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Is intelligent design science and should it be taught in public schools?

Most definitions of modern science describe a methodology of finding testable explanations of the universe or similar.

I often hear evolution is a theory not a fact. A scientific theory explains the facts and is verifiable or demonstrable. Evolution is one of the most validated theories around.

I propose ID is not science. It is not verifiable and its challenges to evolution. For example the arguments about irreducible complexity have been debunked e.g. a subset of components of the bacterial flagellum are used by some bacteria inject harmful proteins into other cells. There are so many transitional forms scientists argue whether some of them are birds, reptiles or mammals.

To allow ID into science you would need to change the definition of science and drop the testable requirement. This would enable astrology, alchemy and crystal healing alongside astronomy, chemistry and physics.

I also hear the argument why not include all sides of the debate. Scientifically there is no debate. Philosophically, this is akin to suggesting alchemy be taught alongside chemistry, or Greek mythology as history.

I propose it should not. This does not stop parents teaching their kids any religious dogma they choose within the law. But it is not science and religious beliefs have no place being taught in public schools.


Closing Statement from Obey No1kinobe

ID is a form of creationism promoted by the Discovery Institute and supported by many evangelical Christians. The Institute defines it as "certain features of the universe and of living things are best explained by an intelligent cause, not an undirected process such as natural selection.

Evolutionary theory is the foundation of modern biology. Whether you want to believe it or not explains the development different species and genetic similarities between species. Essentially gene frequency changes due to natural selection, from less adapted to more adapted. At some stage the divergence of one group may get to the point where they can not interbreed successfully with other related groups or their ancestors ie they become a new species. This is a gradual process, supported by much evidence in the fossil record, DNA and gene analysis.

The key argument for ID is irreducible complexity which proposes the bacterial flagellum, immune system, blood clotting could not have evolved or developed from something similar. They need all the parts to do anything. In all cases it has been proven that these are reducable. They could have evolved.

ID is basically, life is complex, hard to explain, so it must be designed. Read the comments and Í hope you see there is a sound argument that ID has tried to bypass scientific consensus. It is a discredited hypothesis except for those who want to believe. Also, you start to get into mythology when you try and describe and explain the creator for which there is nop verifiable evidence.

While there is no scientific evidence for design, we can not scientifically say the universe isn't. That is a philosophical question. If you value the truth then science can inform faith. We can respect religion except where it is wrong. The universe is not 6,000 years old. Life evolved. We should not make special exceptions to promote falsehoods in schools. Our children deserve better. If our growing understanding makes some beliefs obsolete, so be it

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  • Aug 17 2012: ID is not logical it will required incest to procreate past the third generation. All major ID call for a God to create a pair of human and leave them to multiply. They also says incest is a sin, so logically how can these gods be intelligent?
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      Aug 17 2012: I thought this comment was very clever. Thanks Oliver:)
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      Aug 17 2012: You guys need to read the bible otherwise you wouldn't have posted,which is perfectly all right but the answer is in Genesis.
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      Aug 17 2012: Unfortunately if someones god mandates incest, or slavery, or genocide then it is not evil or sin. Because they define whatever god does or says is good by definition. Circular argument, which is illogical.
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        Aug 18 2012: I was referring to Olivers statement which was too broad and references parts of the christian bible set too far apart,if one is to use material based upon a book then one should know it as best as they can unless it was an offhand comment due to vague curious interest which is perfectly all right,well it looks like he was referring to the christian bible.

        You're response above is broad in itself,ID proposes an answer brought about by microbiologists that some were religious and some were not at a time in the early 90's,a far cry from today's science which still can't tell us how lefthand amino acids were able to self assemble,not even a Mandelbrot system can bring about such a result,bacterial like structures found in meteorite fragments suggests possible life but it doesn't mean it is,it's like trying to tell me that a galaxy we see today at the extreme limit of our detection is actually there in it's proposed real time co-ordinates.

        Rent the movie "The tree of life" with brad pitt,it has to me the most beautiful visual representation of what most believe today how it all got started, for the evolutionists.
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          Aug 18 2012: I saw the Tree of life. A bit slow for me but touching and a wonderful sequence on origins.

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