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Is there an exact, definite criteria or standard on ethics?

Immanuel Kant, John Stuart Mill and many other philosophers have spent their lifetimes trying to find ways to find the absolute answer to this question; "Is that right to do?" However, no one could come up with a perfect idea that everybody can agree to. I'm sure that our society can be improved if we find such answer, but does it even exist? Taking one step further, does ethics exist or is it something that human beings made in order to reform the society? (After all, I am just a curious 8th grader)

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  • Sep 7 2012: Curious:


    Is there more than the world view that ethics are your imagination,
    are they in a harmony by a same Giver who gave the first string of energy before the electron existed?

    Ask if morality and ethics are made-up , ultimately
    passed on in revelation by a Revelator... scientifically observable by the receivers.

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