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Are there any circumstances where its OK for local police to enter another countries Embassy?

Julian Assange again. The latest news is that the UK have threatened to enter the Equadorean embassy to secure Assange. To me this suggests that all the surmising about US involvement might actually be true as I find it very hard to believe that a country would breech diplomatic immunity agreements over a sexual assault. If that is normal why doesn't it happen all the time?


Closing Statement from peter lindsay

Closing statement. I think the majority of us are greatly concerned about any threat to diplomatic immunity and the ability to seek asylum. As an update as requeated by Debra since the UK gave assurances that they had no intention of invading Equador's embassy the silence in both the Australian and UK press has been defening. We get daily BBC news here and even they haven't mentioned it for over a week. Perhaps they are preparing a large box with confidential stamped all over it to go in the express post to Equador. As long as the box doesn't say "ouch" every time they drop it the story could end here.

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    Aug 20 2012: Really a silly comment.
    • Aug 20 2012: Agreed! A litte respect for other viewpoints would not go amiss. Try and curb your enthusiasm for a witty putdown. It gives the impression that you have a lot of growing up to do.
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      Aug 20 2012: Are you really prepared to discuss reality and are you prepared to take responsibility for your retorts by making clear to whom to are speaking?
      Are you not the witty person who just told someone below that you and your buddyies laughed at their input. I am not using witty putdowns simply speaking from facts and one of those facts is that my own family members are embassy employees who count on this sanctity for their lives.

      Addition: The editing and rearranging of comments by TED staff in this case has done serious disservice to the conversation and to the participants. Just SO YOU KNOW _ WE NOTICED!

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