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is spirituality making us diverge from our paths(focus) in life?

what is spirituality ?
in todays world are we joining spiritual organisations because we cannot find happiness. what is happiness after all?
what are these organisations doing in shaping-up an individual?
do youngsters have no focus in life today that they are joining these orgainsations and wasting time instead of doing anything constructive?

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    Gail .

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    Aug 16 2012: Wow! What a hatefully worded question.

    Those who have grasped the beauty of spirituality are not closed off, and so are not cruel to others. They have discovered something gentle and beautiful and inspiring and kind and peaceful and workable and EMPOWERING. They fill with self-respect, and generally love who they have become (which is how they are more loving towards others than those confined in narrow prisons of the mind) Their minds are open to new things and experiences, and this serves to improve the quality of their lives. I find such self-exploration a VERY constructive use of my time and effort.

    My path (focus) came to me as a result of my learning about who and what I am, which came about as a result of my giving up the narrow minded cruelty that I found inherent in the religions that I knew about growing up (those that worship the God of Abraham).

    How do you define constructive? Which would you rather: a world filled with kind people or a world filled with small-minded know-it-alls who use government to FORCE you to treat others unkindlyl?
  • Aug 16 2012: What is spirituality? My view is that spirituality is synonymous to consciousness and since it our scale in which to earn balance, we can define its meaning that applies to this reality.

    The more we become aware, the more we 'realize' the effects of our practices, ideals and philosophies. In other words how our choices can affect change as an individual and collective. Lets look at a simple example.

    Assuming all mankind chose to be vegetarians and fruterarians. What effect would it have on the world?
    Firstly the culling of animals would cease. This would improve the methane issue, which has an impact on global warming :$department/deptdocs.nsf/all/cl10038

    As we further investigate the negative impact animal waste and by products have on the environment, we can slowly start to realize that a simple choice has a very large effect. Spiritually speaking we growing in awareness in this reality, a reality we unconsciously support.
    If you want to skip to animal waste then following link - alternatively the whole read offers better perspective.

    This far we've encountered negatives that can be altered by our conscious choices, that not only has a positivr effect on personal health, but as well as environment. It can even solve other areas of concern, such as inhumane slaughtering. Let's read Virgil's story:
    And more testimonies

    Since many are not vegetarian and fruterian, they rely on packaged foods.

    Consciousness is our scale
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    Aug 16 2012: Many people believe that spirituality assists them in maintaining their focus on what they value and in working toward that. This position may, or may not, involve participation in formal organizations of people who share their values.
  • Aug 16 2012: "What is spirituality?" I'm not qualified to state absolutely. If one believes in something existing outside of material existences as we know of our universe, and if that something is not material, then we think of spirit. Spirit is not subject to material limitations. People have long believed in ghosts, but little is known of what is real. Ghost is a concept and some have attached fear and danger to the word, but in fact there is no real need to do so. I like to think the spiritual realities are actually friendly. No scientist or material machine or theory can prove it not so.

    Wasting time in spiritual organizations? Why is that time wasted if people benefit and are living better lives while relating well to people? Yes, I know there are ghost and evil cults; to me those are a big waste!

    Doing constructive things? Yes, indeed, we need positive constructive thinking and activities. What do you suggest?
  • Aug 16 2012: Spirituality is the ether, which you are.
    Ether you are, or ether you are not.
    Happiness is something that happens. Just like meditation.
    Nothing is what you do.

    You ask:
    "what are these organisations doing in shaping-up an individual?" I take that to mean, "what brainwashing are they doing to shape up an individual?"
    Everything they can.

    Help youngsters to trust themselves, love themselves, be true to themselves, find out who they are, what they love, and then go out and do it.

    Don't tell them who they are, what they should be doing, or what or who they love.
    Life is like the last three letters of the word life. It's .....if.....e.....(pronounced iffy), which means no one knows what is going to happen. So live life. That's what it is for. It is lived forward but understood backward. Oh well.

    When everyone wants security, I want freedom. Freedom is the most precious thing we have other than the number of days we each will live. If that is 70, it is only 25,550 days (not counting a few leap years thrown in). Otherwise:

    It goes so fast, it's hard to make it last.
    And now the present is,