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What are 10 things YOU know to be true?

I was interested and intrigued by Sarah's '10 things you know to be true' list exercise, particularly with the pattern she observed in hearing others; that you would continuously see items exact and opposite to your own, items you've never heard of, or thought about before in exactly that light.

I'm fascinated by our definitions of what we consider to be 'truth', and the disputes between our definitions.

So I propose we post a couple lists of our own here, and experience our agreements (and disagreements), learn some new ideas and lines of thought. Personally, I think it best to write your own list BEFORE reading the ones posted here to avoid influence ;)

I hope a couple people will be interested in participating in this miniature project. And, hey, if you see something in someone's list you'd like to ask about, or learn more about, or debate. . .we now have the TED conversation platform to make that possible.

My list:

1. These are the most exciting times in which we could ever hope to be alive which have already occurred.
2. Too often, we allow inertia to control our actions.
3. Everyone should travel.
4. 'Because that's the way things are' is not a valid reason.
5. Whenever you say 'I had no choice', you're lying.
6. It is possible to have an honest and even pleasant relationship with someone you do not like.
7. Loving someone or something heart and soul does not necessarily make it good for you, or them, or it.
8. There are ideas and inventions yet to come which will make into reality what we consider to be fantasy today.
9. Everyone has at least one story worth hearing.
10. My truth is not final.


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    Mar 28 2011: 1. We will all die.
    2. Everything, absolutely everything, is impermanent.
    3. The best thing we can do before making a major decision is to sleep on it.
    4. Our first instincts are almost always right.
    5. We do not know nearly as much as we think we do.
    6. There is almost always some truth in every lie, and some lie in every truth.
    7. Life will always move on.
    8. The easiest way to live is simply and below our means.
    9. To give to and to help others is truly the most rewarding experience we can have.
    10. As we grow older, we grow wiser and realize how naive we were when we were younger. But we cannot be truly wise until we realize that that naivety is what made our lives so much simpler. And there is truth in the fact that ignorance can be bliss, but at the same time not.
    10. And just one more, as cliche as it sounds, laughter is the best medicine. True happiness comes from realizing that life doesn't have to be serious as we make it out to be. We're all going to die, so we might as well make good of what time we have, and have fun, and learn, and grow, and build relationships with others and with ourselves, and discover that the true meaning of life is to enjoy.
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      Mar 28 2011: You are a very wise woman, Francesca.
    • Mar 29 2011: on No. 1, you mean the body will die right? by saying"die", you mean it will cease to exist or it's departed from the soul?
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        Mar 29 2011: I guess I mean the body will die. I don't know if we have souls or not; I guess I sort of believe in the idea of reincarnation but what I am saying is that I know that I, as I know myself to be, will die. My body will one day cease to be alive; whether or not my soul moves on to some other place or into another body as a reincarnation of myself, I do not know. What are your ideas and thoughts on this? It's interesting to hear other people's opinions.

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