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Are there any circumstances where its OK for local police to enter another countries Embassy?

Julian Assange again. The latest news is that the UK have threatened to enter the Equadorean embassy to secure Assange. To me this suggests that all the surmising about US involvement might actually be true as I find it very hard to believe that a country would breech diplomatic immunity agreements over a sexual assault. If that is normal why doesn't it happen all the time?


Closing Statement from peter lindsay

Closing statement. I think the majority of us are greatly concerned about any threat to diplomatic immunity and the ability to seek asylum. As an update as requeated by Debra since the UK gave assurances that they had no intention of invading Equador's embassy the silence in both the Australian and UK press has been defening. We get daily BBC news here and even they haven't mentioned it for over a week. Perhaps they are preparing a large box with confidential stamped all over it to go in the express post to Equador. As long as the box doesn't say "ouch" every time they drop it the story could end here.

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    Aug 20 2012: Debra:
    I really fail to see how you case is relevant, linked or like Assanges case???

    About the female diplomat - I can almost say for certain, that if she walked around in a bikini i Saudi Arabia, she would not be able to avoid prison (or more) simply by pulling the diplomat card.
    Respect for the local laws are necessary even for diplomats.

    How often does an embassy give asylum to sex offenders?
    I don't think Ecuador often gives asylum to alleged sex offenders facing questioning.

    There is a big difference in fleeing death, torture or live imprisonment because of political views, or fleeing a fair trial and a possible prison sentence - in this case just questions that could lead to a charge.
    The charges and countries are very relevant, as the international relation and power s diplomats are not there to intervene with local laws and political asylum is not a mean to avoid abiding the law.

    I know one case in Denmark, where a diplomatic status was changed, because it was given to avoid drug and weapon charges to an ambassadors son. It was decided, that he could not just make anyone a diplomat - and in that way the embassy could not just do what is pleased.
    The concept of an embassy is goodwill and an agreement to follow the rules - both ways!
    It was never meant as a carte blanche.

    Sweden is different from the US in many ways - charges are not made without investigation because everyone are innocent until proven guilty.
    That does not however mean that you can avoid facing questions.

    Another thing that is very very different is, that Sweden - as many countries in Europe, are not allowed to extradite offenders, if they risk death or torture.
    And both happens in the US.
    Should the US therefore ask Sweden for Assange, in questioning him regarding the leaks (with charges of treason or espionage he could risk death penalty) Sweden would have to keep Assange... Assange have actually previously asked for residence in Sweden, but was not granted it.
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      Aug 20 2012: Sophia, we are discussing the way embassies and ambassardorial priveleges work in law not in our own wishes. My parallel is to require anyone to face their own preconceived notions of the actual happenings. Assange is not charged with our version of sexual assault. In fact, he is not charged nor is he a sex offender. He is at worst a person in need of asylum and that is what an embassy provides. For a primer please read The Hunchback of Notre Dame for an early version of the concept of asylum. There is a Disney movie if that is preferable.

      BTW the situation that I set to you is NOT hypothetical. It is a reality. I cannot believe that any woman would willingly reduce those issues to the silly matter of how one dresses.
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      Aug 21 2012: If the swedish authorities are only interested in the sexual "assault" why didn't they question him when he was under house arrest. They made no attempt to get a statement from him before applying for extradition. That is the thing that never happens. You never go through a time consuming and expensive extradition procedure without sending some one over to interview the prospective defendant to see if it is worth the time and expense.
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        Aug 21 2012: Good point Peter,
        Generally, they do not go through the time and expense for extradition unless they have sufficient evidence for a conviction.

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