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Does America have an unemployment crisis? If so, then how would you solve the unemployment crisis?

The question is elaborate enough for a sufficient response.


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  • Aug 18 2012: The big problem stems from job creation but the hinderances are imported products. There should be a balance with regards to imports because it clearly has an effect on local manufacturers and therefore a price battle which leads unemployment.

    I'm not sure if the US have an unemployment crisis but watching reality shows like secret millionaire, and the like seems to show that large groups have major unemployment issues. There are ghost towns in a number of states. Sadly due to industry issues.

    Education is not the issue as we can see.
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      Aug 18 2012: There is an argument I've heard that there are too many educated people and that is, supposedly one of the problems....it somewhat makes sense....but I want it not to be....how do you percieve this issue?
      • Aug 19 2012: As Pat pointed out, Capital Investment, being the issue. Educated people, if they venture into business, can be held back if there isn't capital to fund their projects which affects more depending on how many job were expected to come out of it.

        I'm not sure if it the same everywhere else, but here (South Africa) we have raw minerals and produce product however China purchases a large amount of the raw minerals and produce yet they supply us cheaper than our local suppliers. I would assume that our demands are greater here, as in people expect better wage and more so the investors are expecting a specific return on investment. Of course the everday running cost as well. All that adds to cost. So in the end the product vs the imported product costs more because the labour and admin costs are greater than that abroad.

        Then we should recognize that governments are responsible for allowing imports to affect the local market. Duties should be set at a rate that keeps to fair pricing between local and import, in that way giving people a choice. Another issue being free trade...everyone is free to import and this seems to be a contributing factor because they operate as a one man show and markups to suite the "one man" vs an organization who caters for perhaps 50 people. How does an establishment compete with that?

        Another issue could be over-population. Can any country cater for all their people? If they can't cater for their people then it becomes another profitable labour force for investors, provided the politics are in favor of investors. People are seen as a resource and if people have too much freedom and rights in a country then it's an issue for investors.

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