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Who should be more feared. Lions & Tigers & Bears? Or, the Men Behind the Curtains?

The iconic movie The Wizard of Oz premiered August 15, 1939.

it's contributions to cinematic innovation, social identity and philosophical concepts are numerous, if not, uncountable.

Beyond visuals so vivid they can't be missed, the story communicates subtle, often highly sophisticated, themes of human experience and emotion. And how these, engaged with co-relational discoveries and collective action, can result in shared understandings of unseen realities. Specifically: critical truths belied by otherwise accepted facades and conspiratorial agents that undermine common experiences and understandings.

Two pivotal transformations occur in the story that show how appearances can deceive.
-- First are scenes in which Dorothy encounters the heretofore scary characters of the lion, scarecrow and tin man. All, far more flawed than fearsome, as it turns out.
-- Second is the scene in which the powerful Wizard of Oz is revealed to be not only flawed, (just as the others), but more ominously: to be highly manipulative. Playing them, as he does, by amplifying their fears in his efforts to control society.

Contexts in which the original book, the original movie and it's iteration "The Wiz," say much about why the story resonates with so many.

Each was produced during times of civic disparity. Times when gaps between poor and rich were significantly magnified, due to the amplification of fears, fomented and abetted by hidden agents pulling strings that maximized rich privilege by playing on common-fears. From behind closed doors--figuratively or literally.

Given all this and parallels to the times we're in now, it seems prudent to revisit Qs The Wizard of Oz cues up, like:

1. Who should be feared more: Those who coercively communicate, in plain site? Or those who manipulate, beyond common view?
AND --
2. What's more important: Revealing those who conspire to corrupt? Or, facing challenges with efforts that "un-suppress" individual and collective power?


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    Aug 15 2012: OH MY! What am I doing here? Here is one of my musical heroes, long dead and his version of an answer:



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      Aug 16 2012: Debra,

      Perhaps you've followed a rabbit down a hole?

      In any case, glad you've arrived.

      And brought metaphorical music to match the cultural messaging technique used by Baum, Chapin, Chapman, Melua and many others in times when straight answers are hard to come by, and hidden realities make them harder to communicate.

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        Aug 16 2012: You never fail to teach me and guide me with your beauty and your insightfulness. Thank you.
        I am so far down this rabbit hole that i am coming out the other side.
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          Aug 16 2012: Debra--

          Following rabbits down holes and finding the other side can be a great Adventure.

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        Aug 16 2012: I have always thought so but it can also break your heart assunder.

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