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What if "Genetic Engineering" -cumulatively- created a world without Evil ?! ... What could the consequences be?

What if "Genetic Engineering" -cumulatively- created a world without Evil ?! ... What could the consequences be?

Do you think that new types of evil could be produced?! ..
What lessons would people miss in their lives?..
Does our existence depends on Evil as much as Good?! ..
Could that affect the way Nature works?!

What do you think?!

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    Aug 20 2012: Evil has numerous factors. One is nature; competitive survival in a world that has limited resources. Two is innate; the quest for top male (playing King of the hill on the adult level). Three is genetic; genetic diseases and mutations. Four is psychological; mental disturbances caused by trauma in early childhood or birth. Five is environmental; changing conditions such as global warming, asteroids, etc. Six is biological; viruses and germs. Seven is misconceptions distorting our perception of reality; ignorance, falsehoods, intentional distortion of fact, etc.

    The only solution is through love of each other no matter what the cause. If there is a gene for that, I'd like to know what it is.

    We need to identify the cause of the evil that we encounter in life and provide solutions. Genetic engineering is only one solution.
  • Aug 14 2012: Evil is not here already. It is part of our perception of things; hence, it is impossible to eliminate evil. It is true "evil" lies in the mind, but it cannot simply be imagine away like some child's sick imaginary nightmare. It is more complex than that.
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      Aug 14 2012: But there is a difference between Evil as a self-generated tool for survival -as in your example- and a tool for making more gainings or greed maybe.. let us compare between human beeings and animals..Animals mimds only use Evil for survival. don't you think this is better for nature?! or it affects the ability of human creativity and civilization in a bad way?!
      • Aug 14 2012: Evil is a simple way for mankind to control its actions. I mean most people would not commit actions of a wrongdoer due to the social down-look. Of course, people can manipulate others with the concept of evil, people can actually manipulate with any concept really. There is no real difference between evil for survival or a tool for making more gaining or greed because they are actually the same concept used for different purposes.
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    Aug 14 2012: I agree with both of you that a proper identification of Evil must be dellivered here... but it might easy to reach that by just imaginning life without Evil ... it might be useful for human nature at the end..who knows!!
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    Aug 14 2012: Quoting from Wikipedia:

    "The *prefrontal cortex* (P.F.C.) is the anterior part of the frontal lobes
     of the brain, lying in front of themotor
     and premotor areas.
    This brain region has been implicated in planning complex cognitive behavior, personality expression, decision making and moderating social behavior.[1]
    The basic activity of this brain region is considered to be orchestration of thoughts and actions in accordance with internal goals.[2]"

    I think evil doesnt always need a conflict to be created.. some times the brain take the decission of bullying for example by itself... I was asking up there.. if that part of tje brain responsible for that kind of decissions could be re-engineered. to always select the action of "peace" ..

    I guiss that might be possible very sooon..
    • Aug 14 2012: It would not work that way...

      Think about this situation: You are in the supermarket, me too. We both want a bottle of water, there is only one left. Let us say we grab it on the same time and have a discussion about who gets it. The one without the bottle goes to the next supermarket, same situation (could happen). Let us say, this happens ongoing and the one never gets his water.

      Means, it is an evil situation, and it gets worse by time. It is not that much about the brain, it is about the environment. At a special point you sometimes need to be "evil" to get along.

      "Evil" is how you interpret a situation, when you steal something, it can be either be good (if for example you steal something that saves your or someone elses life) and on the same time bad (for the one you steal from, for you, because you could have had other options...).

      You see that also in the cultures and nations-we are all build the same way, but act diffrently. What is in some cultures "normal", is plain "evil" in others.
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    Aug 14 2012: It's really impossible to eliminate evil from human beings. Evil is part of the nature of human beings. But if we had the chance to eliminate evil our world would be like utopia.
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      Aug 14 2012: Evil comes from conflicts. No conflicts, no evil. So how do we eliminate conflicts? I don't think we can, since as long as there are at least two or more humans existing in the same place, there will always be a conflict of some sort.
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        Aug 14 2012: Do you think, James, that some people find pleasure in conflict and seek to foster it even where the environment doesn't demand it?
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          Aug 16 2012: There most likely are sadistic guys out there, but I'm sure those are very few in numbers, and those are the kinds of people we should be looking to put in jail.
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    Aug 14 2012: Evil is a subjective thing, what is evil to you?

    And do you mean, genetic engineering as in simply changing existing DNA or creating a whole new sequence of DNA?