden knowledge.


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    Sep 12 2012: They claim the same ancestor, Abraham. Theology of the 3 religions is 360 degrees out of phase.
    • Sep 13 2012: 360 degrees would mean that they are back in-phase.
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      Sep 13 2012: Welcome to the discussion, Helen, and thank you for your comment.
      Actually, there is a lot to consider.
      It's obvious that all humans, families, tribes, nations (and now the billions of people populating earth) branched from one male and one female.

      Religion played an essential, and a significant, part in all the ancient civilizations (as far as I know). How did all the civilizations reach a similar concept (to some degree) about religion even though some civilizations were isolated from others by natural barriers?

      It's not only the same ancestor, Abraham, pbuh, that the Abrahamic religions have in common. Check the location where the Abrahamic religions originated. They seem to have all originated from the center of the land (if all the continents had been a single continent one day). Is there a scientific explanation why Saudi Arabia and the countries next to it have much of the world's reserve of oil?
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        Sep 13 2012: It is not obvious that we came from one male and female.

        All the evidence we have points to species evolving in population groups.

        It may be our ancestors might have been a small group at one time.

        Also, certain individuals who had many offspring might have a surprisingly high % of human descendants e.g. Ghengis Khan.

        We don't know if Abraham in the Torah was a real person or mythical.

        You are relying on Faith and in some cases denying science and a lack of evidence.

        Religion played an important role. I'm not sure if it was essential. It is not essential today.

        Wow. Do you really believe there is a connection between oil and god's Muslim revelation?

        Does it say in the Qu'ran that god made his revelations on lakes of black gold etc.

        I guess the Australians could say the same about having most the world's Uranium, Iron Ore and Coal. Why do some regions have more of a particular resource than others. Luck.

        I could say god hates Saudi Arabia, obviously because it has such low rainfall.

        I could say god must love the US as they are the richest most powerful nation. 100 years ago I could say god loves England as they were the richest and most powerful. God loves Japan the most as they have the longest lifespans. Can you see the logic fail arbitrarily attributing a cause to an outcome.

        Sorry Amr, but that claim is a logic fail. Think about it. Serious cognitive bias. This is typical of intuitive religious thinking.
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          Sep 14 2012: Welcome back to the discussion, Obey No1kinobe. I was worried I may have said something that made you upset.

          "It is not obvious that we came from one male and female."
          Ok. Do you have an alternative theory that you may suggest?
          All humans seem to be of the same species, as far as I know. If a theory suggests that humans populated the earth by other means (like evolution etc), there should have been many different kinds and versions of humans, which is not true. I don't see humans with wings anywhere. :) There are only "human" humans.

          "It may be our ancestors might have been a small group at one time."
          And how did they preserve the unique features of the species? Survival of the fittest? Even though humans are very good at using tools, they don't exactly have the toughest bodies or the best endurance.

          "You are relying on Faith and in some cases denying science and a lack of evidence."
          True. I've been living for a long time in a world that separates religion from science. Now, I'm trying my best to merge science and religion. I'm only taking my first steps and I admit my ignorance.

          "Wow. Do you really believe there is a connection between oil and god's Muslim revelation?"
          That's not the point I wanted to make. Could the oil be an evidence that a particular land is older or contained older forms of life or more living organisms than other lands?
          I understand you have reasons to misjudge my intentions. I respect your opinion.
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          Sep 14 2012: Btw, I've replied to your comment below about the attack on the American embassy. I hope you've noticed.

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