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Technology is making life simpler and allowing people more time for other things. But, do people know what to do with that time?

This is a perennial question around Technology and science advancement. Are we making people dull? Do they really know what to do with the time that technology provides? Where is the society movement to bring purpose into the lives of people who suddenly have free time to think about this thanks to technology?

I haven't found an answer to this question. Particularly to how we as technology providers can at the same time give a complimentary course of action for the free time and enhance the overall quality of life, not only with simplicity and time provision but also with a higher purpose for the newly found space to be filled.

I think without solving this technology is a one way street not a dialogue that might leave people and society at large to hollow to design its own next best form in the future.

Thanks for your contribution to solve this little puzzle in my head!


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    Aug 16 2012: Is your question whether people find ways to use their extra time that are satisfying to them? Or are you suggesting that there is inadequate discussion of how individuals can find a meaningful purpose for the time? Or are you questioning whether the ways people choose to use their time seem meaningful to others?
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      Aug 16 2012: I think what I'm trying to understand is this. If I aggregate the amount of time Technology has allowed society to gain back from previously time consuming activities, what has each of us done with that time? Are we using it to enhance the quality of people lives even further, or does it just remain like an empty space that we don't know how to use? Seems to me many advancements in technology provides this extra time, but on the other hand, as we don't know what to do with it, we just fall into more and more quick and easy fillers of this new life provided to us. Some people say, hence the raise in depression (shallowness derived), drugs consumption, media consumption, and easy gratification. Is technology providing the time but we as human beings have not prepared to use it for our society and individual general life improvement purpose?

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