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What causes the heart to beat?

Often i have wondered what causes the heart to contract and distract. Like they say the heart is the engine running our body what fuels this engine and makes it do the lap and the tap. And why over a period of time it stops to do this function that it has done for decades together. Does the reason only narrows down to this mechanism which contracts and distracts the heart or there are other reasons or some combination of all degradation of our body parts.

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      Aug 26 2012: Thanks for the clarification. It is most helpful.
  • Aug 23 2012: It is not so much what causes it to beat, that is already known. It is also known why it stops beating. As it is just an organic machine, it can't last forever, as anything or most of what we know on earth has a limited lifespan.

    It is not like that that a heart beats out of nowhere. See, during pregnancy the later body is build, and during pregnancy when a specific build level is reached, the fuel is injected to the system and so the show starts (and ends when no fuel is refilled or fuel is contaminated and so on). The clever aspect is that the parts of the body already are able to work without the body having the tank and engine able to run on its own. This is a very clever system, as it means that you are not dependent on a specific environment, only on specific fuel/energy, which probably can be of artificial origin too.

    There is no miracle at all. You can see that when looking at a cars engine. The single parts do move when energy is given to it, but of course it does not run "alone", as long as the full machine is not ready. And like the machine heart, the machine in a car will stop "beating" once there is a problem in fuel provision or any other part of it is damaged. It can be a very small part that makes the whole thing stop, like a big damage or medium damage too.

    And we are very close to discover a lot new things about "soul". With 3d Printers we will be able to produce human or any other body. Through try and error we can find out were "we" or our "soul/mind" is located. We can leave parts, try all possible combinations etc.. This will not give answer to where we or the life comes from, but it helps us to understand why it stays here, how it can be caught.

    Who knows, maybe we are able to catch minds or souls on that way? Should be possible, in theory. The DNA is just a security code to hold the mind inside the machine, that is why every body is similiar, but still with small diffrences.
  • Aug 22 2012: Hi Arthanari,

    Pretty quiet here on your most interesting question! I see you have one materialistic explanation from Linda and another quite spiritual one from Ed.

    Take a look at this link I sent you. There is much more to learn about the organ of the heart. Not only that the heart is also a carrier of memories .. which in itself, is pretty mind blowing! But it is also a carrier of emotions as well. There are a lot of stories about how people who have had a heart transplant experience the desires that lived in the heart of the heart donor. Which sort of explodes the myth that everything is happening in the brain and the brain alone.

    What Ed is getting at is that we have a spiritual body or "etheric body" which is the energy force that penetrates and forms the living substance that we call our physical body. When we die, these two bodies separate from each other. The life body going back to the eternal life energy and the physical body returning to its natural element .. the physical.

    The conception that the heart is no more than a pump is also a bit out of date. This is what we learn in grade school but it is only a partial truth. Some are now seeing the heart as more of a valve than a pump. This changes our perspective on things a bit. The heart, as the human beings "emotional organ", one might say that the entire heart
    region is more of an emotional regulator.
    Think about the way you sometimes blush. .... and now think about the way you are sometimes afraid.

    These are two polarities. In the blushing condition the blood rushes to the surface of the body, usually the face, neck and shoulders. While in fear, the blood rushes to the inner organs. This is a reflection of a spiritual / emotional condition that arises in the soul of the person prior to the movement of the blood.

    Pretty interesting ...!
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    Aug 18 2012: The heartbeat is initiated by a cluster of neurons in the heart known as the sinoatrial node. I literally do a complete lecture on this topic and it would just take to long to go over here. There are many factors that influence the rate and contractility of the heart and I would suggest you look into an anatomy text for further information.
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    • Aug 22 2012: Hello Ed,

      Long time :-)

      Could you explain a little further ...??

      Greetings from Daniel
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        • Aug 23 2012: Thanks Ed,

          I am somewhat familiar with these terms, at least in an intellectual way. The experience however has not come my way yet... still waiting... still working on it.

          What do you mean by the etheric double? Can you go a little deeper into that?

          My first thoughts were , Isn't it the astral body that compresses the muscular system in and around the heart...? Although the etheric body is very close up to the astral ... if we can think of it in "spacial" terms at all.

          The eteric is very connected with rhythms .. at least after what I've read. So what you refer to as the double leads me to think in the same direction but still not achieving any clear concept of it.

          Tell me more if you will.

          Thanks, Daniel
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          Aug 23 2012: Interesting. I really like this explanation. I do see people who think like this with different words. I am trying to separate the concrete from the theoretical though. Which heart do I zap when it stops beating? The Etheric Heart or the Etheric Double?
          I know that might sound snide but it is truly a question to help me understand how this is conceptualized. It really is not intended to be snarky in any way.
        • Aug 24 2012: Hi Ed,

          I had just written a long response to your previous comment and somehow zapped it away by accident. ...

          Lets see, as I was saying...

          The "idea" comes to my mind first .. move your hand and pick up that cup. Often almost unnoticed ... then this impulse travels through the astral element of desire, through the etheric / life element or "force" body that in turn moves the actual physical hand.

          It's quite simplified here of course. All that goes on from the brain all the way down to the neurological level of the movement of the hand takes its course in this manner.
          Memory is something that immediately complicates the picture. The ether body is the carrier of all our memories ... not the physical brain as modern science would have us to think. Check out the link further up that I sent to Arthanari about people having desires that follow from a heart transplant. The heart is also an organ of both desires and memories.
          There are many many such stories about people getting transplants and suddenly getting overpowering desires for either beer or chicken nuggets or some strange thing...
          So it seems that a part of the soul body, the desire body, follows along with the physical heart after a transplantation. One might ask the next question ... yes ... what happens to the soul body of the person who donated the organ .....?? hmmmm