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If Religion did not exist how far more advanced and how, much more tolerant of each other would we be?

After reading Umberto Eco's name of the rose (again) I started to think about the way religion has always been open to personal interpretation and the influence it has had by using fear and superstition and even ignorance to not only keep people in line but supress free thinking and invention.
So I started to thinking how further advanced we could be. Could we of already of colonised Mars and found and interacted with other species or would they of reached out to us?
Would we be more tolerant of each other and treat each other on a more equal footing than we have, had and still do???


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  • Sep 3 2012: Without religion, the world would have been in much greater conflict; and there would therefore have been less progress.

    The notion that religion causes conflict should be passe. The great conflicts of the past 100 years were caused by secular movements: fascism and communism.

    Religion *today* is a widespread underpinning of good will, which (in the West anyway) is compatible with scientific progress. We need to respect and value it.

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