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If Cricket is to be played at the Olympics, what should be the format for the game? T20 or 50-50?

Cricket is still not a GLOBAL game! But it's growing for sure. If cricket was to become a part of the Olympics, which I feel it must be; then a question or challenge in our hands is the right format for it!

I think T20 can be a good option and include the game at the Olympics, however would love to read further comments and views.

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    Aug 18 2012: I love T20 cricket; I think it should be introduced in the olympics. I prefer a short form cricket game. A few hours and we can know the winner.
    T20 means there will be more competitors and more time.

    T50? NO!
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    Aug 16 2012: No cricket at the Olympics please.

    Even the tennis and soccer is stupid in my view. The olympics is a side show for these sports.
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    Aug 16 2012: I think the fifty over game would be the way to go. T20 has the problem that its brevity makes the outcome too dependant in the first 10 overs of the first innings. It would be hard to take as a player if after four years of preperation your tournament is ended by the loss of a couple of quick wickets. T20 would definitely be better from a crowd perspective but I think you would struggle to get the best players. You can already see the effect in the IPL as players are chosen by their ability to draw a crowd so some of the best players don't bother.
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      Aug 16 2012: Peter Jee, 50 over match will be too long in the present context, as it will take whole day to get result. The youth will not wait that long. I think it should be 25 or 30 overs.To get the the real charm of one day and T20 matches. I have proposed the3 over for fast bowlers and normal six overs for slow bowlers to prevent fatigue & injuries of fast bowlers and add variety to the game. By doing this we will be having quality fast bowling and create longevity of fast bowlers.
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      Aug 16 2012: Peter, thanks for your reply! Yes, in most of the games, it is the early part of the game that matters! But on the contrary isn't it the same for a lot of other sports. I was watching a wrestling match the other day and was amazed to know that there are 3 bouts of 2 minutes only and the 1st bout is most important to win isn't it?
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    Aug 15 2012: This will be great for sports in India and Olympics, if it is included in Olympics & other International tournaments.
    I am for T-25. The balls per over be reduced to 3 balls per over to give enough time to bowlers especially the fast bowler to bowl with full thrust. Now this is skewed in favour of batsman. Five more overs will give a chance to batsman down under the chance to score. Further 5 more overs will means extra 5 overs for slog in the end overs.At least three runs be given for if the catch is near the boundary line. the boundary should be colored with two different bright colors. The width of boundary line be of 6+6=12 inches. Lastly it should be played in indoor stadium so that the game can be played anytime even during rainy season.
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      Aug 16 2012: I remember seeing cricket at the Kaula Lumpur commonwealth games. I completely agree with you on the indoor stadium requirement!

      Interesting new format that you propose there! I specially like the 'you get 3 runs if caught at the boundary' one!