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Brain helped us understand how other organs work, Now which organ can help us understand the brain itself.

We used brain to explore everything from the nano size vision of cells to landing rovers on mars and mapping the galaxies. Now now we want to explore the brain itself, how, who or what do you think can help us in this mission impossible.

Topics: brain exploration

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    Aug 16 2012: Comprehending is definitely something that only the brain can do for us. But to understand the inner secrets of brain can some other organ have the clue for it as they are heavily monitored and controlled by their boss.

    For example the eyes are the ones provide vision to our brain, so how does the image that we are seeing is perceived in the brain what chemical reaction does the brain process to identify that i am tying the letter 'n' here next on the keyboard.

    Hey i got another question to ask you,

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