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Does America have an unemployment crisis? If so, then how would you solve the unemployment crisis?

The question is elaborate enough for a sufficient response.


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    Aug 17 2012: Education!

    Aren't there like re-education or rehab centers for this? How about the government pays for an unemployed worker's tuition and finances temporarily, until the worker can go out there and get a new job and make their own income?

    In other words, government is putting money in investment for unemployed workers' re-education, and the return of the investment would be the workers' output in their new professions.

    And I mean, we can create more jobs all we like, but they have to be competent. A competent job demands competent people, and less competent jobs are slowly being taken over by machinery.
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      Aug 17 2012: I think the government does has such programs, but I don't know if it is any beneficial though. =/
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        Aug 17 2012: Yeah, I think the government has the right idea, but their execution and quality of methods is where it needs to improve.
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      Aug 18 2012: James, education or re-education may be the right answer in some circumstances, but the reality is that we have a lot of unemployed educated people right now. The answer for some isn't more skills or education, but changing the way that they seek employment.

      In the 21st century, everyone basically has to constantly be on the look out for their next job.
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        Aug 18 2012: In terms of how people can seek jobs, there are plenty of services online, one of the best ones imo is LinkedIn, but it really depends on the kind of job they're looking for.

        We have all these online resources or flyers/ads and job-searching theoretically shouldn't be such a big problem. If it is, then perhaps they need to learn how to use most resources available to them or the resources themselves need to be easier to use.
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          Aug 18 2012: Maybe simpler would be a nice solution, but everyone gauges "simple" in a different way, so I would say dumb everything down...?
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        Aug 18 2012: @Derek

        I think there needs to be collaborative effort. They need to make things "dumber" while the users need to make the effort to do things "smarter"
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          Aug 20 2012: @James

          In regards to an individual getting "smarter" or more knowledgeable about things new to them, there needs to enough information and enough patient individuals' to teach this new information when help is needed. People without patience should not be advised to teach because they view slower learners as incompetent, whereas the slow learner is just attempting gain a "whole picture" of information.
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        Aug 21 2012: @Derek

        Indeed, and I think patience also applies to the learners just as much too...

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