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What is the role of Africa (if any) in shaping International Relations theory?

As a lecturer of IR in Africa, it's rather obvious that the foundation of IR theory is very eurocentric. I'd like to understand from those who have knowledge on the subject matter if they think Africa played any role in shaping IR theory. How can we make IR have an African touch beyond the examples.

  • Aug 16 2012: Africa has many countries, and therefore many leaders, professors, etc. I can't spell TRismigistos or Hermes I can spell. So and Old Kingdom Physician would later become a Greek god and a subject in the Dead Sea schrools. That babble is a round about way to say Why not? Could Grotius or Jean Monet understand how important there ideas would become? Try Try Try
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    Aug 15 2012: I think that Africa is coming onto the world stage in a very indirect and back-door way. Those many orphans who lost their parents to HIV-AIDS are teaching themselves and changing how we understand how education works. it's quite amazing - the gift that these children are giving us. Cooperative learning is going on all over the place. And what is IR if it is not cooperation?

    I know that's not the type of answer you were looking for, but it is hope for the world none-the-less.

    PS: I gave you the wrong link but can't find the one I wanted that was pretty much the same thing happening in Africa
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    Aug 15 2012: I actually have a very strange theory, about how Africa becomes a major player in any theory of the world... And, oddly enough, it starts with the sun god RA. All those images of a man holding up the sun, and it's image being extremely bright and focused.

    Now check this place out

    Imagine the head of Egyptian society, holding up a giant mirror. Well refined by the finest laborers in the empire. How much power does that hold?

    All you need to focus and thus harness the power of the sun, is sand, aluminum, math and talent. On the coast of Africa, there is much sand. How do you best harness heat energy? Boiling water, releasing kinetic energy... There is a bunch of salt water near the beach as well.

    Sea levels are rising... You can boil salt water, turn it into drinkable, irrigatable water, and the steam will generate electricity... all locally, and you'd be helping with global warming.

    In a world where Africa is building solar concentrators, and selling electricity to China, and the Euro zone... A world where Africa is irrigating its deserts and creating cheap farmland... Who would be against that? Maybe people who don't like the idea of seeing Africa as crucial in shaping the future of the world... Maybe... crazy people. Just a thought.
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    Aug 14 2012: In a Google search, this article came up first:
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      Aug 16 2012: Thanks Reisner
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        Aug 16 2012: As you are a lecturer in this area, you may well be familiar with this source already, but it was all I could offer.