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The Fake expansion of our universe?

We are living in one of the multiple possible universes with certain dimensions and our universe is expanding over time. The distance between galaxies is getting greater and the density of matter in our universe is lower than before because of the expansion of our universe.

We are given a certain amount of energy and no matter how we use, the amount of energy will not be changed and the energy will not be vanished. We cannot create or destroy energy instead convert energy into different forms.

If we cannot create energy, our universe cannot create new matters or expand itself. Because expanding our universe or creating new matters requires additional energy. We are living with a certain share in a pie of the multiverse and our universe is actually absorbing or infecting the universes in that pie in order to keep our universe on expanding over time. Or some of the other universes are collapsing; the density of matter in that collapsing universe is getting higher and pulling our universe and lowering our universe’s density. It makes the “Fake expansion" of our universe?

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    Aug 17 2012: I think of it like gravity. Gravity doesn't have a shape nor are there distinct edges, such as those of a box. It is different in every tiny speck in the great beyond. Bringing this closer to home:

    If you are standing on Mt. Everest, you will experience time differently than if you are on a ship in the North Sea. Every coordinate point on earth experiences time relative to motion. So Mt. Everest has to travel about 28,000 more feet in a day than someone on the beach at the circumference, and someone on the circumference has to travel about 24,000 more miles in a day than someone a foot away from the pole (both at sea level).

    We use clocks that break time into artificial limits and that serves our cultures. But time doesn't really have an artificial limit. When I was young, my mother used to tell me that animals talked at midnight on Christmas Eve. It was a few years before I realized that she was begging the question, what time exactly is midnight. Is it five minutes long, or a second long or a minute or a tiny, tiny, tiny part long? The answer os that midnight is an infinite concept. It's an abstract concept.

    I believe that NOW is real, but it is an infinite moment. Beyond that there are probable pasts and futures (again with the abstractions). We create both of them with our minds in each moment of NOW. (See quantum eraser). I simply believe that all probable times coexist and I move through them to my intended (or unintended for those who do not know how to deliberately manifest reality) consequences.
    • Aug 20 2012: I have been searching for anwsers about what you are talking about here. If time is experienced differently then how can we have a coherent reality? How can my wife and i agree on what happened 5 years ago?

      Why do i spend even a second doing something I don't want to do? Did you really deliberately manifest a reality in which you are talking on ted.com?
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        Aug 20 2012: I think that the answer to your first question is that time is non-local. You live in yours and your wife in hers. Let's say that you have twin toddlers playing in the back yard. A space ship comes and one of the twins climbs aboard - unbeknownst to the aliens. The space ship takes off again and heads away @ 80% of the speed of light. When the aliens discover the baby board, it goes back to where it picked up the baby. There, the other twin is playing, only this time, the twin is 10 years old and the toddler still a toddler. Yet they can communicate.

        Scientists used to say that you communicate because the time difference is so small, and that might still be the reason, but ikeep in mind that the person on the equator & Mt. Everest ages slightly slower than one on an island at sea level in the North Sea, just like astronauts age more slowly than earthlings, because their crafts go so fast relative to earth's orbit.

        But that's not really the precise answer to a question you ask and I struggled with many years ago. And that's when I started learning about how to manifest things & events into my reality. I can't prove that part to you, but you can easily prove it to yourself because it works so consistently.

        In following quantum physics (for non mathematicians) I began to learn that there are probable futures and probable pasts, and the newest experiment involving the Twin Slit Experiment - called the Quantum Eraser shows that it's very possible that we might create our pasts in our present. Science is coming closer and closer to my worldview with the evidence that showed my reasoning to be valid.

        I'll look for links and try get them to you today. It's all part of a cohesive and coherent worldview that is fact-based and logic based.

        PS - my example of Mt. Everest was stated incorrectly. Think of it as an orbit being 28,000 feet greater than the island at sea level. Not traveling 28k more feet in a day. Sorry.
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        Aug 20 2012: Here's another example that might offer insight. This is experimentally proven. Take a photon and split it in half. You will create two mini photons with opposite spins. Use fiber optic cables to send the two photons in opposite directions. At some point - be it on the other side of the galaxy or 14 miles away, change the spin of one photon. The other photon will instantaneously change it's spin accordingly. Information is exchanged in zero time - and idea that Einstein theorized but hated. (Bell's Inequality Theorem).

        This suggests that in a multi-dimensional reality, 1+1=3. Each photon is distinct and unique while it is also part of a greater unique and distinct - though invisible to us - photon that exists in another dimension (thus the multiverse theory)

        If, at the moment of the big bang (big expansion), we are all one infinitely small or near-infinitely small particle that suddenly splits into a gazilliion pieces, then quantum mechanics suggests that we are all one in the same way, outside of our ability to see our oneness. Our greater self exists in an unseen dimension. It has no power over us, but it is omniscient - moment by moment, each moment of which is infinite. Extrapolating from this: if you & your wife have a relationship, then the relationship is a sentient being within the greater self, and is able to exchange information. which is how you and your wife can remember the same thing that happened 5 years ago. You agree to.

        Some time ago, I used to give psychic readings. I was very good at it. What I did was relax into the other dimension (within not without), find the person's frequency, immerse myself in it, and translate what I found there. We all do this instinctively, but most are not aware of their own internal processes so don't know it.

        Now I'll go looking for those links.
        • Aug 20 2012: Your ability to understand what I am really trying to ask has certainly sparked my curiousity. I'll check back for the links, thanks.
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        Gail . 50+

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        Aug 20 2012: This is one of my favorite videos, though it concludes with the words, “The observer collapses the wave function”. I think that this is an incomplete conclusion, as seen by the 2nd (Quantum Eraser) video after you watch this video

        If you find this interesting, I recommend a series of DVDs called “What the Bleep – Down the Rabbit Hole”. It’s a set of either 6 or 8 DVDs (on 3 or 4 double-sided DVDs. The intro movie is embarrassingly horrid, but it makes it point. I love the interviews with physicists that are on the other DVDs. It goes very far toward answering some of you question.

        Delayed Choice Quantum Eraser

        Schroedinger’s Cat: This mathematically substantiated and experimentally supported thought experiment, when added to the two above, pose some very interesting questions.
        I don’t have a good link for you, but this might do:


        The curious thing about this is it suggests: you and a friend were walking together on a sidewalk, and you saw a box and in the box was a cat. You say – oh look, a sleeping cat. The other says, at the same time, “oh look, a dead cat”, and at the same time, he kicks the box. At that precise moment, the universe splits in two (again – the multiverse theory). In one dimension of reality (or universe) the cat runs away. In the other, the cat really is dead.

        In practical application of this idea, for the universe to split, there must be sufficient motivation, so you and your friend must be entangled with the cat. (in a relationship with it like the split photons are in a relationship with their greater self). Perhaps your friend is your wife and the cat is your cat). Both universes continue on as if nothing happened relative to your positions as observers, but the greater observer is aware.
        • Aug 21 2012: This spliting universes makes no sense to me because it quickly adds up to a number I cannot concieve. 1 becomes 2 and 2 becomes a zillion. It goes back to what you said about how long a monent lasts.

          What is the greater observer "aware" of? Just that something happened or exact nature of what happened?
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        Aug 20 2012: This begins to answer the original question in this post as well as explains how we create our own realities consistent with our intents. Perhaps there are other universes that are not expanding, but are imploding, or are in a state of equilibrium. Our intents make this so.

        So if you accept this as a fact or even a possibility, and begin observing your thoughts and emotions, and then taking charge of them, you can theoretically affect the outcome. You can certainty test this for yourself to see if it’s true, but you can’t test it for someone else’s benefit because you cannot be both you and a control. Also, as soon as one person in the experiment knows what’s going on, that affects the experiment itself, thus the outcome, as the twin slit experiment proves.

        The idea of creating your own reality is thousands of years old. The oldest historical documentation of this comes through Janis Buddhism, but if you extract the teachings of Jesus from the rest of the Bible (taking out the gouge out your eyes and cut off your hands part that were clearly not spoken by him as shown by content and style that are so different), you will find that Jesus was using the language of the day to explain much that we know about quantum physics today. Many great sages from history say the same things

        Jesus called the superposition (the relationship or the photon that was the greater me of the individual photons) the kingdom of heaven that is within. He also said that whatever you want, you can have if you believe that you already have it. Which is the technique that deliberate manifestors use.
        • Aug 21 2012: The problem is if you believe you already have it then it is no fun once you get it. When I was a Jr in high school I was sure we were going to be state champs on football. When the season was over and we did win it people wondered why I wasn't more excited. It took me years to figure it out.

          By the time I realized I could have a mansion if I really wanted one I no longer want one. In fact I am not even sure what I really want.

          Thanks for the links a comments. I may have to look you up in another topic if this one closes before I sort though all this.
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        Aug 20 2012: Those you read about who call themselves awakened actively move consciousness between the greater me and the me, thus they are able to perceive more in any given moment. (for simplicity’s sake, I call the greater me, “source” or “source energy”. Physicists call it the quantum field, or the unified field, or the morphic field. It’s an energy field that appears to be aware. Religions call it God but they project qualities onto it, and in this way see evidence of what they BELIEVE to be true, rather than see evidence of their holding a belief ABOUT reality.

        And that’s why so many physicists are asking if they have found God.

        By the way, gravity also affects time, just as velocity does:

        Another brief video about how Gravity also affects time:
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        Aug 21 2012: I struggle with words to answer your question coherently. The way to “get it” is to stop trying to wrap your mind around it. Just accept it and let your feelings of discomfort at the idea fade away. When they do, pay attention to your internal experience. The greater observer is something that the awakened “experience” and communicate with.

        The greater observe (all that is) is not aware of limits, so trying to find them will only confuse you. Think abstractly. It is aware of potentials and probabilities that extend infinitely in EVERY direction (past & future) from the infinite moment of now. It would be easier to explain using the language of geometry using a straight edge & compass. Imagine each tangent point as a probable future (or past). (Quantum mechanics is ALL about probabilities)

        Example. You are probably sitting as you read this. Right this “moment” there are an infinite number of things you can do. You can spit on your keyboard. You can get up and get a cup of coffee. You can make love to your wife. You can continue reading this. You can call your mother and call her a whole bunch of cuss words. The possibilities are endless – literally.

        Now, some of these things are outside of your belief barriers, so the probability of your doing many of them are very VERY slim. And the probability of your doing others are very large. When you become comfortable operating in your mind within the greater self, you will start to perceive how to get from here to there. You can absorb surprising knowledge and retrieve interesting ideas that you can test.

        Meditation is very helpful for finding your center, which is where "now" resides. When you find it, you will know it.
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        Aug 21 2012: I too went around creating fun and exciting toys and incredible vacations and I too stopped and said, what do I want now? Less is my answer. I want less. I might even want nothing, though I still practice my manifesting skills because everyone is manifesting all the time, and if I stop paying attention, I might well be hit with unintended consequences.

        One of the ideas that I am toying with now is giving everything up and testing my ability to survive in this world with nothing. That sounds much more interesting than having a new car that I don’t need or a fancy house that needs cleaning. But I don’t see anything other than selfish purpose in it yet, so it’s on a back burner. I want to help humankind.

        I far prefer to talk about these ideas with the curious than go shopping. I LOVE problem solving and am very good at it. I’ve already changed my business over to a “pay it forward” business model. (It’s not working that well, but what the heck, it’s an experiment! I have to find a way to give a once-expensive service away for free and most are unwilling to accept even though I place no price on the value of what they pay forward.) I’m thinking of running for president in a competing “THESE United States of America” because I know how to fix all of our problems, and have the courage to speak honestly. I’ve already learned how to make cartoon videos with historical characters who will act out my campaign platform. If I can get it to go viral on You Tube, it will be a campaign about a really REALLY free election, where I accept no contributions and pay no money. (Heck, it’s an experiment and it’s fun!) I’m taking on-line free courses in math (as opposed to arithmetic) so that I can speak that language fluently.

        It’s not THINGS that inspire me these days. Knowing how to take care of my needs, I don’t worry about them. Its IDEAS that inspire me. They are FAR more rewarding.
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        Aug 21 2012: This post is getting far too long and I'm not sure that I'm posting properly, so I'll say farewell until we meet again.
        • Aug 22 2012: Thank you.
        • Aug 23 2012: You are great TED Lover. Sorry that I don't have much time to discuss and go through all the posts, I just extended this conversation. I will go through all the posts later. From my understanding, “The observer collapses the wave function”, we are living in the overlapped time. In Double Slit Experiment, if the big bang happened like this we are living in the multiverse with lots of "we" and our universe is expanding like one of the wave (will be overlapped by the other one)? Sorry again I just spend a few minutes on this post... I'm sure that I will read all the posts so I wont ask this dumb question...
  • Aug 15 2012: I think you have a good point.

    In order to account for the expansion of the universe the physicists made up the term dark energy. There is absolutely no evidence for dark energy except the measurements that indicate that the universe is expanding. Another point of view is, what is wrong with the measurements, and why aren't the physicists investigating that possibility?

    When physicists say they "know" things about the big bang and "know" that a galaxy is 13 billion light years away, I wonder if they realize how many untested assumptions are built into this knowledge. For one example, no one has actually gone outside of the milky way galaxy to measure the speed of light outside of the influence of galaxies. We assume that there is no difference because it fits so neatly into our theories. But we speak and write about it as if we actually "know" it.
    • Aug 17 2012: May be the dark energy is something used to occupy and stabilize the additional space/space? The dimension of time does not exist outside the universe I guess if we assume that there is only one universe. ~70% is dark energy but is that percentage stable and won't change all the time? even physicists claimed the dark energy is related to the expansion?
      I hope they can make more videos on TED
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    Aug 15 2012: Hmmm. My definition of time is very different than yours. I believe that we traverse through many layers of the multiverse, at our will.