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Classify the products in the market as made by free man or slave man

Each product pass through different stages till it reach us
during these stages it needs efforts from different people

starting from extracting the raw materil to shipping and transport
we need to force the each company to declare the products details from raw materil to final version (Mobile , PC , TV...car...etc)
so we can till if the company is dealing with slavery market or not
I guess no company will agree to till us about the collection process the raw materil
this will be our duty to trace the beneficiaries companies behind each slavery market
and buy cut their products
the most critical question do we have the will to buy cut our favorites companies and brands if we knew they are dealing with slavery market or we already in slavery to our mobile and T-Shirt and Shoes
This Talk should not only win TED prize but the world attention


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    Aug 24 2012: @NFS: Human trafficking is the fastest-growing criminal industry worldwide and generates more than $32 BILLION per year. RT to #EndSlavery

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