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What can a democratic voter do to be effective in politics in a region where republican voters are entrenched in the political system?

As a member of the state of Oklahoma, I am more than frustrated with the intellecutal outsourcing and increased conservatism of my state. This is largely due to the inability of the democratic party to be able to push for effective and worthy education initiatives among other things. What can I do as a democratic voter to help change the political landscape around me?


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    Aug 15 2012: A division into 2 political parties: the Democrats and the Republicans is not current. Now, we should divide politicians into two other groups: servants of Wall Street and servants of citizens. I don't know who works for Wall Street (I don't know names), but I see to what strive these politicians.

    Republicans refer to christian values, but they don't respect those values. George W. Bush destroyed Iraq and killed (not directly) civilians, because he thinked that Iraq has a WMD.

    So Kelly, you must show that Republicans don't respect these christian values, which they proclaim. They are hypocrites!

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