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Help people learning English - make English subtitles available for download.

TED is the best web-source of audio materials for many people learning English. It would be great if English subtitles are available for download (in a text format). That will allow not-native speakers downloading them and working with texts(talks) more carefully.
Make TED helping people to understand original talks but not translated ones. Thank you.

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    Mar 22 2011: It is also good to know, particularly for a student of English, that when yoy click in the transcript
    talks restarts at that sentence, over and over, until you get it.

    One improvement, still missing, would be to have a cursor pointing to the sentence the talk is at, at that moment,
    automatic, or on pause or a extra button press.
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    Mar 19 2011: All subtitles, including the English one, are already available on dotSub site.
    Login, search the talk, then download the needed subtitle as .SRT text file.

    And there is the "Open interactive transcript" feature on TED site, near the About this talk.
    You can copy the whole English (or other) transcript from there.
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      Mar 19 2011: Hi Laszlo, it was very easy to locate the "Open interactive transcript" feature following your instructions. It was a really good idea to share the transcripts with the users. Thank you! It really helps.