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Open education revolution as we did with software

The Open Source Movement has given the world a lesson about sharing knowledge without expecting anything in change. How important is to do the same in our Education System around the world, knowledge is for sharing and everyone must have access to the same kind of education. I know that there are out there some Open Universities but clearly there is not a real "Revolution". So this is my idea, to create an online platform where people can improve the information, something like wikipedia but especially oriented to school and college education, where people can find lectures from the brightest people and all kind of resources, from books to homeworks in all kind of courses. Of course to make the Revolution happen we need to make a los of agreements with the best schools and universities out there. What do you think?

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    Feb 16 2011: Great idea Javier! It's interesting because I feel like a lot of the things you mention are bubbling up across platforms, or on very small (and separate) scales.

    For example, you have lots of great lectures going online, MIT 'giving' their classes away on YouTube, various wikis that are rich in terms of content, tools & community, etc. But, to me, there is no great aggregrator of these splayed resources.

    I'd love to see a site where quality Ed. resources were aggregrated & curated by algorithm, staff & community.

    Hope I didn't stray to far from your question!
  • Mar 10 2011: The talk they posted today [Salman Khan] I think truly may have answered the question?
  • Mar 10 2011: I agree with you Logan, there is not a place to go to yet that aggregates the videos into like a training session such as part 1, 2, 3 ... When I am looking to learn something this would be the order I would like it to be in, and when searching through Youtube it is just a big mess. If the universities could post all of their videos on one platform in chronological order, along with a proper search algorithm it would be so much easier to learn from. I would also add in a reputation score for each poster as well. This could also be another way for schools to make some extra money.

  • Feb 17 2011: I firmly believe that we truly need nothing short of a revolution in education.

    Typically today, what we mean by school comprises of knowledge (acquisition) + environment (of peers). The knowledge is (as it rightly should be) is a commodity. The environment is what differentiates between the best, average and worst schools.

    Even though education is a commodity, traditional school/college education hasn't kept up pace with developments in technology. It is not fun to acquire this knowledge.

    Why can't every education concept be created like a 15-minute Ted Capsule. Why can't these capsules be used across the globe to enable kids to gain knowledge.

    What's missing is the art and fun in knowledge acquisition for schooll/college kids.

    Today for education revolution we need a skillful combination of concepts (Names provided here under are for understanding the idea and not necessarily referring to the same tools)

    1) Wiki (for accumulation of knowledge concepts and their contents)
    2) Qwiki (for making the knowledge interesting, fun and efficient)
    3) Ted kind of platform (for distributing this super-high-quality content free to the globe)
    4) Table devices (distributed to every kid in the world with the ability to access this/other content)
    5) Apple (kind of systems integration and an outstanding user experience)

    I am confident the model can be sufficiently funded by various stakeholders who will receive value in return.

    It's time that it's time to make the education process far more pleasant, effective and universally available.