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to read, listten an conversation in the language english to can comunicate appropiate whit other peoples

in my work every day, i need send reports to other peoples that are the accioniat of the company where I work. is possible thet en nearly time, they put as necesary the english as the official language for all comunication. by this reazon I consider the most importan priority for me to learn english

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    Aug 16 2012: At the moment it is becoming the accepted business language but language is transient so the English of today will not be the English spoken a hundred years from now.
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    Aug 16 2012: Hello Mr. Javier,
    I offer you the following correction of your headline so you can assess your English skills:
    "My idea is to read and converse in English so that I can communicate appropriately with others."
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    Aug 16 2012: All languages have their own slang and accents. In order to really learn any language most effectively, you pretty much need to get exposed to that environment.