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Bigger Font Size Letters of News Paper & Books For Old.

The font size of letters of News Papers & Books should be bigger and bigger as we grow old. So that when we are old we can read News Papers and Books without using spectacle or lens. The letters size be smaller for children so that they can have less weight of books The vision in childhood is better than old. Though the use of paper will be more in case of bigger font size papers, the same can be compensated by use of less paper in the case books for children. The news papers can charge an extra amount for use of more use of paper for old persons. Though this is easy in computer or internet. But how many can afford computer. Even if any one affords they can not read it if they do not know how to operate computer. It will be a great service to senior citizen and also to children as their weight of school bag will be reduced. Further It will be helpful in diagnosing visual difficulties of any child early without any test.


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  • Aug 13 2012: The device you may need to acquire is a large flat magnifying plate. It is a cheap, light weight, rectangle device and used by many in USA. You can even wear glasses with it if you need to. It is about the size of a medium sized book & plastic.
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      Aug 15 2012: Kooser Ji, Thanks for your input.I liked the idea but it again creates host of other problems like maintenance, even if it is cheap it is not portable, etc. I have thought of this idea of increasing or decreasing font size to avoid dependency on any another object. It will be a life saving also as the older people can read their much needed information without using glass or other such materials. Further now I am realizing that why only news papers or books. It should be applied to all other product & services the senior citizen people uses, like mobile, electrical switches, telephone directories, medicines, food items, even the outside labels of computers & peripherals as mentioned by Mr. Gale.

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