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What if Mars was able to host life as we know it and its inhabitants polluted it to the point life could not exist there anymore?

The atmosphere of Mars indicates at first sight the presence of Carbon Dioxide and Methane. At this point this gases are product of the volcanic activity in Mars. Carbon Dioxide and Methane can also be related to the presence or not of life similar to what we know is life. A bizzare idea that comes to many minds is that Mars could be once a populated planet. And its inhabitants polluted it to the point that there was no way back. And that Mars is an example of what may happen to earth if we don´t make good use of our host planet.

  • Aug 14 2012: It just may have been us that did that.
    Then, we moved to the next closest planet.
    Now, we are out of nearby planets and life, as humans know life, may have to evolve in a way unforeseen in order to continue, killing.
    We want to survive in order to kill.
  • Aug 14 2012: Sounds plausible. It would not require intelligent life, just any form of life that required a resource which its life functions polluted to the point where it could no longer sustain life. It could have happened across the globe or it could have been confined to a puddle.

    At the moment, it appears we have been heading in that direction, but its not too late, yet.
  • Aug 14 2012: 1. We all know plants and bacteria take Carbon Dioxide from air, they process it and then they release oxygen. In a world where all plants and oxygen producing organisms have died. The atmosphere would contain high levels of Carbon Dioxide just as Mars happens to have.
    2. Methane, can be produced by some Archeas wich have to be alive in order to produce it.