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Technology is making life simpler and allowing people more time for other things. But, do people know what to do with that time?

This is a perennial question around Technology and science advancement. Are we making people dull? Do they really know what to do with the time that technology provides? Where is the society movement to bring purpose into the lives of people who suddenly have free time to think about this thanks to technology?

I haven't found an answer to this question. Particularly to how we as technology providers can at the same time give a complimentary course of action for the free time and enhance the overall quality of life, not only with simplicity and time provision but also with a higher purpose for the newly found space to be filled.

I think without solving this technology is a one way street not a dialogue that might leave people and society at large to hollow to design its own next best form in the future.

Thanks for your contribution to solve this little puzzle in my head!


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    Aug 16 2012: One facet of technology, which allows us to get more done in less time seems to lead to our use of another facet of technology, which allows us to get less done in more time. This happens in a couple of ways:

    1. We use technologies to keep us tied to our work environments longer and more intimately, which keeps us from necessary re-energizing activities and reduces our productivity over time. We actually use what would have been discretionary time to do more work.

    2. We use technologies to socialize or put our minds in neutral during our discretionary time. My initial thought was to say we waste the precious gift of time through this use of technology, but I have been swayed by Lejan's argument. Is filling our time with more work or otherwise productive activities actually a good use of all discretionary time? Is our time previously used to perform one set of activities replaced by technology now being used in ways that drain us and make us less balanced?

    I think I'm leaving this discussion with more questions than answers, but it definitely has made me think in terms of the value I place on activities that may not be overtly productive.
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      Aug 17 2012: I agree, Eric, that there is a modern obsession with productivity. But there is a distinct counter movement encouraging people to stop and smell the roses rather than obsessively self-micromanaging to squeeze the highest possible value out of each moment.
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      Aug 17 2012: Hi Eric, thanks for your post. The value placed and conscious choice of activities is a key realization one needs to be more responsible of. How is that more difficult with technological pace, I think it is.

      How we as individuals and corporate citizens (for me of a technology player) balance this issue in the new technologies and business models of the future, is a very interesting area to explore.

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