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what should be the perfect world?

"perfect isn't matter , but imperfect is matter."
the most perfect thing in the world is that we live in the imperfect world,but we try to make it perfect. how can we make perfect word? The word Perfect has used throughout humanbeing. Many ideas , doctrines , and religions have called as perfect things. Also we use the world in every daily language , but most of people haven't known the true meanig of Perfect. Somthing is perfect doesn't mean that it doesn't have any defect and any problems. Perfect means harmony. Perfect things could converge together to form imperfect thing. Imperfect thing could converge together to form perfect thing. Mixture of imperfect and perfect thing could have created the world. The world could be perfect or imperfect by our think and mind. It is up to us. So, what should be the perfect world? please write your opinion about the perfect world ( For me, the perfect world willl be when all of people try to love and forgive each other.)

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    Apr 9 2011: There is no such thing as a perfect world. A BETTER world, sure. But not PERFECT because humans aren't perfect and the knowledge we have of our world is nothing compared to how much we still need to learn. We're still learning the basics such as sharing, caring, how to not destroy our world, and so on lol. I wish us all the best of luck. We'll need it...
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    Mar 23 2011: StarTrek's ethos is a good start!
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    Mar 19 2011: In my opinion the perfect world would be no retaliation?
    • Mar 19 2011: Actually, the world won't be perfect just because no retaliation because the world is already perfect and imperfect. However , the world will be better and better.So, no one have to suffer or cry.
      what I wanted to say is that world is beatiful because it is imperfect and is in harmony.
      I am atheist and do not believe god , but I like how buddha and Jesus had lived during their journey.
      By just knowing it , we can make big difference and we will evlove. The future of this world in our hand , and we are responsible.
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    Mar 19 2011: what should be the perfect world?!!! ...A good question, a very good question even it's easy to get a good question too, so let's say that a perfect world for me is when we will end up war and live as god wants us to live(free) and then i will be sure the world is clean and perfect
    • Mar 19 2011: Then , let me ask somthing . What do you mean free and live as god wnts us to live?
      I agree that you said about No War, but why should we live as god wants us to live instead of living like human?
      I believe Human have ability to make Heaven in this world. Eventhough what the God have been saying are right , our happiness should be achieved by our hand and and our soul.
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        Mar 20 2011: and i meant that !! I meant that perfect world is a world where human could make their own heaven by themselves
        When we will fee that we are free we will have the abilities to make heaven as well as we could achieve happiness by hand and soul
        • Mar 20 2011: Thank you. Let's work out for the perfect world.We can do it!