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Are world leaders more prone to Psychopathic tendencies? or Is it a manifestation of the job?

A TEDster made a comment asserting that a prominent politician has psychopathy.

While they may have had their comment removed I think they brought up a fascinating discussion point.

Is psychopathy more prevalent in world leaders? Is going to war for political reasons psychopathy? Where do you draw the line between self-serving behaviour and psychopathy?

George Bush sent men to fight to death on what turns out to be cherry picked intel, but he has a family and children that he loves, and is deeply engaged in his social sphere - can you be a psychopath and a loving husband and father?

Conversely I know many people with grand moral positions who have little consideration for friends and family and are selfish to the extent you would only expect in children.

Would love to hear others perspectives


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    Aug 17 2012: My daughter is actually 4...

    Usually her tantrums are because she is hungry or tired.
    Maybe we should make it a policy to provide incompetent leaders with a snack and ask them to take a nap.

    I think, we are in general far too eager to apply diagnostic labels. To managers, political leaders, famous people, our ex-partners, the teacher we don't like and so on.
    Maybe because it is easier to feel justified in our negative feelings?
    But that's another discussion.

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