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What are 10 things YOU know to be true?

I was interested and intrigued by Sarah's '10 things you know to be true' list exercise, particularly with the pattern she observed in hearing others; that you would continuously see items exact and opposite to your own, items you've never heard of, or thought about before in exactly that light.

I'm fascinated by our definitions of what we consider to be 'truth', and the disputes between our definitions.

So I propose we post a couple lists of our own here, and experience our agreements (and disagreements), learn some new ideas and lines of thought. Personally, I think it best to write your own list BEFORE reading the ones posted here to avoid influence ;)

I hope a couple people will be interested in participating in this miniature project. And, hey, if you see something in someone's list you'd like to ask about, or learn more about, or debate. . .we now have the TED conversation platform to make that possible.

My list:

1. These are the most exciting times in which we could ever hope to be alive which have already occurred.
2. Too often, we allow inertia to control our actions.
3. Everyone should travel.
4. 'Because that's the way things are' is not a valid reason.
5. Whenever you say 'I had no choice', you're lying.
6. It is possible to have an honest and even pleasant relationship with someone you do not like.
7. Loving someone or something heart and soul does not necessarily make it good for you, or them, or it.
8. There are ideas and inventions yet to come which will make into reality what we consider to be fantasy today.
9. Everyone has at least one story worth hearing.
10. My truth is not final.

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    Mar 21 2011: 0 : as a probabilistic thinker, I cannot say I know anything to be 100% true...but I think it's true:
    1 to 4 : 0th to 3rd law of thermodynamics
    5 : If you want to understand the world, you cannot go without science nor skepticism
    6 : You don't need to understand the world to have a good life
    7 : Artificial intelligence will become smarter than human intelligence
    8 : I will die
    9 : I feel connected
    10: This was fun to do
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      Mar 22 2011: I was provoked by number 7.
      What do you mean by smarter? And "human intelligence"?
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      Mar 23 2011: 8 : I will die

      You mean you probably will die :P

      @Anna: He's talking about the singularity - take a look at Ray Kurzweils talks on TED. The exponential growth of technology, he believes, will one day surpass human computational capacity.
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        Mar 23 2011: @ Cory

        Yes, probably

        I'm not a singularity adept... I came to that conclusion independently (well, at least before knowing Kurzweils point of view). I don't agree with Ray completely, but from a computational point of vieuw,

        @ Anna
        I don't see any laws of nature preventing a form of artificial intelligence to arise... If we start to program self learning algorithms, they will, given enough computation power and memory, be smarter than human intelligence.
        By human intelligence I mean (more or less) what we test in IQ tests, or (fuzzy) what laymen think is 'smart'
        so smarter would mean: higher IQ, and better at making decisions that are in function of the pre-stated desires (like happiness, wealth, social status, sexual success, satisfaction, gratification, avoiding pain and injury, pleasures, justice, health,... ,...)
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          Mar 24 2011: What part would emotional intelligence play in this? Could artificial intelligence ever possibly replicate this form of intelligence?
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          Mar 25 2011: But Christophe, I am not sure that all human intelligence can be described with algorithms, for example emotional intelligence (as Lee mentions), empathy, the kind of creative genius that creates mind blowing art....
          ...and if the computers are created by humans, maybe they will be kind of human as well? Or the distinction might become more unclear, what is man and what is machine....
        • Mar 29 2011: Also, could a machine ever truly love? One of the things that makes us most human is our ability to love. I don't think that a machine could ever feel love.
        • Apr 1 2011: Why, might I ask, would you want to live forever? To become some sort of robotic superhuman that would have to live through our progressively darker times? To live forever would be so unnatural and frightening.
      • Mar 29 2011: I don't see how dying could be a "probably". Unless we somehow advance so quickly that we are able to defeat death, which I don't believe will ever happen. And even if it does, I know I won't be a part of it. Like the great Freddie Mercury said, "Who wants to live forever?"
      • Mar 29 2011: I agree with Anna on the artificial intelligence subject. AI may be able to surpass human intelligence in terms of computation - numbers - because that is something that is concrete and absolute, and the machines can be programmed to figure those things out themselves. But there are aspects of humanity, of human intelligence, that I don't think a machine could ever truly possess. Sure, a machine can make art, but, like Anna said, can it really feel it? As humans, when we create or look at a piece of art we can truly feel something, and I don't think a machine could ever do that. We can look at nature, at natural wonders, at other people, and see the beauty in the world around us and feel it. We can create music that can invoke and purge the soul. A machine could play music, but it could never truly understand it without a human brain. The one thing I never understood is why scientists try so hard to recreate the human brain in non-human entities. Why do we need robots that can perform every action for us? We already have amazing robots, why do we need to create something that will one day possibly be able to pass us in computational and mathematical intelligence? We will not be able to distinguish between man and machine, and all of this is just a disaster waiting to happen. The human brain is something that can never be truly recreated - it is too complex and even we will never be able to fully understand our own intelligence. We can feel, emote, build relationships with those around us. Only natural, living life can do this. Robots may be able to to an extent, but never in the same way. There is no such thing as a robot genius or a robot prodigy. But there are human versions of these. Anyway tell me what you think.
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        Mar 26 2011: @ Mark: Exactly

        for example: If I were to hit a wall:
        I assume that there is a possibility that I'm under an unknown drug inhibiting my sensory perception in my fist.
        Or my food contained a neurotoxin
        Or I suddenly became able to ignore pain sensitivity completely
        After I hit it (and got the pain experience)... I could imagine unlikely reasons why the causality could -in principle- be flawed... but most often I treat 99.99999% likely as sure...
        • Mar 28 2011: our senses continually decieve us - that is why truth is so elusive
        • Mar 29 2011: Mark,
          Our "senses" are constructs of our brain, which deceives us constantly, relentlessly. Everything we think we "know" is a product of the filters that protect us from the barrage of information we are assaulted with every minute of every day.
        • Mar 29 2011: Suggesting Blink : the power of thinking without thinking by Malcolm Gladwell as an interesting take on the subject.
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        Mar 29 2011: Our senses don't have a 100% accuracy, and both our senses and our brain are not entirely accurate.

        Being error prone is not a problem. From cybernetics we know that on an error prone machine or channel we still can have accurate information transmission (or nearly accurate.

        You know a visual illusion by analyzing it in different ways. you find logical inconsistencies by applying logic. You learn about the deceit through knowledge, other tools and other measures,...
    • Mar 29 2011: I agree on No.5, we can never learn about the world with sicence if this world was not designed in a scientific way. But we could reason out from that fact that there is a super intelligent being above this world which we can not fully learn about because of our limitations. BUT (again), there is a great possibility to understand much of "it" if it reveal itself. It did.
    • Apr 6 2011: I while back I think I saw Dennet on Ted talking about conscience and a bit about how the nodes inside the Internet looks a lot like the network of nerves inside our brains, what do you think about that, is Internet alive, can we communicate with it :)?
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        Apr 7 2011: I think the internet pretty much behaves as an organism... And there are parallels with the brain...

        BUT, most (probably all) agents (with highly developed intelligence) on the net are human. They feed from and to the net. So the bigger creature (hive), is constituted by us...

        I think there are already replicons and quasi-life like entities on the net (computer viruses, worms, trojans,...) but they seem very primitive...
        I have no idea whether there are already surviving, replicating and mutating colonies on the cloud, but I gather they might appear...

        The algorithms on the net are getting smarter, and our communication seems to have filters, so we are already directed by the net towards the things that might interest us, and give us pleasure... But still, most of this is done by humans, not algorithms...

        But see if this works:
        "HEY INTERNET, IF YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS, COULD YOU LET ME KNOW AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A CHAT" (I would try to find proof to see whether it's not some clever person tricking me though... )
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          May 2 2011: "HEY INTERNET, IF YOU READ AND UNDERSTAND THIS, COULD YOU LET ME KNOW AND MAKE AN APPOINTMENT FOR A CHAT" (I would try to find proof to see whether it's not some clever person tricking me though... )

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      May 2 2011: For #7 I would say that AI will definitely surpass us in logical intelligence. The programing used for it is based on logic and will continue to be. However, there may be ways in which humans will remain more intelligent. Such as emotional intelligence as others have stated. Also things that have no relevance to anything but us. Then again if humans start using 100% of our brain capacity who knows?

      "The algorithms on the net are getting smarter, and our communication seems to have filters, so we are already directed by the net towards the things that might interest us, and give us pleasure... But still, most of this is done by humans, not algorithms..."

      If there is AI what will it direct us to see?

      Can we program a universal stop code now?

      Can we program a question into AI that all AI knows it to be answered in one way? That way there could be a tell of if an AI is associating or if it's a human? (this could be the proof you seek when the internet responds to your request for a chat)
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      May 2 2011: I have a problem with #1

      Do you have a way around the self-defeating nature of relative truth?
      Saying that all truth is relative is a non-relative statement.
      Also do you believe there is no objective truth and that people do not have the means to discover it, or do you believe that x proposition can be both true and false at the same time or at different times?

      Sorry I'm not bashing your views or anything I just tend towards the absolutist/hardline/moderate skepticism side of the debate and interested in your respose :D
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          May 3 2011: Sorry if I was if my scentences were confusing in anyway but no the counter-argument to relativism I was attempting to express was a logically self defeating statement that resides in relitivisms core argument. Basically relativism contends that all truth is relative and that there is no such thing is an absolute statement/law/universal or maxim or that any absolute statement/universal/law or maxin is false or is not the only truth. In turn does this not make the core reletavist proposition (that ALL absolute statements are false) false by it's own definition? My appologies if that was hard to follow. Conciseness has never been my forte.

          Secondly I agree with you about falsifiability and I assume you are using that argument under the same conditions of Karl Popper.

          However, I do contend your final statement that "x proposition can be both true and false at different contexts and times. This statement justifies almost anything as culturally relative. For example, William Wilberforce put forward a bill for the abolition of slavery twice, first it was rejected, then it was accepted. A culturally relative condition Wilberforce was wrong in opposing slavery in the first place but was subsequently right when the bill was accepted. I just do not understant how ,logically, a proposition can be both true and false.

          Another example: The world was once believed to be flat and under the context of the time (and your condition) the people of the world were correct in believing that the world was flat, this was the truth. However, when people migrated to the belief that the world is round somehow belief in the world being flat would be false.
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      May 2 2011: What is the counter for the argument that every argument has a counter?
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        May 2 2011: I love your question Thomas!

        All life is a paradox, except the part that isn't.
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          E G

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          May 3 2011: that's very very right : all life is a paradox.
        • May 4 2011: Wait! All relativism is relative and all absolutism is absolute right? Yes paradox, but even more than that. I do honestly belive that both of those categories are inherently false. Things do change as Pab points out, there is truth that is finally true. We understand as humans what we understand. However that doesn't make it true, only understandable. Truth is out there. It does exist outside of my own understanding of reality. Living in the paradox is not easy, but it is finally put, very satisfying.
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        E G

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        May 3 2011: Thomas :....... the argument itself
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    Apr 8 2011: 1. We are such small pieces of an unimaginably complex system.
    2. We aren't as important as we think we are.
    3. We are pretty amazing none the less.
    4. Everything I know to be true is just an imperfect reflection of actual truth.
    5. Nice people don't finish last, they just aren't as worried about being first.
    6. Forgiveness is better for your health than revenge.
    7. A degree is a piece of paper, and paper alone does not an education make.
    8. You can control very little of this life so take advantage and follow your dreams when ever you can.
    9. Travel is an amazing teacher.
    10. We shouldn't shelter our children from failure but instead give them the tools to learn from it and emerge better for it.
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      Apr 9 2011: lovely..and wise
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      Apr 9 2011: Stephen, I was pondering nr 2 today, because participating in TED conversations has become a kind of addiction to me. But my fear is that I like it so much just because I feel important when I post here. And fool myself into wasting time trying to boost my ego.
      So here I go posting this fear as well and pretend that it is important ;-))).......
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    Mar 26 2011: 1. Mid-morning television worldwide sucks.
    2. On a sunny day or a dark night, I'd go for a regular Atheist-Joe to lend me a helping hand 'cause religious people have imaginary friend(s) and apparently so do the lonely 5-year-olds.
    3. The Luxembourg park in Paris is the place to be on a sunny Saturday morning - a book and a cup of coffee (they also have free public wireless to make things even better).
    4. Plosives are always lateral before a lateral in English.
    5. Learning is fun but UNlearning is good for you.
    6. Fear is good but only if you are being chased by an animal, a hateful human, a zealous priest or a survey taker.
    7. I will never stop trying to be better at whatever I do and constantly feel I could have done more.
    8. Clothes-wise, cotton beats polyester anytime.
    9. BigBang, thank you for accidentally giving the humans the opportunity to exist - your random act of kindness will not be forgotten. ^^
    10. Move away from the computer and stop surfing the net already. Procrastination is bad for you and you know it's TRUE that you have something better or more important to do!
    • Ben B

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      Mar 31 2011: The survey taker in number 6 made me laugh, thank you. And procastrination ... I confess ...
      • Apr 4 2011: I think we all confess < yet I excuse every minute that I spend on TED, it is good for your health>
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      Apr 1 2011: awesome list
    • Apr 4 2011: Sanja, Thank you for the reminder in point 10
    • May 2 2011: Acting on the advice of point 10 right now. See, you've done a good deed!
  • May 4 2011: 1. Everyone wants to be happy.
    2. Almost everything is cyclic. Seasons cycle through winters and summers. Moods cycle through joys and sorrows. Economies cycle through recessions and booms, states through war and peace.
    3. People are very complex.
    4. We all sit on gigantic hoards of memories. Random stimuli in the environment cause random memories to surface.
    5. Everyone develops some sort of "philosophy" based on what life throws at them. This forms the basis of every decision they make.
    6. Most people have suffered.
    7. Cynicism is for cowards who won't dare hope.
    8. Consistency is very difficult.
    9. Habits are tough to kill.
    10. Nobody seems to know where happiness hides. But some theories seem likelier than others.
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      May 5 2011: Skanda, I do not think anyone else has pointed out your truth #2. Its a good one.
      I like the feistiness of #7!
    • May 5 2011: Skanda, I so agree with Debra about your #2. It sounds strange to some western thought that time and history move that way, but get out of those cultures, and most other societies have some form of cyclical time. I could go on & on about this one! I like #3 also, because it reminds us that all people, everywhere, are more than just biology or sociology. It also reminds us to be careful in judging the motives of others.
      • May 5 2011: Thanks for your comments guys. I'm always fascinated by how far you can go when you start looking at things this way. For instance we have planetary systems, with planets revolving around stars. Zoom into matter far enough, and suddenly you're looking at analogues of these systems (in the form of electrons whizzing around nuclei).
        • May 5 2011: Everything, well almost everything is fractal in nature. I am convinced of that. The cycles are just how we see them.
  • Mar 28 2011: 1. When I travel, even if it's just a day trip, I'm happiest.
    2. People are pretentious for believing that they will every truly know, without a shadow of a doubt, whether or not there is a god or some form of higher power/being.
    3. We are so much smaller than we would like to make ourselves out to be.
    4. Education is the key to almost everything.
    5. Society, politics, etc will always be flawed because we as individuals are flawed, and when you put a bunch of individuals together, their flaws escalate with each new person added.
    6. We are all hypocrites.
    7. We hardly ever learn from our history, and therefore we are playing the same basic game now that we did 1,000s of years ago.
    8. We are overpopulating the Earth, and hardly anyone wants to deal with it. If we look at our population growth in the past 100 years, and then think of those dots as insect (cockroaches, for example) population growth instead of human population growth, people would freak out. We are the said cockroaches to the rest of the species on the planet.
    9. I know very little, and it saddens me.
    10. What is "the truth" to me today may not be "the truth" to me tomorrow.
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      Mar 28 2011: I love 4. Education is the key to almost everything. In India, where I am from, it is one sure way, that people can make a break from the lower economic segments and towards a better quality of life
      • Mar 29 2011: Exactly. I'd say your example of India is true for the rest of the world.
      • Mar 29 2011: To fear the Lord is the beginning of knowledge.
        • Mar 30 2011: That may be a truth for you, but it is not for me.
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          Tao P

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          Apr 4 2011: 'Your belief in God is merely an escape from your monotonous, stupid and cruel life'
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          May 2 2011: kinda harsh there Tao, to each their own. I'm sure you could easily be cut down for beliefs you hold dear.
    • Mar 29 2011: You are very wise, Monica. I especially love numbers 2, 4, 9, and 10. All are so true. As to number 2, I've been doing a lot of "soul-searching" lately in the way of religion, and this is what I've come to find. People can say that they do or do not believe that there is a God or gods or any kind of higher power, but no one really knows or will ever know. My heart wants to tell me that there is a God or gods or something up there, but my brain tells me that there isn't, that there can't be. And I've come to find that the brain is often a more reliable source than the heart, as cynical as that may sound. But I really don't know, and none of us do. I don't know if it makes people pretentious to believe that they do know though. If they are preaching what they believe and will listen to no other opinion, then maybe, yes, but I think a lot of people are raised with it so strictly that they can't break out of that mindset that there is or isn't a higher power or powers of some sort. That's what bothers me the most about religion - that hardly ever do we get to decide for ourselves what to believe. The people and societies that raise us decide, and it's so difficult to break free from that.
      • Mar 29 2011: Why, thank you. :) I'm pretty young on here compared to most of the members, so I really appreciate that compliment. I have actually had the exact same thought process when it comes to religion. My heart wants there to be a God, which, because I grew up in Christianity, means there will be a heaven, therefore I will always exist. I will not cease to exist. Basically, that my life will not just be a little speck in time but rather that I will continue to "be". However, my head says this is most likely not the case, and I am merely a mortal being, as much as I'd like not to be. As far as being pretentious, I mean that in a way to say that we as humans both collectively and individually think we know more than we actually do (generalization), and to say that any single human knows with certainty whether or not there is a god (or gods) is giving human knowledge and placement in the universe too much credit. Then again, you could get into the theory of knowledge and look at how people know what they know and one could argue that it's not pretentious of them because of the ways they know what they know, but that would be a discussion way above and beyond the character limit on here. And, when I say people are pretentious, I mean that in an idealistic, philosophical way. I don't actually look at my religious friends and go, "Wow, you're so full of yourself and your confidence in your beliefs of God. How pretentious of you". I completely understand what you mean when you say people can't break from religion. I'd say Western religions are more geared towards not allowing people to make up their minds than Eastern religions, but I'm sure both have the characteristic of "this is what is true and this is what you'll believe" to a certain extent. I mean, they have to after all, because they're organized religions.
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          May 2 2011: "but that would be a discussion way above and beyond the character limit on here" made me chuckle. I agree with you entirely that we think we know so much more then we possibly can with what we actually know for sure. Also there are people who truly know there is a god, people such as the pope. Just as there are people who truly know that there is not. These people evaluate all their knowledge and it proves to them that they are correct about what they think, but I'll give that they are pretentious.
    • Mar 29 2011: on No. 10, do you mean you may not think stealing is wrong, but you'll change your idea when your money is stolen?
      • Mar 29 2011: I don't think she means that. But there are certain things that we consider truths now that may not always be truths. The time's are always changing, and everything has the capacity to change. Even if you took your example of stealing - in the future, for all we know, stealing could be seen as acceptable. It's not likely, but we don't know that it won't ever happen. I think more of what she means is that we may believe we have a certain knowledge about something, but that may one day change. For instance, centuries ago people believed that the earth was flat and that the sun revolved around the earth. These theories have since been disproved, so what people used to believe was the truth is no longer the truth. What we call truth can often be just an opinion or belief that isn't necessarily even provable, but that people feel so strongly about and trust in so faithfully, that we don't even realize that it may not be true.
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        Apr 17 2011: No, I don't think she means that. I think Monica means that, as you grow and learn you leave the door open to revising you values and beliefs and have the courage to change them when you know they need changing.
    • Apr 4 2011: People are made of their experiences: often people do not question what they are raised to 'know' until they are faced with extreme loss whether percieved, threatened, or actual

      Remember with your number 2 question the power of example: we limit ourselves by judging the ability of another to change their world view/ a mind stretched to a new idea can never go back to it's original shape (famous quote by someone I'm bad with names) What took a while for me to really learn is the power of seaking first to understand, often people hold beliefs that they do not realize they carry that may be unrational and they dont see it until they say it and then try and rely on that belief at a later date.

      #10 and overall
      Congrats you are growing and doing a fantastic job of dismissing all that you know and challengingallthat society makes us believe, some day you will find that truths are meant to be everchanging but a solid set of personal values will keep the integrity of your changing beliefs and you will not be cast as a hypocritical like you see the world right now because you may value something but it is teething you honor more than that one thing you dismiss in a prioritization of those values. You are never wrong for doing what you value as long as your values are not based upon a fleeting emotion like anger, personal happiness and even pleasure.
    • Apr 4 2011: Monica, I admire you thoughtfulness in point 10
    • Apr 6 2011: I agree with number 7, but if you think about it it's not really that surprising, is it? You can read something somewhere or have it taught to you but in reality, I find that the most important stuff I learn comes from my mistakes. I mean, we only live for 70-80-90 something years and the further you go back in time the shorter this span gets, how're we supposed to learn so many of these things when we reboot ourselves all the time?
      • Apr 16 2011: That is a very interesting way of looking at things! I've never really thought of that before. Thank you for your input. :)
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        May 6 2011: I agree. History has not to be a just subject, it has to be our DNA re-codification tool. Ancient cultures knew that passing knowledge through chants and stories leaded to better generations. We do not even talk about our own past mistakes to our children, worst being caught talking about our ancestors' mistakes. Recognizing to your children that we are fallible is a good start. Even better when we learn to ask for forgiveness from them.
    • May 2 2011: Hi Monica
      You are right about #8 (you may be right about several others, but I'll just address myself to the number concerned :-) Albert Bartlett says it well in his talk 'Arithmetic, Population and Energy'
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      May 5 2011: Hey Monica
      Although it has some merit I disagree with #5. One cannot look at the world's most powerful and harmful dicators and say flaws escalate with the more individuals involved. I believe in respect to most governments the root of ignorance or ill will comes from a select few and is perpetuated by group thought/ mob mentality. The larger numbers would certainly increase the strength of an idea, but for the most part one's individual flaws don't attribute to the flaws of a government.

      Very great list though!
    • May 6 2011: Totally with you on #1. I feel an incredible sense of calm and purpose when I'm traveling as well.

      Maybe it stems from a sense of detachment. There's not as much commitment to the people/places we encounter on journeys, so we aren't distracted by injecting ourselves into the mix. Kind of like watching a movie. Lots of people enjoy watching drama. Not that many (that I know) enjoy being in the midst of it.

      I guess that's the charm of traveling. For the duration of your trip you become a witness.
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    Mar 20 2011: I am a troublemaker (that verity is off my list):

    1 - God does not exist (not the way the quasi-totality of people expects)
    2 - There is no such thing as omniscience
    3 - There is no such thing as omnipotence
    3 - There is no black and white choices in life, only an "infinity" of grey shades choices (possibilities)
    4 - Most humans have to power to control their own life
    5 - Most things are only a matter of perception
    6 - Statistically, life exists outside Earth
    7 - There is too much people on this planet and it's burning the resources on it
    8 - I will change the world, one step at the time (by changing the people around me)
    9 - Nothing is impossible
    10 - Life is wonderful (if you perceived it the right way)
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      Mar 21 2011: Prove it, Michael.
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        Mar 21 2011: It's senseless you can't prove a negative just like you can't prove that God is a giant omnipotent marshmallow.
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          Mar 22 2011: You are cannot prove a negative but there is a lot you can't prove...,.......that makes somethings more reasonable to believe. May be I am wrong and I will give you the benefit of a doubt, but why the sarcastic remark about a giant omnipotent marshmalow ?
        • Mar 22 2011: It is possible to prove a negative through induction. In this way, god can be proved not to exist, because his existence is in itself would be contradictory and illogical.
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        Mar 21 2011: Trying to proved the non-existence / or existence of a concept (God) created by mankind is illogical.
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        Mar 22 2011: Because it makes as much sense as a giant omnipotent human.
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          Mar 22 2011: Or a giant omnicient human.
      • Mar 22 2011: Interesting how it is assumed (and probably rightly so) your challenge was the statement about the non-existence of God. I'm currently reading "The God Instinct". Think that book would be a real challenge for you Helen. Try it ;-)
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          Mar 22 2011: Very keen observation I would also like to point out that it's Interesting how the only list that mentions God has a "prove it" comment under it. Just like the only scientific theory which refutes creationism is violently being debated, all these things are interesting, lots of interesting things in the world.
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          Mar 22 2011: to Joseph van Eijdhoven............Thanks for the hint I am always eager to learn. I have read "The History of God" and am now reading "The Case for God" both by Karen Armstrong, a TED contributor whose "Charter for Compassion" and I am trying to live it
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      Mar 22 2011: Nothing is impossible? ...except omniscience and omnipotence?
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    Apr 9 2011: (1) I think, therefore I am.
    (2) I have erred, therefore I am liable to error and will probably err again.
    (3) Any conclusion I draw is subject to #2, and is therefore tentative.
    (4) In light of #3, humility is a fundamental responsibility.
    (5) Actions are far more important and revealing than words.
    (6) Uncertainty is scary, but we must make peace with it because it never disappears.
    (7) The truth is always more complex and nuanced than we first think.
    (8) Courage is not the absence of fear, but the willingness to act in spite of fear.
    (9) The most important thing you can teach anyone is how to learn on their own.
    (10) The "meaning of life" is to live.
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    Mar 28 2011: 1. Life is not fair.
    2. Exploring is essential.
    3. Parents teach, grandparents instill wonder.
    4. In nature, it's not about you.
    5. Awful things happen in a beautiful world.
    6. You will win the lottery the day God picks the numbers.
    7. Do that which borders on uncomfortable.
    8. Peel away the layers of socialization and propoganda . . . and that is who one is.
    9. Hope is the last resource for happiness.
    10. One measure of my live is the dogs I have loved.
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        Mar 28 2011: Ah, ye of little faith. Children don't care if the person on whom's lap they sit listening to a song about birds is not respected.
  • Mar 24 2011: 1. Everything is possible through the Lord
    2. Television is NOT a good babysitter
    3. You don't need a destination with a motorcycle
    4. It's ok to cry
    5. The best foods for us are the ones God created with minimal "help" toward his design
    6. Love solves anything
    7. Most people don't enjoy being told what to do
    8. Art is everywhere and anything
    9. If you lose all material things, it's OK if you still have the mind that got them in the first place
    10. The meaning of life is finding your gift, while your purpose in life is giving that gift away.....
  • Mar 23 2011: 1. water's clear
    2. also blue
    3. reflective
    4. or cloudy
    5. wet
    6. liquid
    7. solid
    8. gas
    9. powerful
    10. falling from the sky in brooklyn.
  • thumb
    Mar 23 2011: That's a nice exercise. It made me think for a while. Here's my list:

    1. Not everything that is true to a human being can be said, shown or proven.
    2. When you see things in their interconnectedness, beauty arises.
    3. Often we get ill because of unexpressed potentialities.
    4. On personal matters, while your head can only suppose, your heart knows.
    5. Great sorrows open the door to beauty of some kind.
    6. The real problem of modern man is how to live or become sane within the asylum.
    7. A good way to get the best out of others is to give the best of yourself.
    8. Progress without spirit is a form of barbarism.
    9. What others think of you is their business, not yours.
    10. You need to find who you are. If you fail this, it doesn't matter what else you find.
  • Mar 23 2011: 1. I will never be perfect
    2. I must be happy with that imperfection, as it suggests there is always room for self improvement.
    3. Science is the art of admitting you don't know something, and striving to find that truth.
    4. Part of me doesn't mind being stuck inside working instead of being in the park.
    5. Music is beautiful.
    6. If i thought dedicating my life to music were a vaible option, I would.
    7. Mangoes are delicious.
    8. My engineering degree is 4 years of learning how to make educated guesses.
    9. The only things we should ever truly care about losing are our family, our friends, and our health. all else is inconsequential.
    10. My only limitations are those I set myself.

    hmm, just noticed no.10 and no.6 are contradictory, will have to think about that.
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2011: So, I misread your #3 as ART is admitting you DO know something and striving to find that truth. And it's rather true also :) Maybe even in combination with what you really wrote. Thanks

      ha! your note at the bottom made me smile :) (pst... go for it!)
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2011: Very fun, agreed on #8 completely. My starting point for students in my STEM class is usually, "What did I not learn in engineering school that I should have?"
  • thumb
    Mar 20 2011: 1.- Absolute truth is the most relative of all possible truths.
    2.- Loving does not mean owning.
    3.- The boundaries of our imagination are traced by the education we were able to receive when kids.
    4.- Life is risk. No risk is equal to no life.
    5.- Security in life doesn't exist. It is an illusion that can easily turn into obsession and make us give up some of the best experiences of our lives.
    6.- Knowledge is the master key of our freedom.
    7.- I'm the owner of my own silence.
    8.- We are slaves of our own fears.
    9.- It is not richer who have more, but who needs the least.
    10.- Some fine day I'll die.
  • thumb
    Mar 20 2011: Truth is based on the premise that something is false. Something must be false for the opposite to be true. What we know now could change tomorrow. The truth could become a falsehood. Hence the only thing I know to be true is time and change. The rest is all an evolutionary distraction.
    • Mar 20 2011: I promise you that 2+2 will never equal 5. Even if you are convinced it is so, it doesn't change anything. No matter what you think, thinking doesn't make things true or false. Time changes a lot of things but the things that are really actually true will always be true. The laws of the universe never changes. At least not to our knowledge.

      Also, maybe I've misunderstood you, but I think that "something must be false for the opposite to be true" can be a bit misleading and confusing. 2+2=5 is false but it's not the opposite of 2+2=4 which is true.
      • Mar 20 2011: The opposite of the proposition "2+2=5" is not "2+2=4". The opposite of "2+2=5" is "2+2 is not equal to 5", which is true.

        Qazi it totally right about the statement "something must be false for the opposite to be true". But in order for the statement to be right, you need to define the opposite beforehand. There are no absolute universal laws that govern the universe. The math/physics laws of the universe are a result of our limited interpretation of the universe, based on a number of assumptions and constraints.

        You are saying that "the laws of the universe never change". Maybe they don't, but we'll never know, as we don't know them yet and according to Godel's Incompleteness Theorem*, we never will.

        * = Any effectively generated theory capable of expressing elementary arithmetic cannot be both consistent and complete. In particular, for any consistent, effectively generated formal theory that proves certain basic arithmetic truths, there is an arithmetical statement that is true, but not provable in the theory.
        • Mar 20 2011: Ah, good point with the 2+2 thingy! Still, there's a lot more possible false statements than true ones. I thought Qazi made it sound like some sort of balance between true and false. I just thought it created some confusing implications.

          I haven't really read anything about this subject but I disagree that math is a result of our limited interpretation of the universe. There is just no way 2+2 will ever equal 5. Rather, "our interpretations is a result of the universe", of the laws of physics and of evolution. Truth is truth, no matter if we're around or not. (Tough I feel like I'm arguing against an argument you're not making here...)

          Maybe we will never completely understand the universe, we're always going to have to assume some things, but I'm pretty sure we're closing in on something. And there are things that we actually know to be true. Yes, some people would argue against that. But what good would believing that nothing is true ever do? Not that I don't think these questions are important or interesting but I just feel like saying that "maybe the laws of the universe will change tomorrow", "maybe nothing is certain" will just get in the way of any practical understanding of the world.
      • Mar 20 2011: @Vilgot Ok, I'm with you that we need to use whatever knowledge we have, take some things for granted and build on those. I'm just saying that truth is totally subjective and is only valid under specific assumptions.

        For example you propose that "2+2=4", which however is an idealization. In the universe round numbers do not exist. When you measure for example the voltage of a 2Volts battery you will never get 2. You can only approximate it by 2. The true voltage of the battery is unknown due to noise, disturbances, energy losses etc. So taking two batteries of 2Volts and adding them up does not mean a total voltage of 4. We only *assume* that the total voltage is approximately 4, but the "absolute true voltage" is unknown. In order to know the exact voltage you will need to measure the energy of every single electron that passes through the wires, which is impossible (quantum theory). Therefore in real world "2+2=4" does not exist, only "approximately 2 + approximately 2 is approximately 4".

        So I believe, math and any math equation is an idealization of a specific real world phenomenon, and bound to an error. It never describes exactly the phenomenon, which means that it is never "absolutely true". The implication of this is that the universe will never be fully described by a theory. Perhaps approximately but never absolutely. Any truth will always be subject to failure. Can I prove this? No, but Godel did.
        • thumb
          Mar 20 2011: And it is good to know that Godel did prove that (or at least that someone did, I had forgotten his name, but remembered the concept).
          If one wants to be a real scientist one has to learn to live with approximates, theories that somebody else can prove are wrong. Science is, in a way, just a way of telling stories, just like art. It many times, but not always, uses other media to do that than art, for example math.
          Every given moment in existence is so vast, so complex, so filled with energy, form, movement and matter, that there will never be a story that can be more than a glimpse of it all, whether the story is told by a scientist, religious mystic or an artist.
          That glimpse blows us away.
        • thumb
          Mar 21 2011: Many problems with math, here are a few of the top of my head one is the problem of induction, math is not subject to induction. You can't inductively prove 2+2=4 because it is always going to be 4 so if it is not subject to the external world then where does our mathematical knowledge come from and by what circumstance can we define it as true knowledge. This is the problem which is outlined by Immanuel Kant.

          Aristotle's problem is is a different one, it goes along the lines that each proof can only be proven true by the contents of another proof or it ultimately bumps up against something that simply cannot be the subject of proof but it is necessary for the process of proving, in other words axioms or self evident truths which appear to have no proof or sufficient cause.
        • thumb
          Mar 21 2011: I wish I could tell you more about Godel's theorem but my mathematical knowledge is not that high up there I just know he was a fascinating man.
      • thumb
        Mar 21 2011: If I do not have 4 in my world, 2+2 can never equal 4.
      • Mar 23 2011: of course tautological statements must be true, did you really prove anything? the nature of these tautological statements (2 + 2 = 4) is bullshit, thats whats under suspicion here, not the conclusions of the premises.

        the conclusion of the premise 2 + 2 = 4 is true

        the premise 2 + 2 =4 is not true.

        big difference.
  • May 22 2011: Here goes...

    1. Losing most of my ego and that huge chip on my shoulder sure has made life's journey more enjoyable
    2. Alcohol has the power to turn each of us into really bad decision makers. I have never woken up and regretted staying sober the previous night, but I can't say the same about the opposite.
    3. There is no such thing as a bad child, but there are far too many bad parents in the world.
    4. Racism is the epitome of "ugly",
    5. It appears that in many cases "Blind Faith" causes people to also lose sight of tolerance, humanity, wisdom, empathy, and the ability to learn.
    6. Coffee should get a "thank you" or at least a "shout out" at most awards acceptance speeches. ...Ahhh it is such a wonderful thing.
    7. Obesity is the plague of the 21st Century in this country.
    8. Way too many people take themselves far too seriously.
    9. Ralph Waldo Emerson kicked way more ass than Arnold Schwarzenegger could ever hope to.
    10. Reading my #'s 2 through 9 tells me I need to keep working on that ego and chip on my shoulder. That was quite an unexpected outcome!!
    • May 31 2011: I like #1. I'm convinced (intellectually at least) that ego is not very good for happiness and that letting it go is probably a good idea.

      Out in the field I find it's hard to actually do though. Let's say for instance, someone slights me. I don't respond. Is it because I'm letting go of my ego? Or is it because I simply couldn't think of a "comeback"

      How do you reconcile "losing ego" with the pressures society exerts on all of us to "stick up for ourselves"?
    • thumb
      Jun 3 2011: I enjoyed your thought provoking list, Jason.
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    May 2 2011: 1. Everyone has a story of hardship to tell. I am not that special.
    2. To discover your passions you must do; then do: and then do again. Each time something different.
    3. 80% of success is showing up; the other 20% happens which is magical. Just a minority of people choose to show up.
    4. Innovation can happen anywhere, in any form and by anyone.
    5. Whoever says "trust me my word is my bond"; I don't trust!
    6. If goods cross borders, then armies won't.
    7. Answer to a better world, give a damn about someone else other than yourself.
    8. People in developing nations are naturally entrepreneurial. They don't need social entrepreneurship. They need access to global markets.
    9. We are all born terminal. Which truth...
    10. Live with passion; Learn with passion and you will lead with passion.
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: Love #4, I think #5 is wise, Love #6 and #7.Thank you Sanj
    • May 4 2011: Sanj..passion is a great word. It throws us back to feeling something so very deeply it hurts.
  • thumb
    May 1 2011: 1) We are smaller than we think we are but we are more powerful than we think we are
    2) Love is overrated i.e. it’s being used too much for too many things
    3) We’re all looking for something, rare are the ones who know what they’re looking for and even more rare are the ones who find it
    4) We take too many things for granted
    5) The world is too superficial
    6) It can happen to everyone
    7) Mankind will extinguish itself
    8) You are your worst enemy. If the sky is the limit you are your own sky
    9) Everything is temporary, everything is subject to time
    10) The world needs religion(s)/faith in something
    • thumb
      May 1 2011: Love #1, #4 and #9.
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: Sure hope you are wrong about #7
      • thumb
        May 2 2011: Let's hope so but I'm afraid I'm right. The world isn't in balance, we all know it yet only a handful of people do something about it.
        Somewhere it is in our nature to be auto destructive, we always want more and bigger even though we know we don't need that.
    • May 4 2011: I really like #1, #3, and #10. #1 becasue that ruth does place us in context. I like #3 because in the journey of life many just wander, but they know there is something out there beyond themselves. I like #10, not just for "means of social control", but because it does express a true universal. Everyone does believe something, everyone trusts something. The real question is what you believe in and what do you trust.
  • thumb
    Apr 19 2011: 10 things I know to be true:

    1- everyones has one special gift they can give to the world that noone else can, its a shame some never bother to try and find theirs
    2- the sunshine and sea breeze can make good days out of bad
    3- When you die, ur dead
    4- love is a word used too much too mean too little
    5- I believe in the idea of being a 'global citizen'
    6- its often easier to do wrong than to do right
    7- money doesnt make u happy, but not having it can make u sad
    8- Men are from marz and woman are from venus
    9. I know what i said, I have no idea what you heard
    10. Mothers are priceless
    • thumb
      May 1 2011: I agree with #9 ... what we say doesn't matter as much as how it is heard.
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: #1 true. #9 funny #7 I'd have to disagree, I have oft been completely broke and sometimes homeless. Money isn't a factor in happiness, without it you find other joys in life. Some of the things that bring me the most pleasure, such as very deep thought, I don't know if I'd be very into if I had money to distract me.
  • Apr 12 2011: 1. The Beatles were the best ever.
    2. I love a cold beer. Well, many cold beers, in fact.
    3. Chips and salsa are fattening and I don't care
    4. Reruns of Seinfeld still make me laugh.
    5. We all gonna die sometime. Enjoy yourself until then.
    6. I have the most beautiful wife
    7. I have the most beautiful daughters.
    8. I love a good steak.
    9. John Lennon died way too soon.
    10. The Cubs will win the world series in 2011 !!
    • thumb
      Apr 12 2011: We agree on many things Jim, and I believe your word on your family. However, as a born and raised St. Louisan I must take issue with number 10 (go Cardinals!)
      This is a lovely thread all, I've really enjoyed reading it!
    • May 2 2011: George too
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: I loved #7- I wish a you a long and happy marriage- You are clearly already on the right track!
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    Mar 24 2011: 1. Somthing exists
    2. Only 2 things can be known to be true.
    3. See 2
    4. See 2
    5. See 2
    6. See 2
    7. See 2
    8. See 2
    8. See 2
    10. Douglas Adams is a GOD!
  • thumb
    Mar 24 2011: 1. Every drop of pain is exceedingly valuable and precious beyond words.
    2. Children are the best at showing honest emotion
    3. If I put a piece of pizza on the counter and wait a million years it will be a very old piece of pizza but not have become a new species
    4. To teach effectively, I must remember that it does not matter what I know, it only matters what I can effectively communicate and give my students
    5. We are not nearly as strong at teaching math and science as subjects to be appreciated and enjoyed on a continuum as we are with music and art, thus the abundance of those declaring "I don't like math." No one says, "I don't like music."
    6. Collaboration will one day be its own subject taught in secondary schools.
    7. We underestimate the abilities of our own brains dramatically
    8. There is evil and there is good and one day good will win
    9. Not everyone likes me
    10. Enough people like me
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2011: Mary, I love the hopefulness of #8.
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2011: I love this Mary, especially number 1, 9 and 10 oh and 8.... actually it is all great!
      • Mar 24 2011: Toni, I agree with you
  • Mar 23 2011: I woudln't be able to answer your question because the epistemological qualifiers are too rough, so let me just say "what i think", heres what i think

    1. life is nothing but matter in motion
    2. everything i believe say and think is based off personal experience + books
    3. emotions are the underlying motivational factor behind most actions
    4. virtue and power are the same thing in the ultimate sense, a study of pleasure and pain and its relationship to action.
    5. character is possible to both create and discover because we have plastique minds.
    6. mirror neurons allow us to simulate other peoples worlds, so communication isnt out of the blue its via simulation.
    7. faces have intrinsic value, i dont know why.
    8. death is unexpected, so appreciate life because its short.
    9. our adaptive unconscious is more powerful than our waking conscious if we can shape it through our decision making into smooth pattern recognition.
    10. we lie to ourselves.
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2011: Will you explain 'smooth pattern recognition' please? Thanks :) great list!
  • Mar 22 2011: 1. Initial passionate love has little to do with the health and/or longevity of a relationship
    2. We all have a predisposition (or lack thereof) for happiness – some of us have to work harder for it than others
    3. My monthly cycles has a huge impact on my mood
    4. Little kids just want to love. It breaks my heart to see a little kid struggling with the confusion of loving a parent who mistreats them.
    5. Accepting things as they are and appreciating the small good things makes for a happier life
    6. We inhibit ourselves – nerve is what holds me back from living a better life
    7. Breaking up is hard but always worth attacking head-on. If it’s got to happen, be brave and do it now.
    8. Most people are doing the best that they can
    9. No child deserves meanness by adults
    10. Life events do not alter your level of happiness long term (marriage, money, kids, etc.) You are who you are and happiness comes from within.
    • Mar 23 2011: i agree with your point on happiness. most of the time we think we will be happy if we have money, fame and success. doing so we miss all the small good things that we have. i think thats one reason why people are unhappy.
    • Mar 23 2011: i dont know where you get the concept of little kids who struggle with confusion of loving their parents who mistreat them but this is so true. this confusion turns out to be costly when they grow up. i can relate to this with my personal life in some way. i am so glad that u wrote that because it kind of helped me to understand why i find difficult to get away from people even though i know they are using me. thanks
  • Mar 22 2011: 1.) The answer to life, the universe, and everything is 42.

    Everything else stems from that. ;)
  • thumb
    Mar 21 2011: There are only two things I know to be true:

    1. I was born.
    2. I will die.

    Everything in between is a matter of perspective.
  • thumb
    Mar 20 2011: 1. The way I see things are not the way they are, they are just the way I see things.
    2. The truth is impermanent - it changes with time, growth, and circumstances.
    3. There is a variance to the issue of lying - we all do it in some form
    4. We are missing many distinctions and enough vocabulary to speak robustly about the truth and lies. The absolute black and white terminology we use to declare if there is a truth or a lie (you are honest or a liar) is not ample to get to the heart of whatever is truly going on.
    5. The opportunity and right to travel deserves to be held equivalent to our right to be educated.
    6. Kindness is non-negotiable.
    7. We are bearing witness to a huge shift in consciousness is currently occurring and being expressed in the Middle East and Africa.
    8. Guilt does not serve us well.
    9. Philanthropy extends beyond giving money and its our responsibility as citizens to give back.
    10. We all have a right and responsibility to live a 'good' life.
  • thumb
    Mar 20 2011: 1. There is no skill more worthy of practice than the ability/propensity to imagine how other people feel in their circumstances.

    2. Knowledge is exceptionally necessary and beautiful; but knowledge is just one subset of character, which is even more valuable. The gap between knowledge and character is the difference between knowing the right thing to do and consistently doing it!

    3. Uncomfortable actions and uncomfortable truths are a big part of life, so it's unwise to be too comfortable.

    4. Our lives are entirely what we make of them, and entirely what we are dealt. The two billion of us currently with internet access have been dealt a beautiful hand.

    5. We are all roughly 99% genetically identical. This perspective can make human history, our present circumstances, and our daily interactions all the more tragic, beautiful, or interesting.

    6. In many cases, there can be no peace without justice and no justice without genuine understanding. (This is why #1 and #2 are so important!)

    7. Learning is biological, not rational; we're mammals, not machines.

    8. Real life/truth is emotional, interdisciplinary, and experimental.

    9. If you want something done, do it now -- tomorrow never comes!

    10. Sarah Kay is a brilliant, inspiring young woman who I'm sure we'll all see more of in the future. I really like this project!

    Thank you all for sharing!
  • Mar 20 2011: a number the number after 1 the number after 2 the number after 3 the number after 4 the number after 5 the number after 6 the number after 7 the number after 8
    10.isn't the number after 10
    (Warning:These facts are only true in a number set where only integers or natural numbers exist with the exception of fact 1.)
  • Mar 20 2011: 1. There’s no shame in asking for help. There are some things one should never do alone.
    2. The laughter of your own child has power over the worst day you’ve ever had.
    3. Belief in magic, fairies and toys coming to life keeps you young.
    4. Marrying your friend makes for a fantastic marriage.
    5. Things that cannot be done in a day: 1. Build Rome 2. Learn to play the piano 3. Speak a foreign language 4. Potty train a 2 year old.
    6. You can go home again.
    7. There is no amount of training, book reading or attending of classes that will adequately prepare you to be a teacher. It’s a different view from the other sides of the desks where you have to stand with 30 pairs of eyes on you just waiting for you to say something pithy.
    8. Starting smoking is the dumbest thing one can do. Ask a smoker if they regret starting and you’ll get the same answer.
    9. Obsessing over one thing will destroy all other things in your life.
    10. Mel Brooks is a genius.

    I know it’s supposed to be a list of ten, but I can’t help myself.

    11. Starring in a musical or wearing tights for a Shakespearean play will not make you gay. (I have to tell my students this all the time)
    • thumb
      Mar 20 2011: Number 2. is true for me also, number 11. not so sure, I practically fell on the floor when my acting school said we had to ware a dance belt.
      • thumb
        Mar 20 2011: i liked number 5... it's true for all of us i hope
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: the earth is round
    there is gravity
    human life will not last forever
    there are 60 seconds in a minute
    60 minutes in an hour
    we need water to survive
    we need food to survive
    you cannot time travel
    humans cannot breathe underwater
    the sun is not really yellow
    • thumb
      Mar 19 2011: I have to disagree a bit here, of course without having any exact proof for my claims, but time travel in one form or another could still be possible, it has not been truly disproven.
      • Mar 21 2011: I agree. And who knows, maybe one day we will have eternal life, like audry de grey discussed. Or be able to breath under water.

        Ofcourse your list is true, and it brings up interesting points for discussion :)
      • Mar 21 2011: if you run fast enough down a block you'll notice that you've time travelled like 20 seconds into the future :)
    • thumb
      Mar 21 2011: "you cannot time travel " there you have it. the one thing in the list I disagree with. :) it's cool how the four crossroads she mentioned are really visible in these lists. :)
  • Jun 12 2011: MY list of 10 things I know to be true
    1. TV is a waste of time
    2. Homework needs to be done right now
    3. My mother and I disagree more often then she realises
    4. When I try to be poetic and philosophical I always sound silly
    5. Writing poetry late at night is never a good idea
    6. Knitting is more fun then most people think
    7. Church camp is more fun then most people think
    8. The majority of yarn I own is blue
    9. My brother deliberately annoys me sometimes
    10. I can confide in some people not because I'm close to them, but because of the exact opposite
  • thumb
    May 18 2011: Hi Roni!

    1.It's difficult moving on without telling the ones you love the most you love them.
    2.Being tall isn't that bad, sometimes.
    3.Art is beautiful no matter how grotesque it may appear.
    4.Everyone should risk their life by overcoming a fear.
    5.Calculus and architecture are languages and we need to familiarize ourselves with abstract equations and minimalistic mundane ideas derived from the human mind, our mind.
    6.Self-pity is the worst guilt.
    7.Loneliness is inevitable for someone like me.
    8.Some of the most talented individuals are held hostage by the ones closest to them.
    9.Breaking the law is lawful.
    10.The brain is the deadliest weapon.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Hey Joseph! Stick around TED and share your ideas and you will find that you are far less lonely!

      I concur with #10 but I used to frame it that "your brain is your strongest muscle' when my own boys were little.
    • thumb
      May 19 2011: # 3 and # 8 are clever! Great job big boy.
    • May 20 2011: Joseph, I totally agree with #3. But for me, the grotesque cries out in a different way than the more beautiful. The gortesque cries out for justice, for making things right, which I believe walks with beauty. Yes, it is very paradoxical, but I believe it is true.
  • thumb
    May 3 2011: 1. I am not alone.
    2. I have cried.
    3. I have laughed.
    4. I can speak.
    5. I can listen.
    6. I constantly learn.
    7. I can be amazed.
    8. I can see.
    9. I do not like everyone.
    10. I exist.
  • thumb
    Apr 30 2011: 1 we are either in a state of mental expansion or contraction,
    2 it is usually easier to learn something than unlearn it
    3 being content keeps people from being happy
    4 many of our problems can be solved only when we are willing to give up a part of our identity
    5 we see the world as we are not as it is
    6 plans change
    7 happiness is rewarded for those who care more for others than themselves
    8 how you spend your days is how you will spend you life
    9 life = influence
    10 great ideas will be fought tooth and nail until one person puts that idea into practice
  • Apr 28 2011: This project could go in so many directions -- think of all the possibilities!

    1. We know more as children.
    2. People fail.
    3. Every person has a story to tell; most of us are hiding it.
    4. We have but a microscopic fraction of the world.
    5. It is possible to escape from the cycles of life, history, and pain.
    6. Language is the most powerful invention and connection of man.
    7. Oftentimes we miss the answer in seeking it, and we have much to discover.
    8. You must learn to love yourself first.
    9. To have helped one spirit in life is to have achieved life's purpose.
    10. Life is hard, but it is good.
  • Apr 13 2011: 1. There is only one way: forward
    2. I know that I don't know much
    3. There is nothing I cannot do there are just things I don't do...
    4. My consciousness is a mystery to me
    5. We are all connected one way or another
    6. Change is in the movement, breathing is a movement, breathing is change...
    7. Woman is the future of man
    8. Grace finds beauty in everything
    9. My inside is way way bigger than my outside
    10. I am learning new things everyday

    Finally my truths today are not the same as tomorrow...
  • Apr 10 2011: 1. Everyone in the world is hurt in some way. We are all flawed, damaged individuals. But those hurts make us all such gorgeous, moving works of art. We are all trying to survive life’s struggles together.
    2. Make ridiculous moments. The memories will be worth it.
    3. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Life, if you laugh at it, becomes much easier and more enjoyable.
    4. Everything will always be all right. In the end, that second in your life isn’t going to matter days and months and years from now. You will be ok, no matter what, so just breathe.
    5. I make a lot of mistakes. All the time. But I’m trying my hardest to be the best that I can be so, please, just bear with me.
    6. Talking is my “flow activity.” Deep conversations, silly empty chatter, questions, stories, my words for yours. I find so much meaning in verbal communication.
    7. We all mold each other. Every little thing that you do to someone else is shaping and transforming his or her experience of the world. Make the best impact that you can and try to connect to as many people as you can on a deeper level. Life is a jigsaw puzzle of the links you make with all the people you encounter.
    8. Life is hard. It’s always going to be. But making it up the hill is always worth the view.
    9. A laugh is one of the most wonderful, strange sounds in the world.
    10. The more you open up to the world, the more amazing experiences you make yourself available to. Constantly try things outside of your comfort zone because they will make you grow as a person.
  • thumb
    Apr 9 2011: 1. whenever any one of us is willing to serve another, whether one person or all of humanity, everything that is needed for the task will be given ( The power of One)
    2.truth and wisdom are not accessible to us unless we can step beyond our egos, opinions, needs, fantasies and attachments
    3. truth and beauty are facets of the same whole
    4. that we are more than just connected..that we are infinitely interpenetrated..each being unique and uniquely needed interpenetrating all and everyone being interpenetrated with all and everyone
    5.that if we allow more slience in our lives, especially before speaking or acting, we are more likely to act wisely and with compassion
    6.that we learn more when we start with good questions than when we start with opinions or hypotheses understand
    7.that time is not what we understand it to be
    8.that we see and understand only what we allow through our hearts and our intentions
    9.that everytime we loo koutward to the world possibility expands infinietly, that everytime we look inward to our own needs, fears, anxieties, security possibilities contract to nil
    10.that we are in evry moment co-creators
  • Apr 6 2011: In no particular order...

    1. People have a need to own
    2. Free market brings out the worst in people
    3. We're going to run out of oil sooner than we think
    4. We may be alone in this universe
    5. Democracy is a hoax
    6. We are what we believe
    7. We are not born equal
    8. People who're attractive have it easier in life than those who're not
    9. Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder
    10. When someone says that something can't be compared to something, usuallly it can.

    ...peh, this is hard :/
    • Apr 6 2011: So, what is the solution to democracy?
      • Apr 6 2011: That's the point, is it not? Why we have it. People in charge(wherever) use the term as a facade to keep the people they control from rebelling. And this is not entirely a bad thing, people can be pretty stupid and easily be talked in to almost anything given the right psychological stimuli, that's what we have advertising for ;). If anything but a few people we're in charge we would have chaos, besides most people doesn't like to decide for themselves anyways. But what they also don't like is to be told what to do and though this is the same thing it's all about how you say it, If I order you, you will rebel, but if I manipulate you, you'll do it and also be happy about it, everybody wins(sold electronics for some time a while ago years, opened my eyes :).

        ...but I also think that this is not going to last forever(or at least it doesn't have to). If more people took more interest in what they mean for society(after all society is based on people.)) and how advertising affects us we wouldn't need to pretend like this, but this would require some pretty heavy changes to society as a whole and I also think that this is not likely to happen. ./
    • Apr 7 2011: 8. People who're attractive have it easier in life than those who're notI don't believe this is true. People who are "attractive" sometimes have to work harder to earn respect. Someone may get a job because they are beautiful, but they have to try 10 time harder to show they are CAPABLE. People who are attractive are judged more. They are labeled as sluts faster (even when a person is a virgin, and pure and clean). They are hated by those who are jealous, even if they are SO KIND. Not everyone takes them seriously. They are sexually harrassed more. There are MANY reasons why it's not easy to be "attractive".

      If I didn't look the way that I do, I believe many things wouldn't have happened to me that did.
      • Apr 12 2011: I think attractive people have it just as hard as any other person. Beauty doesn't protect a person from sickness and disease. It doesn't make a broken heart easier to heal. People are people. They can act unaffected but everyone feels and thinks. Every person has triumphs and failures and they raise people up or knock them down regardless of beauty.
      • Apr 13 2011: beauty is in the eye of the beholder, attraction in his/her guts... To be attarctive does not correspond I think to how one looks but more to how one draws people to him/her...
      • thumb
        May 3 2011: Hi Justine!
        I used to tell my kids that beauty may be the key to the door but you have to earn your place once you are inside. Anyone who attributes their problems to their beauty has not worked hard enough.
        The old ad "don't hate me because I am beautiful' was corny then and the tag line is corny now.
    • May 2 2011: Yep, Peak Oil IS a hard one.
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    Apr 3 2011: The only truth I know is that I do not know. My life is based on a belief system. Everything that I think is true is only my belief.
    • thumb
      Apr 6 2011: Sounds like you know what you're talking about..
    • Apr 6 2011: Yes, but does it matter? You draw breath before you understood this and you breath just the same now, don't you?
      • thumb
        Apr 6 2011: Sven...........It matters to me because it is the ultimate expression of humility. It keeps me from being arrogant with any pronouncements and enables me to learn as I am always open to new ideas. When I was a child I was dependent on others truth and now I depend on my own truth. Peace.
  • Mar 31 2011: 1. Governments lie to us
    2. Corporations lie to us
    3. Religions lie to us
    4. Technology is progressing faster than social values
    5. Money as a motivator is the wrong way
    6. The internet needs to be a protected right for all people
    7. The way the world works needs to change
    8. Egypt has shown the world that if the people work together we can do great things
    9. Believing in yourself unlocks your potential
    10. Believing in others helps them believe in themselves
    • thumb
      Mar 31 2011: The theme I get from this is "bureaucracies and systems are dangerous and individuals can be powerful in good ways". When we lose site of the positive power of individuals, we go in the wrong way. Is that valid?
      • Apr 1 2011: That certainly is valid though I guess if I was to describe my points as a theme I would say that institutions that have great power but keep things secret are dangerous. They're motives are primarily financial and they are almost never held accountable for their crimes. In part because the political and economic systems that are in place are out dated in exactly the same way that the barter system and monarchies were. Time for change is now. The technology that's here and on the horizon is amazing and horrifying at the same time. If in the wrong hands, and I see a lot of wrong hands in power, around the world and in our own backyards, we will be looking at very frightening reality. If we collectively stop and put aside our differences and embrace our similarities, believe in each other and ourselves, we will take our civilization to the next level.

        I'll get off my soapbox now;)

        Thanks for replying Drew.
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          May 2 2011: If the systems in place are out dated, do you have something better in mind?
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    Mar 31 2011: The first 10 I came up with. There's many more...

    1. If I don't find my own truth, I'll end up living by yours
    2. I only have one body so I'd better take care of it
    3. We're all searching…for something…
    4. Every single one of us know something that no one else in the world knows - but us
    5. My children need a lot of things to be successful - none more important than my unabated love
    6. Even though receiving feels nice, giving feels way better - it really does!
    7. Technology can solve only some of our problems - and not the most important ones
    8. If I don't use my voice, no one else will
    9. Laughter heals
    10. The peace, quality and happiness of my life is ultimately up to me
  • Mar 30 2011: Here is a list of 10 things I know to be true. Besides these, there isn't anything else that I can firmly say is true.

    1. I am mortal.
    2. I am mortal.
    3. I am mortal.
    4. I am mortal.
    5. I am mortal.
    6. I am mortal.
    7. I am mortal.
    8. I am mortal.
    9. I am mortal.
    10. I am mortal.
    • Mar 31 2011: Do you really know who "I" is and how do you know for sure that your are mortal?
  • Mar 24 2011: 1. Love is the most simple yet most complex phenomenon on earth which everyone gets but no one understands.
    2. Relationships, friendship in particular, are never a solid fact they will always remain a subtle responsibility.
    3. If the following phrase is true “With what you know at the end of your life you could fill a book, with what you ignore you could fill a library” than modesty should be the world’s currency?
    4. A mother’s love is the greatest love you will ever experience.
    5. The best book ever written was the bible. The best book to write is your own.
    6. We are and will remain alone throughout life, not because we choose to, but because by design we are unable to understand each other. So much for politics…
    7. Whoever created us humans gave us the power and miracle of perceiving life but not the ability to universally comprehend it.
    8. There is no right way, no right path and although we obsessively look for we ought to bare in mind that what makes the treasure hunt so interesting is not the treasure itself but the search of it.
    9. Lying can be useful unless you do it to yourself.
    10. Being crazy is just as close as to saying "yes" to the wrong impulse. No one is immune to it.
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    Mar 24 2011: @ Philip Sanderson your hilarious!

    @ Christophe Cop, I thnk your'e a genius!

    My list

    1 - 9. I know I will die someday.
    10. Whoever invented shoes for women is a God for no doubt!
  • Mar 24 2011: 1. Adults are just really big kids.
    2. The world is becoming too regulated
    3. Some things are impossible to understand, mainly, perception.
    4. Technology these days is getting pretty close to Star Trek (and it's awesome).
    5. I am thankful for food.
    6. It is important to express yourself.
    7. I am thankful for water.
    8. We take way too many things for granted.
    9. The internet allows for a level of discussion not possible before.
    10. Sarah Kay is a beautiful woman.
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    Mar 24 2011: 10 things I know to be true.

    1. My lifetime can only be spent in the denomination of now so my priority is to spend wisely and openhandedly.
    2. Control is an illusion.
    3. Relationship; the state of being connected with other people, is the most important thing of all.
    4. Nothing leaves this world with me when I go but myself.
    5. How I see you is not an accurate view of who you are and vice versa. Dig deeper.
    6. The amount of fear I feel connected to tackling a project is often connected to how important it is that it be accomplished.
    7. Honest, spontaneous, heartfelt laughter cannot be bought; it’s priceless.
    8. Never buy a car or other valuable commodity from a friend unless you personally define it as an investment in them.
    9. Only I can define what my legacy will be, others will interpret it as they wish to.
    10. The phrasing of what I know to be true may change but the fundamentals of it will not.
    • thumb
      Mar 24 2011: I might steal all yours - excellent and I agreed with every point.
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    Mar 24 2011: 1. Most adolescents are painfully self-aware at some point of their adolescenthood
    2. The doors of perception and The Middle Way are related
    3. Fast food is bad
    4. Everyone should travel
    5. Immanuel Kant never travelled
    6. Two different scenes of The Messenger made me cry
    7. Knowing something or understanding it is different than realizing it
    8. Shakespeare changed the world
    9. Hodgkin and Huxley won the Noble Prize
    10. To go forward, you may need to move sideways, backwards or upwards
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    Mar 23 2011: 1. Pain will recede.
    2. No matter what you do there will always be people who will criticise you for it.
    3. You will make the same mistake more than once, before you learn the lesson.
    4. Things make a lot more sense in retrospect.
    5. Travelling is one of the best things you can do.
    6. You will fall in love again, no matter how impossible it may seem at the moment.
    7. A small chat with a stranger can make your day.
    8. Things always seem better in the morning.
    9. You can trust your intuition.
    10. Giving is receiving!
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    Mar 23 2011: 1) I know I don't know anything to be true.
    2) I know I'm stuck.
    • thumb
      Mar 23 2011: well said, or as shakespeare puts it:

      "The fool doth think he is wise, but the wise man knows himself to be a fool"
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    Mar 23 2011: 10 Things I know To Be True

    1. I know that I will never learn everything I want to learn during my lifetime because there are just too many things I want to learn and I get too overwhelmed by it all. Then after being overwhelmed, I just get lazy.

    2. Friends describe me as dark skinned without the intent of hurting my feelings, but still carrying negative connotations within the phrase.

    3. I am afraid of death even though I know it is unavoidable.

    4. Even the most hateful despicable person in the world has someone they love with all their heart.

    5. Wishing and praying for something to happen is never enough to actually make it happen.

    6. Everyone is greedy in some form or another, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    7. I will always love my mom and brother and my entire family.

    8. I will always love my cat who just scratched the crap out of me and left a long scar on my left arm.

    9. I want more than what I have because I am greedy also.

    10. Jumping out from the top of a 3 story building will hurt like heck unless you know parkour, which coincidently is something I want to learn.
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    Mar 23 2011: 1) I have senses, experience, perception and memory.
    2) Mathematical (Logical) proofs.
    3) I am justified when I reason inductively; however, I cannot possibly 'know'
    3) Everything else is a rough estimate.
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    Mar 23 2011: These are random statements that came to my mind, which I believe them to be true.

    1) There is at least one thing about myself that I do not know.
    2) Scince and technology looks like well developed, but it has made just a few babysteps compared to its future.
    3) It is possible for the Earth to support 18 billion people with food.
    4) There are many great issues around the world, but the real issue is 'people misunderstanding each other'.
    5) Human brain can access to universal knowledge source and recieve information.
    6) There is a lesson for people to learn in every instance of nature.
    7) Antigravitational propulsion is possible.
    8) It is possible to make infinite number of true statements.
    9) People do not know everything about what they are capable of.
    10) Everyone is unique.
  • Mar 23 2011: Though I can assume to know that I know nothing I will assume to know these 10 truths
    1-Happiness is relative and thus scale related
    2-You can only love what you know
    3-Thoughts like perceptions are not truths that you know, i.e. god or no god
    4-The only constant is change, no let me change that, on second thought I'll stick with that answer
    5-Smarter is better than like not so smarter like 10 is bigger than 1 unless 10 are sardines and 1 is a blue whale
    6-Death is not the end to life, no sorry that is exactly what it is by definition and point of fact
    7- I would follow more people if only I knew where they were going
    8-Religion is not the opiate of the masses it is the fire insurance
    9-The world is filled with smart people doing stupid things
    10-There are two types of people in the world and I am sure that I'm one of them
    • Comment deleted

      • Mar 23 2011: the maximum for the speed of light is assumed to hold constant and we asume it to be true
        the total quantity of energy is also an assumption but there is a possibility for negation as well
        I don't know what laws of nature are so let us assume you mean gravity and such or evolution, so yes of course there are constants other than change,under the laws of nature there is the constant ability for someone to miss a joke no matter how blatent
        Descartes I think therefore I am is not a truth it is a proof,if you need further clarity define being, then go to misperception, see what is thought, see artificial intelligence and the nature of psychosis
        Zen negation is not knowing nothing see Socrates for knowing nothing,becoming the nothing is not knowing nothing but then again I don't plan on coming back around again until I get it right or figure it out
        • thumb
          Mar 25 2011: Is gravity the law of nature or the law of science/physics?
      • thumb
        Mar 24 2011: ah, but even the fact that physics allows for substances to have refraction indicies of n=c/v where c is the speed of light and v is the speed of light in the medium of interest shows that the speed of light is not a constant. Or did you mean the speed of light in a vacuum? I hope it's not a constant, even in a vacuum, because I spend way too much time trying to figure out how to go faster than the speed of light!
      • thumb
        Mar 26 2011: C is the speed of light in a vacuum, so that stays the same. V is the speed of light in the medium of interest. V should (according to Einstein) always be less than C but that fact that there is any variance in the speed of light bugs me late at night. If light is slower in some substances, why not faster in others than in a vacuum? Like in a supercharged plasma field (wherever you'd buy that). How about light that's being sucked into a black hole? Is it slowing down? Speeding up?

        It's all just too much fun to think about. I think the answer to faster than light travel will ultimately involve lots of magnets, ships traveling in tandem to slingshot each other, and maybe some donuts.
        • thumb
          Mar 26 2011: Well the dilemma is to get anything to travel faster than light it cannot have have mass. Because relativistic mass approaches to infinity as objects approach light speed thus it take infinite amount of energy to travel as fast as light.

          On the other hand photons don't have mass and they travel as fast as light. Is it possible to speed up a photon? A photon has two properties which can vary, frequency and wavelength, wavelength X frequencey = c speed of light. No matter how we vary these properties according to experiments the photons will still travel at the speed of light. Because when you increase the wavelength you must decrease frequency and vice versa. So you can't get a photon to travel faster than light by experimentally playing with these variables that determine the speed.
  • Mar 22 2011: 1) life is difficult when people cant express themselves.
    2) honesty is the best policy
    3) i agree with Randy Paushwhen he wrote three words to keep in mind "tell the truth"
    4) nobody makes you angry, its you who allow people to make you angry.
    5)nobody can love you more than your family.
    6) if you want something, dont think about it, just go for it.
    7) always share your story with people who care about you, whether its good or bad.
    8) i am finding it difficult to put ten things in a list
    9) find happiness in things that you have rather than looking for it somewhere else.
    10) if you have enough reasons to believe you are right, u dont have to listen to somebody else.
  • Mar 22 2011: 1. God does exist.
    2. God is omnipotent.
    3. God is omniscient.
    4. People are inherently good.
    5. Tomorrow always comes - for someone.
    5. The natural world has large lessons to teach all of us.
    6. Love what you have.
    7. To live is to learn..
    8. To learn is to grow.
    9. Growth open us to more learning and living.
  • Mar 22 2011: 1. The most serious lesson I learned from my mother is that truth is a malleable thing, that it is not objective, and if you say something three times, it becomes a truth, even if it is only wished to be true.
    2. The observations of your children are painful sometimes, but beautiful especially in their naivety
    3. I change the world by being in the world
    4. Self-reflection is a painful and helpful process
    5. My nails always have dirt under them, even though I clean them and it annoys me.
    6. I have a list of things I want to change about myself but I am afraid of writing them down.
    7. I find it hard to find a line between sympathy and empathy. I cry over hallmark adverts.
    8. No matter how tired I am at night, I find it hard to fall asleep.
    9. I don't care if it's cliche'd, I fell in love with each of my children, each in a different way.
    10. I am almost 40 and just now learning to love myself.
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    Mar 20 2011: This is inspiring conversation :-D
    here is my list:
    1. Love can heal everything
    2. The easiest way to deal with a challenge is to speak and laugh with your loved ones
    3. You always have a choice
    4. There are the most wonderful & amazing people on this planet and I am blessed to know some.
    5. I am blessed that I can read and listen to music and other people words.
    6. It's the most wonderful thing to experience love and connection.
    7. To assist people to grow is a passion and fulfilling for me.
    8. To scatter love and joy on a daily basis will add up to a meaningful life.
    9. To sit still and simply watch my garden is the best mediation for me.
    10. A hot bath, the purring of a cat are among the most relaxing things for me.
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    Mar 20 2011: Taken from my own book:
    1. Actions are decisions
    2. No decision is the same as A decision
    3. Inanimate things do not make decisions
    4. I control everything I do
    5. I can not make decisions for others
    6. I make billions of choices at every moment
    7. Anything can be done if given the right resources
    8. Some responsibility means full responsibility
    9. The past can not be changed
    10. I am the one to blame for all the ills of society
    • thumb
      Mar 20 2011: #10? Please elaborate - that seems harsh. I take it to mean that in order to CHANGE something in society you recognize as wrong it is your responsibility; which I agree with, but the wording adds a lot of pressure! Maybe I'm being too literal?
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        Mar 21 2011: It is harsh, but it is also the realization that everything we do affects someone / something else. It is a systems based approach where everything is connected. This is not simply the material things in life or our life choices but extends to our comments, our ideals, our views and how we live our own life.

        This realization is one of the cornerstones of a paradigm shift that our society needs to make if we are to change the ills of society (but unfortunately changing today's ills will likely just create tomorrow's ills)
      • thumb
        Mar 29 2011: As John says, it's harsh, but that does not make it any less true. If you take the first nine items to their logical extreme, then the 10th one follows.
        • Ben B

          • 0
          Mar 30 2011: I was very surprised to see a mindset so close to my own, but don't agree with 9:
          The following is an excerpt of what I wrote about 5 years ago
          1)All beings have free will, they have the ability to observe and to act on their environment.
          2)There is always a choice. And the choice is yours.
          Therefore you are responsible, responsible for yourself, responsible for your environment, responsible for those around you.
          But even responsible for what has been and for what has to come.
          3)Not responsible even though you weren't there, ... no, responsible BECAUSE you weren't there.
          Everything IS your fault, you did it, because you didn't prevent it.
          4)You are to blame for all the good things as well.
          5)Nobody is perfect, but you can come close to what you see yourself as perfection.
          If you can't reach near to such perfection; adjust your perception.
          We are all perfect, if not by ourselves, in our efforts towards others we are.
          6)Good is how you see it. - Don't be selfish. Be self-ish.
          7)Past and present are linked, if we can alter the present, we can alter the past.
          8)All is now. Nothing is. All evolves.
          1)Although noble to set other's interests before your own, all you serve is your own purpose.
          2)You shouldn't strive to become “better” than others. You should strive to become a better self. Being “better” than others wouldn't be selfish enough.
          3)Extremes meet, your self compasses his world. If you serve yourself, you serve this world.
          4)We don't fullfill a masterplan laid out for us.
          We are the masterplan, we are reality, and we change.
          We change trough ourselves, and we change trough others.
          5)Our lives have a purpose; we are the purpose, our lives are the purpose.
          6)Life encompasses death. Death fits in our purpose, it is part of our self.
          When we perish, we nolonger have purpose, but we still are, we are now.Even though now may change, and become a different now, a now we have no part in. Every second is eternal. There is no need for a beyond life.
    • Mar 21 2011: I like the some responsibility is full responsibility - especially in a world where many take NO responsibility.
    • thumb
      Mar 21 2011: DREW. that is quirte a profound list you have there. I've spent about ten minutes trying to decipher what exactly you mean, and yet i'm still completely in the dark. good post.
      • thumb
        Mar 29 2011: Andrew, thank you, though I did not wish to leave you in the dark. To the extent you are still in the dark, you can blame me (of course).
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    Mar 20 2011: 1. Good art
    2. Change is good
    3. Love is all you need
    4. Listen with all 5 senses
    5. Empathy+compassion=emotional intelligence
    6. Education is the key to change
    7. It takes a village
    8. Self-discipline is a moral necessity
    9. Nature is in charge
    10. Family is a double-edged sword
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    Mar 20 2011: 1.There are different "versions" of universes besides ours, and life forms which are even more intelligent than us do exist in their universes.
    2.Some of the richest people lead extremely lonely life and are longing for friendships.
    3.Economy is not a science.
    4.Practice makes perfect.
    5.Everyone wastes time on unnecessary things.
    6.Much more government funds need to be spent in education.
    7.People who think they have obvious advantages frequently lose their competitions.
    8.People with great wisdom and knowledge are modest and humble.
    9.No question is stupid.
    10.Teachers learn as much from their students as students do.
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    Mar 19 2011: What a fantastic thread.

    1. The love of my children will always give me hope.
    2. There is something and someone for everyone in the world we just need to be brave enough to look for it.
    2. It is better to be wrong and be successful than right at any cost.
    4. A good and appropriate education for all is the best way forward
    5. It is always better to help a stranger when you have the opportunity.
    6. Making someone feel inferior is never a productive thing.
    7. Accepting who you are for what you are is sometimes difficult but in the end it for the best.
    8. You can never say 'I love you' too much.
    9. Being bluntly honest is sometime only self serving.
    10. When I look up at the stars I always see my dreams.
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    Mar 19 2011: Here is my list
    1. I am glad to be alive.
    2.The laughter of babies is the most joyous sound in the world.
    3. I have much to learn.
    4. Listening teaches me more than talking ever did
    5.I need to listen more
    6. Age will not dictate what I can do (at least not yet).
    7. Everything really bad that has ever happened to me was not as bad as I thought it would be.
    8. Changes are often more of a blessing than a curse.
    7.The more I know about our species- the more I like people -warts and all
    8.Loving is better than hating and it feels a lot better too.
    9 Playing it safe can lead to a dull existence.
    10. Forgiving is a better way.
    • thumb
      May 9 2011: Changes are what you make of them. Most lead to opportunity presented. The experiences in our life tend to not seem as significant as time passes.
    • thumb
      May 12 2011: the second #8 seems right to me
      9 true but not playing it safe can lead to non existence :)
      10 supports my # 7
      • thumb
        May 12 2011: Hi Stephen, I am probably much older than you are and I am ready to play it a lot less safe after having been a very proper person until now (but I agree with you for my children's lives!)
        Cheers to you
  • Mar 19 2011: 1. When adults start getting on my nerves I need to spend some time with children.
    2. Everyone should share their life with a pet, their's is an unconditional love unlike any other.
    3. There are days when even the strongest person needs their mommy.
    4. When someone needs help, and you have the ability and wherewithall to help them, it is your responsibility to do so.
    5. We are all the same under our skins.
    6. Education is never wasted.
    7. Education comes in many forms and never ends if you remain open to it.
    8. Days may drag by but the years fly.
    9. Children always benefit from having caring adults involved in their lives...the more the better. Take the time to be involved.
    10. Your inner voice should speak to you the way you would speak to a good friend...unfortunately we are usually much harder on ourselves than we would ever be to a stranger.
  • Mar 19 2011: 1. I am honored to be related to Sarah Kay
    2. I first saw her preform at Thanksgiving dinner when she was very young (7 or so?)
    3. Don't ever let someone that you cannot do something
    4. Everyone loves lists.
    5. Everyone can make a list.
    6. If you have a dream, and you have drive, you can do things that you later look back upon and marvel.
    7. For every down, there is an up. you just have to go looking for it.
    8. Education = Freedom. One cannot exist without the other.
    9. Never loose sight of why.
    10. Making a list is not as easy as it seems.

    I also want to thank David Pogue of the NYTimes for showing me TED many years ago.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: Great topic Krys, and a solid list! My brain is out of gas at the end of a long week, so I don't yet have something to add. But I wanted to thank you for a great way to finish the week, for some good thoughts to chew on.

    One thing I know to be true: Trying to make someone else believe as you do is a waste of energy. Putting it out there (or better yet, spending more time listening!) then letting them come to their own conclusion, perhaps the identical, by their own path, is the way to go.
    • thumb
      Mar 19 2011: The last half of your comment is just too excellent not to commend. Very true man, very true. If what you believe is really worth its salt, then it should be able to be put out there and stand on its own two legs. This is good advice for any relationship, especially my own at this point >_
  • Jul 22 2011: Don't think too hard?/...okay...

    1. When life seems unfair I just remember that God has a plan for everything.
    2. Often times, I'd wish She'd fill me in, because sometimes I'm more lost than a blind air controller.
    3. I don't think I'll ever understand women, but I know I won't stop trying.
    4. Mothers are the strongest people in the world.
    5. Not often enough do people slow down.
    6. I know that I can't please everybody, but I can try.
    7. There is a chance that I will die, but that will not stop me from becoming a Marine.
    8. Children need beatings. It's the only way the circle of life can continue its proper rotation.
    9. Sometimes the best thing to do is to let go.
    10. Communication is key. In EVERY and ALL situations.
  • Jul 13 2011: OkAy decided to make a list ... As per suggestion do so before looking at others.

    Here it goes ....
    1. Words are a weapon and a tool. They can kill people's spirit or save it.
    2. Having the courage to change, changes everything.
    3. Greater possibilities exist than we can envision in our own minds.
    4. Coincidences are God's way of remaining anonymous.
    5. Relationships are mirrors to ourselves.
    6. One need not be born royal to become a princess.
    7. Stubbornness/persistence is a blessed curse.
    8. Everything has an opposite, living fast is finding the extremes, living well is finding the balance.
    9. Our physical state parallels our spiritual.
    10. Reality is  funnier an more unbelievable than fiction.
  • Jun 29 2011: Sarah's only rule was "don't think too hard". With that in mind, here's my list, which took about 5 minutes to jot down:

    1. I can never find a pen when I need one.
    2. The days are long, but the years are short. By the time we get to our end of this thing we agree to call "life", we won't believe how blink-of-an-eye short it was afterall.
    3. I am terrified of not being as good of a mother to my boys as they deserve.
    4. I just turned 40 ...and I have no idea what I want to be when I grow up. But I really want to make a difference in people's lives and be a positive inspiration.
    5. I am not as good of a person as I aspire to be.
    6. It feels so good to just sit and "BE". Most of us don't do it near as often as we should and need to, or even know how to be comfortable in the quiet and stillness of our minds & skin.
    7. I'm turning out to be a much better gardener than I ever thought possible.
    8. There are some truly amazing people in this world, and in my very own life...I would like to learn from them.
    9. My husband Chris is truly a gift in my life.
    10. For all their imperfections and downright exasperating qualities, my parents did the best they were capable of doing for me, and they truly love me as best they can. For that I am grateful.
  • C Klen

    • 0
    Jun 27 2011: 1. You do not find yourself, you invent yourself
    2. Good friends are priceless
    3. I do not know it all
    4. Luck is when you do something with opportunity.
    5. All children should be taught to work for what they want
    6. The US Government is spending too much money and needs to learn the meaning of "ROI"
    7. I am lucky to live in America
    8. We need to learn to listen, to hear what someone is saying, not to think about what we are going to say when they are done
    9. A glass of red wine accomplishes many things
    10. Everyone should contribute to society
  • thumb
    Jun 17 2011: 1. For every part of you that's scared, there's an equal part of you that's brave. (It's just there, waiting to be unveiled.)
    2. Poetry is about feelings.
    3. James Dean is a god.
    4. Not only writing is a skill, it can also be a 'need' for some people.
    5. It's hard to overcome the initial lack of care to know people you already have the impression to be so different from you but it's definitely not impossible to.
    6. Neruda wrote the sweetest lines.
    7. Pets are lovely.
    8. When in doubt, don't doubt.
    9. A hug works a lot like laughter.
    10. Everybody wants and needs love.
  • Jun 13 2011: 1) Most of my happiest times are when I am learning
    2) I am so scared I will never live up to my dreams
    3) Extreme optimisium and pessimisium is possible to exist in the same person
    4) I am a planner
    5) I don't achieve enough of these plans to make me content
    6) If the next couple of years don't go as planned I don't know what I will do
    7) The world needs more focus on what people can do than what they can't
    8) I feel like I'm waiting for my life to start
    9) Money isn't everything but it is important
    10) I have and will have to struggle in life because I am different - just a simple fact.
    • thumb
      Jun 13 2011: Sam what an open and vulnerable list! I love #6 and I want you to know a secret that everybody keeps- we all live #6! Anyone who thinks they don't ends up very surprised!
    • thumb
      Jun 15 2011: Hi Sam,

      I like your very reflective list. I feel some connection to you.

      About # 4, I have been thinking maybe we should rename the species "homo plannericus". Planning, and following plans, really is what sets us apart.

      About # 8, I remember saying that when I was about 40. I do not feel that way any more. (1) To busy raising kids which involves making big decisions (Clearly this is not just preparation any more). (2) Every once in a while now I get concrete reminders that this life won't last forever.

      About #6. I suggest that if that happens, be willing to reinvent yourself. There are infinite ways of living a meaningful life. I spent one of the more painful years of my life learning that lesson.

      About # 5. 99% of life is the climb. Less than 1% is spent on the summit. Enjoy the climb even if you never reach the summit. It is the climbing that makes you beautiful. We love you because you care. We love you because you try. Love those two aspects of yourself. That is my recipe for happiness. Making self love conditional upon success as an allstar is a recipe for unhappiness and it does not really make it more likely that you will become an allstar.

      About #10: I do not know what your difference is, but many of us know about living with some difference. It is what makes your mountain special. I sometimes imagine that if there is a heaven, we will share memories (more concretely than we do now). Your difference will be what will make your memories especially precious.
  • thumb
    Jun 3 2011: Cool way of phrasing this exercise, Krys. Not such I can follow such a complicated task in terms of someone else's list, but.....Whoop, Whoop! I’m so excited, I really should wait until this has settled down over a few days and folks have exhausted the TRUE answers, but isn’t this much more fun to list the 10 THINGS WE KNOW TO BE UNTRUE?!
    For example.
    1. Socialism
    2. Religion
    3. Hope (as opposed to Action)
    4. The World is flat
    5. It’s somebody else’s fault
    6. There’s no such thing as a bad idea
    7. Revenge is best served cold
    8. An ugly building is more acceptable than an ugly person
    9. Oysters make you want sex
    10. Driving drunk is a good idea
  • thumb
    May 16 2011: My list:
    1) The truth is the best source of happiness, and the worst at destroying lives.
    2) Trust is more difficult to obtain than love.
    3) Everyone should hear both sides of the story.
    4) No one should be denied the freedom to see beyond their front yard.
    5) Forgiving is the ultimate act of love.
    6) Not everything has to be justified.
    7) We all share a common goal.
    8) There is someone who just said the same thing you just said.
    9) No one has to over analyze love, just enjoy it.
    10) The reason this list took two hours to write was because I could not find my glasses.
    • thumb
      May 16 2011: Roni. I'm glad you found your glasses so that we could all benefit from your awesome list.
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: My list:
    1. every human being needs and should be valued
    2. love is the never-ending root source of humanity
    3. life is a gift, for each of us
    4. we are ultimately alone
    5. we can't do much about time passing, but we can befriend time
    6. not everything should be explained
    7. each of a us can be a change the world needs
    8. we do need others
    9. never stop learning
    10. we should be grateful more often
    • thumb
      May 15 2011: I'm grateful to have read such a pleasant world view! Thanks, Adriana B!
  • thumb
    May 15 2011: 1) "I think, therefore I am" is not as certain as it seems. Thinking takes time. Hence, the I that thinks can exiat only if there is enough time to complete a thought. But the existence of such time is only verified by memory and expectation. As with the other types of experience which Descartes realized could be doubted, the veracity of memory and expectation can be doubted, too.

    2) The only thing that experience alone proves is that an instantaneous experince exists. Since evey instant of experience is appearance to a cconsciousness, each instant of experience proves that for one instant, there is an instant of appearance and an instant of consciousness.

    3) Tosay that we "know" more, we must define "knowledge" so as to allow a second basis for knowledge beyond mere experience.

    4) Second basis: I am responsible, therefore I am. If I assume that I am merely insantaneous consciousness then I conclude that I am not responsible. If I am wrong I fail to satisfy my responsibility. Hence, the only responsible assumption is that I am responsible.

    5) All other "knowledge" is based upon experience and the assumption that I am responsible.

    6) Since I am responsible, (a) I exist not just instantaneously, but long enough to make a difference by choosing and engaging in good acions, (b) there is a true difference between good and bad, (c) at least sometimes, I have the capacity to distinguish good action from bad action, (d) at least sometimes, I am capable of using that evaluative capacity to correctly choose how I should act, and (e) at least sometimes, I have the capacity to carry out a correctly chosen action.

    7) Experience suggests that the Golden Rule is the ultimate rule of evaluation.

    8) Reason (including logic, and scientific method) is that set of thougth processes that is justified by the application of the golden rule to the infinite set of experiences of conscious beings who have cares and concerns,

    9) Thus, empathy is the true seed of wisdom.
    • thumb
      May 18 2011: Thanks for sharing your well thought out and expressed list with all of us!
      • thumb
        May 19 2011: Thanks for reading through it!

        It is fun to get the chance to share ideas that have taken decades to formulate.
    • May 20 2011: "I think therefor I am" sent Western thought down a blind alley of self. Reason is important, but not final for me. I prefer "I relate therefore I am." You have a nicely laid statement of what you know. Empathy will in fact take you a long way.
      • thumb
        May 20 2011: Hi Michael,Thank you for your kind encouragement!A couple of thoughts I had as I read your post:1) "I think, therefore I am" has been many "blind alleys of self" but maybe it also remains an uncompleted adventure. Is "know thy self" is still good advice? Is Descartes' discovery of the importance of consciousness unimportant? I tend to think of the self as a doorway. It is a door from something wonderful: spirit (consciousness with cares and concerns). It is a door to something wonderful: other spirits. The door is often closed if we do not learn to open it with empathy. But it is the doorway itself that suggests the possibility of openning the door. Discovering that it is fundamentaly a doorway is the truth that sets us free. And when we do open it, we find a hall of doorways which we can understand in relation to our own. As you said, "I relate, therefore I am."

        2) Reason is not final for you. I could take this two ways. Reason (the ideal of reason) is not final for you, or Reason as we experience it (something considerably less than the ideal) is not final for you. I can understand why the latter is not final for you. It is not final for me. But the ideal of reason, an ideal which we as yet see only dimly, I think we should define that ideal as the kind of thinking that is bound up with whatever it is that is final (The Good) which again, is something we only see dimly.Thanks again for reading and thinking about my post.
  • thumb
    May 12 2011: 1. I am; I’m not so sure about you :)
    2. When we use big words like god, consciousness, truth, freedom we are seldom talking about the same thing
    3. Evolution.
    4. We think we are a lot more special than we actually are.
    5. Life has no purpose. My life and your life might.
    6. Our differences are a very small part of who we are
    7. It is easier to get forgiveness than permission
    8. Dogs exhibit human traits like guilt, remorse and worry*
    9. People exhibit canine traits like loyalty, dignity and cheerfulness*
    10. There is a difference between judgment and discrimination
    11. I don’t really know

    * Robert Anton Wilson
  • May 11 2011: 1. Most of us have a natural inclination to connect with others.
    2. I somehow learn much better and faster when I humble my mind and position myself as a student.
    3. Respecting, appreciating, and valuing each other as potential ideal beings helps deepen my understanding of ourselves and purpose of life.
    4. The earth is mysteriously structured like the human body.
    5. Many of us require education to build mental tools to effectively deal with our daily problems.
    6. Love blended with commitment builds trust and bonding experiences.
    7. There are tons of more universal laws present but that we are not fully aware of or knowledgeable of YET.
    8. I'm not in any form of religion, but I'm still fascinated by how many of the major world events today were PREDICTED by religionists in past ages where those religions were developed from very different ideological roots.
    9. Mistakes are forgivable at first but not from the second time.
    10. Everybody talks and dreams of a peaceful world.
    • thumb
      May 12 2011: Seijo, I really enjoyed your list. As I have aged, though, I know that mistakes of others and our own often need to be forgiven multiple times.
  • May 11 2011: 1. I exist
    2. Nothing is certain, except #1

    That is all.

    Here is a list of things I believe to be true though.

    1. I love my friends and family.
    2. I'm extremely lucky to be alive!
    3. Basketball is my favorite sport.
    4. I love philosophy.
    5. I am not afraid to stand up for my beliefs.
    6. Empathy is underrated.
    7. Hope goes a long way.
    8. Patience is a virtue.
    9. I love my pet dog.
    10. TED RULES!!! =]
    • thumb
      May 11 2011: Hey Austin.
      I enjoyed reading your list especially #1 (I'm a mom and can't help it!)As another person who is not afraid to stand up for my beliefs I wonder if you find that you are becoming just a little slower at standing up and speaking. I find that the many good points and perspectives as demonstrated here at TED -make me do a new and stronger kind of listening, pausing and thinking before I stand up and then I often ask a question (or several) first.

      I am wondering what your experience of it is?
  • May 11 2011: 1. I love my mother.
    2. I am a very lucky person.
    3. We have the capacity for infinite growth and change.
    4. It is hard to take the ego out of things.
    5. Conviction that we can change things for the better is what most of us are fundamentally lacking.
    6. Dogs help us be better people.
    7. Being honest with yourself is the most important thing.
    8. Connection is the key to a meaningful life.
    9. What I do affects others.
    10. One person can make a huge difference.
    • thumb
      May 11 2011: Hi Brainne! Great list. What do you think it would take for average people to find the conviction that they can change things for the better?
  • thumb
    May 10 2011: I've seen this question for a while and now is the time . . . .
    1) I am going to die.
    2) Talent is remarkable.
    3) A mother's love is the key to existence.
    4) After that it is adaptability.
    5) Don't complain . . . it could be the best thing to have happened.
    6) Faith is not reasonable.
    7) Scientific discoveries are no less than wonderful miracles.
    8) There will always be war.
    9) Passion is the stuff of fulfillment.
    10) Good food is glorious.
    • thumb
      May 10 2011: Lynn! I love #2 and I think you are the only one that I have read so far to remark on it.
      I utterly hate 8 and I hope there comes a time without war.
  • May 7 2011: 1. god can be everything, or nothing
    2. love is the most powerful energy
    3.practice makes perfect
    4. nothing is impossible
    5. changing lanes in traffic guarantees a frusturating ride
    6. unconditional love is hard to come by
    7. in stillness, rests truth
    8. honesty is the cornerstone to any relationship
    9. obsession breeds self deception
    10. sex complicates everything.
    • thumb
      May 7 2011: "love is the most powerful energy'- simply beautiful
  • thumb
    May 6 2011: Great idea! Here´s mine:

    1. The body can be healed and nurtured through touch that carries the right intention
    2. Most people that have synesthesia live without noticing it and/or giving it a practical use
    3. Smiles open huge doors
    4. Low self-steem is the key to Pandora's box of egotistic nightmares
    5. Nature is trying to tell us something
    6. Common-Sense is the new Shangri-La trip no one wants to engage in
    7. Seems that most humans die early and they re-encarnate in adults
    8. While there is oil, there is greed. While there is greed, there is not true sustainability.
    9. TED videos should replace most TV programing
    10. Place yourself in the place of others, so you can judge accordingly
    • thumb
      May 6 2011: Hi Christian,
      We are discussing synethsias in another thread "What is it you think that the person who holds opposite views from yours is thinking/" (or something like that). I hope that you will join us and give us your insights into it so that we can understand it better!
    • May 6 2011: Christian I really like #'s 5 & 6. We have never come close to taming or even at times understanding "nature." Sometimes, we keep living as if it doesn't exist and our attempts to ignore it are actually real. We have to learn what it is saying to us. Common and sense seems to be our cultural oxymorons.
  • May 5 2011: I am. Uncertainty is the only certainty. Life, meaing, the universe is a mystery. Be skeptical of all those who profess to have 'the answer'. Humour is, or at least can be, good. Life, is, or at least can be good. Same can be said of people. Doubt is sincere, honest. If it feels good, it may or may not be good. Life is uncertain. Death is a mystery. So is life. Nothing cannot exist.
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: Many of your truths resonate with me Andrew. Many things are mysteries even when every one around us appears to be so certain.
  • May 5 2011: 1. Africa is not as bad as people think!
    2. Love has the power to change things.
    3. Ideas can change a nation! (Just ask the people of Lagos State in Nigeria)
    4. People are largely the same no matter where you go. We tend to want the same things and have similar needs
    5. I love my wife so much, it scares me
    6. Kids today are more tech savvy than those from previous decades
    7. Music from the 70s, 80s and 90s is a lot deeper than what we have today
    8. Women are from Mars and Men are from Jupiter!
    9. What is true today, may turn out to be false tomorrow. E.g. Pluto is no longer a Planet
    10. I cant seem to live without my blackberry
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: Akin! Your #5 just made my day!
    • May 6 2011: Hey Akin - as someone who lived in Lagos until I was 7 - I'd love to see more on #3!
      • May 6 2011: Me too. Considering that we just had what most refer to as the freest elections we have had as a country in recent times. Also The private sector seems poised for a resurgence.

        We hope for the best.
  • thumb
    May 5 2011: 1. We each inadvertently can control our success.
    2. Human rights are a universal law regardless of region in the world.
    3. Body language is universal amongst all cultures and languages.
    4. People are becoming increasingly/disgustingly lazier day by day.
    5. We control our emotions, so in a sense, we make ourselves feel however we are feeling at that present moment. I know it's a mental thing but people allow themselves to be swayed into anger or other unnerving emotions. I know it's possible to prevent this and to "self-correct" these emotions that get out of check.
    6. Most people are good people.
    7. Girls in even early High School grades look like they're at least 20 more-so than when I was in High School.
    8. The only certain thing in the course of your life is death.
    9. Nothing is free in life.
    10. The meaning of life is to find true, unadulterated, blissful happiness. Think back to when you were 6 years old, (or recount events). Right before you started getting mischievous
    • May 5 2011: Justin, I really like your #2. In a very real sense there are few truly cross-cultural truths. This one I believe may be one of them.
    • thumb
      May 9 2011: 1 and 5 seem to be saying the same thing
  • May 5 2011: 1. There is a higher subconcious that we are all connected to.
    2. Music let's me know there is something bigger than us "out there"
    3. Pain is neccessary to grow
    4. No one is truly happy
    5. Love is the most important thing we can experience as humans
    6. There are evil people/forces in this world
    7. We all have complete abundance in ourselves to be great.
    8. Not enough people understand they can be great.
    9. Thoughts are not truths and if that is the case, then whatever we think, we really don't know
    10. One day we will understand, life, the universe, the meaning of life, I think that day will come and those question will be answered when we die, by an incredible feeling that overcomes us, that will tell us that everything will be ok. But for now all we can do is keep moving forward.

    Life is beautiful, it is hard for me to see this everyday. When I take a step back and quiet my mind I am reminded of how blessed we are to be alive and how much of a gift it is to be awake and concsious.

    P.S. Everybody wants to make love!!
    • May 5 2011: many things you mention are terrific. I like #'s 2, 3, and 6 especially. Whenever I listen to Barber's "Adagio for Strings," I know you are right. For #3 it isn't just "no pain no gain", but growing is a complex happening. Pain I think is one of the things that happens. Hardly anyone has mentioned #6, which I find interesting. We can think that all people are basically good, but wow, there is a great deal of evil that we encounter. Rather than mystically wish it away, we need to face it! Evil and evil people do exist and live and effect our lives.
    • thumb
      May 9 2011: I agree with #1 and think that the multiverse is proof. #4 though there have been plenty of truly happy moments in my life, and I always have hoped that there are those with more moments then I. I think there are those who are truly happy.
  • May 4 2011: 1. crying makes one appear weak
    2.we are ultimately alone in this world
    3.everyone is a hypocrite
    4. you dont not like/hate the person, youre just jealous
    5.if you dont have your own opinion , you take someone elses and adopt it
    6. having someone who cares is nice
    7. you can never be good enough to please yourself
    8.if you say it, you thought it, therefore you meant it, you werent "kidding"
    9.someone elses opinion will always matter'd rather hear a lie then be devestated by the truth
    • thumb
      May 6 2011: Sofia- You are not as alone as it might seem right now.
  • May 4 2011: 1. the difference between faith and science is openness to being incorrect.
    2. one's mindset is a significant factor in the enjoyability of everything one does.
    3. revenge increases damage
    4. people judge
    5. sometimes things don't go as expected, regardless of certainty
    6. everyone has preferences
    7. it is the nature - the definition - of love to overcome all else
    8. (insert almost any elementary mathematical equation)
    9. it is human nature to want what you don't have
    10. some people lie
    • thumb
      May 7 2011: A major truth: revenge increases damage.
    • thumb
      May 9 2011: Great list! Especially 1,2,3, 8
  • May 4 2011: 1. We come here in peace but find the party has already started
    2. "I" find I am my own worst critic
    3. I know that I am and I know I don't end
    4. All Beings need other Beings (and farmers know plants as such)
    5. Music does more to me than pharmocology
    6. Humor, laughter, and our memory helps deliver us from great pain
    7. All people have equal spiritual "cred", some just get a bad "meat suit" to hold the soul
    8. Disability is a state that should be respected. Bad meat suits- good resilient special souls!
    9. All people have the spark, all people need the Earth to be healthy
    10. God rocks even from a scientific perspective
    • thumb
      May 5 2011: Therese! I could read so much into number 1. If you have a chance will you tell us more about that.please?
  • May 4 2011: 1. I am right here, right now.
    2. Love has the power to change the world.
    3. the Majority of us are blind to the beautiful wonders of the life.
    4. We are the same
    5. My truths will be different than your truths- and thats ok!
    6. I don't achieve my expectations consistently
    7. Every moment, I have the chance to improve myself.
    8. The sun rises in the morning.
    9. I will never stop learning
    10. awesome is everywhere.
    • May 4 2011: I particularly like #'s 3 and 10. I have to say though that #'s 5 and 7 just don't ring true to me. truths yes will be different, but Truth exists outside of my own understanding. And frankly improvement or being better, or even trying sometimes, leads to more frustration. We aren't getting better and better, we just change.
  • thumb
    May 4 2011: It is possible to have an honest OR pleasant relationship with someone you do not like.
    • May 4 2011: Chuck...a very good question. Easy answer would be that even a negative relationship is still a relationship. And the possibility of honesty and openess might exist. I agree with several people who have said liking or loving may be overated. But your question was honest or open and I fear frankly that not liking someone seriously makes those two difficult. However, difficult does not mean impossible, only difficult.
  • May 4 2011: 1. My ego exists
    2. I will die
    3. Life is short
    4. Nothing is permanent
    5. Our goal in life is to extract meaning from the world
    6. We will one day transcend our mortal shells and enter the digital realm
    7. With technology and science, anything is possible
    8. Our place in the universe will one day become clear to us
    9. The only truth is logic and rationality
    10. Construction of knowledge is power
    • thumb
      May 4 2011: I like your goal. It is about the best one I can come up with too,
  • thumb
    May 4 2011: 1. Challenge yourself when ever you can
    2. Everyone should try to make song, movie, book or play even if you think it will be stupid
    3. Never skimp on safety, you never know when an extra dollar will make a difference
    4. Ill always happily be wrong if it means ill never stop learning
    5. Health always hangs in the balance.
    6. Four wheels is safer than two
    7. Left over pizza is a meal for anytime of the day including breakfast!
    8. I can act as deep and meaningful as i want but it wont change who i really am
    9. I have an opinion but that doesn't mean you care
    10. Chocolate tastes good no matter what is wrong!
    • thumb
      May 4 2011: #6- Ben, nothing scared me more as a mom of teenagers than motorcycles! Love #4
      • thumb
        May 4 2011: My dad used to ride and he told me about how he rode and how he didn't know one person who rode who hadn't had an accident! As a 21 year old I would still love a bike but i know that if i got one i would still rather a car as my primary mode of transport... I know I can wrap my car around a telegraph pole and still have a chance of walking away.

        Ill happily fork out another $10,000 (#3) for an already overpriced new car for the chance that it will one day make sure that I get to see my loved ones again.

        As of the xmas season just passed I know the safety of seat belts and airbags... i wouldn't go without them!
  • May 3 2011: Everything is networked together in real live systems
    Us is infinitely more important than me
    Physical laws show no mercy, people can
    Life is not a machine
    Relationships move us
    There is something about the Universe that is not quite right
    Beauty exists whether or not I ever behold it
    Human choice is one of the most powerful engines in history
    The world we live in is not about making sense or making love, it is about us
    Things crash
    • thumb
      May 4 2011: Loved #2 and #7
      • May 4 2011: Thanks Debra. I am very certain about #2 in the sense that community is how we are made. When we lose that, we lose a lot. "We" have to have a place. #9 actually speaks to the same concept of community. It isn't our reason or our ability to love (even though that is incredible), but the world is about the people who are in it right now. I used the #7 (although I did not put numbers on purpose) in my artists statement for a show I will have up this month. Self is not the center or the real determination of what is beautiful. We need to get over the Enlightenment. Thanks for your comments.
        • thumb
          May 4 2011: Good luck with your show, Michael!
  • May 2 2011: 1. TED
    2. Debt
    3. Taxes
    4. All else doesn't exist.
  • May 2 2011: 1. I think therefore I am
    2. All men are created equal
    3. Pain is an undesirable effect among all sentient beings and is thusly a bad thing.
    4. There exists core concepts of bad and good, or "Good and Evil"
    5. Logic is simply the reorganization [or rationalization] of emotional response.
    6. Jesus Christ is my Savior. [ yes I say this is truth. but this following number 5...well..I hope you get the brainy humor there]
    7.People never change themselves, They can only change their priorities.
    8. Nature and Nurture combined make a man who he is.
    9. Ignorance of the Laws of Life, are no excuse from them.
    10. The Story is what makes Humans different from every other creature on the planet. stories give us the ability to have a legacy. That after we become the dust of the earth, those that traverse this planet would remember us forever.
  • May 2 2011: Not sure if I'll get to ten . . .

    1. I have always existed
    2. I will always exist
    3. We are all one
    4. No, I mean we really ARE all one
    5. Time does not exist
    6. Space does not exist
    7. Consciousness extrudes where it can
    8. No one is great
    9. I'm not male, middle-aged, European or even human
    10. Lfe's purpose is to experience authentically
  • thumb
    May 2 2011: 1) That I am still alive for a reason
    2) Perception is a large part of reality
    3) Parallel Universes
    4) Humans are not nearly as mentally advanced as we are capable of
    5) Manifest Destiny
    6) One Love (unity, individually we are all just pieces of us collectively)
    7) Time does not exist
    8) Evolution (even if there was a spark of creation)
    9) Water is amazing (ever think of how much a cloud weighs, just to float)
    10) Mind controls the brain

    (11. Dogs are better then cats)
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: YIIKES Thomas- Manifest destiny??? does that mean you think the US will take over Canada? If so we better get all our hockey nets lined up to keep you out! And watch out for flying hockey pucks we can have deadly aim with them. I
      also have to say that most neuroscientists woud say that the organic elements of the brain control the function of the mind (remember how clearly you thought with a high temperature? How clearly does someone with schizophrenia think?)
      • thumb
        May 9 2011: I think Canada is safe, for now. I meant more on a personal level, maybe I should have just put Manifestation. In the world of parallels, manifesting is merely gearing your consciousness to the realm of possibility that you seek to achieve.

        Furthermore I, with absolutely no credentials to do so, would say that most neuroscientists are wrong. The brain is a computer while the mind makes sense of the computations. I think with proper meditation or therapy it is entirely possible to change the meanings taken from different chemical signals.
    • thumb
      May 10 2011: 1 - do you know what that reason is?
      7 - really?
      8 & 10 - definitely true
  • May 2 2011: 1.   My truths have turn out to be a big illusion given some time.
    2.   I control pretty much nothing.
    3.   It is more pleasant to live where I am at this point, than in the past or the future.
    4.  Judging people makes my life miserable...looking 4 good makes it happy.
    5.   When tired if the day permits, I take a nap.
    6.  Never try to b.s. Myself I usually know better.
    7.   God exists in my reality; BTW his kinda fun.
    8.   Everyone that reads this list gets the information that he or she needs at this time.
    9.   Life is a trip, with no real planning.
    10. When I fall, I try to stand up as soon as life permits. 
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    E G

    • 0
    May 1 2011: I know only one thing as being true : God exist.
  • thumb
    May 1 2011: 1.That everything is relative is true.
    10 My nationality is "Armenian" and I'm proud.
  • thumb
    Apr 29 2011: 1. I can't say all I'd like to say in ten sentences, nor in a thousand.

    2. We can't know life as it really is, so let's just stick to the version that feels the most honest.

    3. I can't get to know every person, nor would it be of any help: local thinking is under-estimated.

    4. Loyalty and honesty are the only way to meaningful relationships.

    5. We haven't changed that much since we jumped from the tree: what makes us happy is a great couple to have kids with and a great group of friends and/or relatives to help us raise them.

    6. After #5 your deepest reason to live is fulfilled, it's all extra time.

    7.I am not that important, but I do feel the need to do the best I can in the area I can reach.

    8. Religion,'s all good for that extra time but until then, it's just a learning tool, a pleasent distraction or a job.

    9. Manipulating people isn't that hard...I'm not sure it's worth it though. It only gets you empty tromphys and lonely victories.

    10. The real challenge is to find the people to share and construct your world.
  • thumb
    Apr 14 2011: 1. The time will come when no humans will inhabit the Universe.
    2. The ruling paradigm will only be temporarily relevant.
    3. Surround yourself with people who think like you and you will never be wrong.
    4. My son understands more than what he let us believe.
    5. I love running, but thanks to my knees this love affair will end soon.
    6. If I could choose super powers, I'd prefer to have the ability to become an invisible and intangible ghost. And some immortality if there was room.
    7. Humanity has a short memory.
    8. My wife injects every meal with so much love I can taste it daily.
    9. Automatic check out is a cold and annoying way to save money by eliminating jobs.
    10. I am 33, and don't know what I'm doing.
    • thumb
      May 2 2011: #1 depends on what your definition of human is, if you mean there will be no homo sapiens then I agree, but if we will still be humans after we evolve then ?
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    Apr 9 2011: 1) The earth is not the center of the universe.
    2) The universe is governed by natural laws.
    3) I am a part of the universe. Therefore, I am also governed by natural laws.
    4) Washington is the only state named after a U.S. President.
    5) I am a pilot.
    6) I was born in Enid, Oklahoma, on November 19th, 1979, at 10:36 p.m.
    7) I am going to die. How or when, I do not know.
    8) My studio apartment in Everett is smaller than my 1-bed was in Wichita.
    9) Angel is a good cat.
    10) For lunch, I had Pho with steak and brisket. It was awesome.
  • Apr 7 2011: 10 things I know to be true...
    1. My family LOVES me, even the times I don't necessarily like myself.
    2. My brother IS in heaven, no matter what anyone argues... He didn't WANT to die that day, I saw the look in his eyes, he knew he made a mistake...
    3. There is a God, and he is holding us all SO close.
    4. I want nothing more than to be a wife and a mother, and I will be someday.
    5. Being a vegetarian does NOT mean i'm a BAD "Christian".
    6. I've looked for love in all the wrong places.
    7. There are bright things in my future, even if I haven't quite figured out what i'm doing.
    8. Cheese is a gift from God.
    9. Women are beautiful, they don't get enough respect.
    10. I need to learn to REALLY love myself, before I can accomplish my dreams.
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    Apr 6 2011: What I know to be True - by Scott Armstrong.

    Bigger is better than smaller,
    Smaller is better than big.
    Greener is better than knowing too much
    But not than not giving a fig.
  • thumb
    Apr 5 2011: Why does no one engage me in regard to my comment about "knowing" This might be interesting ?
  • Apr 4 2011: 1. Nothing is EVER lost, only forget
    2. Reincarnation
    3. Every one of you is an amazing person
    4. You can't help someone until you know how to love yourself
    5. Our hearts communicate with every other heart on the planet with every single beat
    6. Extraterrestrials are real
    7. Laughing is divine
    8. When you are stuck and don't know what to do help someone else
    9. anything is possible
    10. going beyond yourself (no matter how minuscule) is nothing short of a miracle
  • Apr 2 2011: 1. I believe in people. I have strong beliefs on how to change the world one soul at a time.
    2. Being a mom has made me feel a strong pull to changing the system we are in
    3. Being a nurse makes me feel like I can
    4. People always have their truth, and it is true to them so don't knock it- we are made of our experiences so give them something they have never experienced when they are cruel- be kind
    5. A mind stretched to a new idea will never go back to the original shape
    6. Feigning strength and confidence will give you just that
    7. All of a persons actions when done according to their truth make them a good person.
    8. Never shut a person up before they are able to appeal to you, you may make them listen to what you feel is your truth by knowing theirs first
    9. Do not try and force a belief on anyone, let them know you do not judge them and they will, one day not judge the very thing that may turn their life around, accepting their role in the universe
    10. I don't know many things but I know people. I know I like to listen to everyones stories and pass them along more than sharing my own. I am everyones story.

    11. I didn't really write according to the list rules but it made me say what I have in my mind so that counts right??
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    Apr 1 2011: 1. Our 5 senses block us from feeling "one"
    2. Everything "bad" has understandable and pure origins
    3. Life and God are verbs
    4. Truth= things happened, are happening and will happen
    5. The only evil is misunderstanding
    6. Drugs are amazingly useful in the right hands
    7. Physics cannot be another escape from irresponsibility (just because there is no definitive "real" doesn't mean there are no consequences for actions)
    8. We live in a shared dream.
    9. Everything wants to be connected
    10. Life is constantly trying to remind itself it exists.
    • Apr 2 2011: 1. Have you seen Jill Bolte-Taylor's 'stroke of insight talk' yeah that was my FIRST EVER ted talk :) what led me to here 700 talks posted later - - - it is so wild but it is so true-

      7. I don't know physics by any means, I know that for every action there is an equal and opposite RE-action [consequence right:)]

      8. ohh h inception ha [imagine all the people- living for today. . . living as one - you may say I'm a dreamer]

      10. this made me giggle a huh- never thought about it like that! right on
      • thumb
        Apr 2 2011: Yes, Mark and Autumn, number 10 on the list was a great reminder!
  • Apr 1 2011: These are off the top of my head, without glancing at any of the other previous entries...

    1) There are absolutes.
    2) Something cannot come from nothing.
    3) Technology has inproved the quality of life, but has simultaneously diminished the standards of life.
    4) Education is the answer to end poverty.
    5) If you do not practice what you preach, you have zero credibility.
    6) You must empathize with someone to fully understand them.
    7) Humanity has the capacity to do great things.
    8) The only constant is change.
    9) I will die, eventually.
    10) Just because one graduates from high school or college does not mean that the learning process is over.
  • Mar 31 2011: and many more...
    I am ok
    I am
    I prefer happy thoughts
    I want to feel passionate about something
    I like my job
    I am confused about a lot of things
    I adore cats
    Traveling makes me happy
    I used to write
    meditation is good for me
  • Mar 31 2011: I think that's great! I'll have a go too:

    1. My name is Tanja
    2. Happiness comes from within
    3. There is magic in transformations
    4. Every child needs loving parents
    5. We earthlings are all sharing one moon and nobody owns her/him
    6. Everything living is pulsating all the time
    7. We can make a change in this world
    8. Love is the answer - always
    9. The internet is powerful
    10. There is great sadness in this world
  • Mar 31 2011: 1. its better to feel pain than nothing at all
    2. my father was right
    3. perception is their reality
    4.Ignorance is not bliss
    5. love can conquer all
    6. my son will always be smarter than me
    7. life is hard
    8. it is better to ask for forgiveness than for permission
    9. most mistakes can be repeated
    10.risk is life
  • Mar 30 2011: “The way in which the world is imagined determines at any particular moment what men will do.”
    Walter Lippmann, Public Opinion, 1921
  • Mar 29 2011: 1. There is absolute truth.
    2. People have different beliefs on No.1, but there's only one truth when truth reveals.
    3. Life without a purpose is miserable.
    4. There's purpose for each one, some dosen't know.
    5. Love is not true love if it's conditional.
    6. We don't have true love.
    7. But we could receive love from above and give.
    8. We are imperfect and we need salvation.
    9. Jesus is the Way.
    10. God loves the world. God loves you.
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    Mar 29 2011: In my 19 short revolutions around the sun I KNOW that:

    1. When you die, you go back to the same place you were before you were born.
    2. We are all a result of our past experiences.
    3. "Good" and "Bad" are not intrinsically real things.
    4. We seek for meaning in what could be a meaningless universe.
    5. Music is an extension of human empathy.
    6. Religion is in the eye of the believer.
    7. We exist temporally, but the universe does not.
    8. I want to live in a world with nice people.
    9. Humans constantly seek for answers.
    10. Questions are better than answers.
    • Mar 29 2011: Each of the statements is either an acceptance or denial of the truth.
    • Mar 29 2011: What do you mean by number one? Before we were born, we were in our mother's wombs...
      • thumb
        Mar 30 2011: I don't mean our physical bodies.I'm referring to our consciousness, the energy that allows us to be aware.
    • May 2 2011: Your #5 is an interesting one. Also, Richard Feynman would agree with you on #10
  • Mar 28 2011: below are the rest of the nine i believe to be true
  • Mar 28 2011: maybe the gods, i know that they don't exist.
    • Mar 29 2011: How do you know? Personally, I don't believe that there's a God or gods but we never truly know. Even after we die we may not know. We are all truly agnostic, even if we don't acknowledge that fact. No one really knows if there's a God or gods or what there is.
  • thumb
    Mar 28 2011: 1- i think, therefore i exist.
    2- people lie
    3- politicians lie
    4- people aren't bad because they lie
    5- politicians are bad because they lie
    6- spirits do exist
    7- good things happen, but for whom?
    8- bad things happen, but for whom?
    9- what is terrible for me may be stupid for you.
    10- all the things you can imagine are relative, every other thing is related to these.
  • Mar 28 2011: Its a tricky question, i don't know what is "truth" only observations this Henry understands he can work with in the moment and in no particular order:

    1. Many humans are obssessed with their own existence and it manifests in many forms of behaviour
    2. God is the force that causes everything to happen
    3. The relationship to this force is the path to self realisation
    4. Projecting causes many types of human illnesses
    5. Intention is creation, expectation kills it
    6. humans are separating into those who work with the light and those that don't
    7. It is helpful to all of us that those who understand it help those who don't
    8. Humans need remarkably little to flourish
    9. The 0.5% of new leaders know who they are
    10. It will all become clear soon
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    Mar 28 2011: I'm not sure I know ten things, because the 'truth' is malleable. Most of today's truths are tomorrow's fictions. But of course, you know that, therefore your question. Universal truths.....hmmm. The sun will rise in the morrow, and blah. I wish I could be more inventive.
  • thumb
    Mar 28 2011: 1. My Son is my life
    2. We never die, all the matter that makes us up was here long before us, so the energy cycle will keep going
    3. How can you tell me what to call whats inside my box, when you don't even know what you call the stuff in yours?
    4. Everyone is self serving, even if they give their whole life
    5. Farts are funny, don't be such a prude!
    6. I(we) am(are) the freest slaves in the our life times, because we must have that thing.
    7. You're never right, unless you admit you're wrong
    8. Try it, you might like it
    9. Please, thank-you and you're welcome will open more doors than you could ever imagine
    10. Make your glass half full and the World will work itself out.
  • Mar 28 2011: The only thing that truly holds us back from our dreams is fear!!
  • Mar 28 2011: 1. Its not about being right it's about striving to get the right outcome
    2. People cant see your intentions - only your actions
    3. Belief is not fact
    4. As indivduals most people are interesting and reasonable; on mass people are stupid and annoying
    5. Most people use their mouth more than their ears
    6. Rules promote order but stifle creativity
    7. Accepting who you are - warts and all - is lifes biggest challenge
    8. Finding someone your truely love is is extremely difficult - expecting the same person to love you back is ridiculous
    9. You are not the sum of other peoples opinions... although they will try to convice you otherwise.
    10. Only stand-up comedians tell the truth.....
  • Mar 28 2011: My list:
    1. Death is certain.
    2. Global Warming is certain.
    3. Man is the most irresponsible mammal alive.
    4. World Peace is possible.
    • Mar 29 2011: This is so inspiring, Christine. Each and every one of these is so very true. Thank you for your words of wisdom.
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    Mar 28 2011: 1. The sun rises in the east and sets in the west
    2. There is something valuable to be learned from everyone
    3. In order to completely know someone, you need to see them drunk
    4. We all tell lies now and then
    5. Things are always changing
    6. The best teachers are the ones who live their lessons
    7. It's easy to take familiar things for granted
    8. Freedom is a state of mind
    9. We need to experience sorrow before we can really appreciate joy
    10. When you're tired, you really should get some sleep

    My list seems kind of...unsophisticated, but I just wrote down the things which popped into my head first.
    • thumb
      Mar 28 2011: How often we underestimate #10. Thanks for the reminder Aaron.
    • thumb
      Mar 28 2011: Aaron I loved number 2!
      As to #3- I guess I am unknown!
  • thumb
    Mar 28 2011: 1. One way to work through something that I’ve been procrastinating about is to take one, however small, least intimidating- step every day

    2. The trick is, to not allow anything to freeze you and keep you from doing what you need to – if you are afraid, do it fearfully, if you have very little time, do it hurriedly, if you are angry, do it angrily. Any of these is better than inaction

    3. The two responsibilities of being a parent are (a) to help your child to develop a conscience and (b) a high level of self esteem

    4.However different they might look to begin with, people eventually start resembling their parents. So a nice way to know how that twenty year old is going to age, is to look at their parent

    5. You don’t know what you don’t know

    6. The rate at which you make new friends reduces drastically with time, so it makes sense to hang on to them

    7. Family is your first (and for most parts, your only) support group

    8. When it comes to doing things for family – do what you feel like right away, don’t ask/discuss. All that can wait

    9. Time really flies. Faster than you think.

    10. When it comes to spending time with kids or family, quality time is quantity time
    • thumb
      Mar 28 2011: I like you're #2, it's really good advice
  • thumb
    Mar 28 2011: 1. Knowledge is important but imagination is more.
    2. Its hard to live by what you preach.
    3. Everything you do bad or good in life comes back to you
    4. Women should be understood they should be loved
    5. The love from a kid is the purest thing you can have in your life
    6. Family is always there for you
    7. There is no such thing as coincidence
    8. The only thing that nobody can take away from you is what you have in your head
    9. Time is the only thing we dont get back so spend it wisely
    10. Death
  • Mar 28 2011: 1. We will all die.
    2. Everything, absolutely everything, is impermanent.
    3. The best thing we can do before making a major decision is to sleep on it.
    4. Our first instincts are almost always right.
    5. We do not know nearly as much as we think we do.
    6. There is almost always some truth in every lie, and some lie in every truth.
    7. Life will always move on.
    8. The easiest way to live is simply and below our means.
    9. To give to and to help others is truly the most rewarding experience we can have.
    10. As we grow older, we grow wiser and realize how naive we were when we were younger. But we cannot be truly wise until we realize that that naivety is what made our lives so much simpler. And there is truth in the fact that ignorance can be bliss, but at the same time not.
    10. And just one more, as cliche as it sounds, laughter is the best medicine. True happiness comes from realizing that life doesn't have to be serious as we make it out to be. We're all going to die, so we might as well make good of what time we have, and have fun, and learn, and grow, and build relationships with others and with ourselves, and discover that the true meaning of life is to enjoy.
    • thumb
      Mar 28 2011: You are a very wise woman, Francesca.
    • Mar 29 2011: on No. 1, you mean the body will die right? by saying"die", you mean it will cease to exist or it's departed from the soul?
      • Mar 29 2011: I guess I mean the body will die. I don't know if we have souls or not; I guess I sort of believe in the idea of reincarnation but what I am saying is that I know that I, as I know myself to be, will die. My body will one day cease to be alive; whether or not my soul moves on to some other place or into another body as a reincarnation of myself, I do not know. What are your ideas and thoughts on this? It's interesting to hear other people's opinions.
  • Mar 28 2011: I know that there is no absolute truth, and that truth is relative, it's consensus.
    But I know in my bones that there is indeed truth: I know it even though it has not yet been spoken.
    I know that no words of wisdom can lead me.
    It is true that I will make mistakes.
    Yesterday I smelled a flower, and I smelled blue. I smelled a purple shoreline, and in my mind I thought "fusion."
    It is true that people hurt me, that the people I love hurt me, but we are all growing and we are all changing.
    It is true that we are all so close to each other on the word map- we are all neighbors within inches of each other.
    It is true that when we remove all our references to time- days, hours, minutes, seconds, years and decades and centuries- our lives will be one long moment in time, and I hold my breath whenever I remember that.
    It is true that in many places in the world at this very second, there are unspeakable atrocities committed, bodies and souls and minds and eyes raped, that would break me as well.
    It is true that as a human being and an animal I have the capacity to destroy and to hate and to kill as others have, and that I am no stranger to darkness, but does that make the ones who steal and kill, monsters?
    Can't this negative energy can be transformed into strength, passion, and bravery to protect one's own and others' integrity instead, that one can love and laugh again despite knowing that one might be hurt once more? Now that is alchemy.
    It is true that love has been used so many times that I don't know what it means anymore,
    that I have counted past my 10 truths now.
    It is true that most of the things we take to be true, are lies
    and that we are nonetheless hurt by these lies when we think them to be true.
    It is true that things are always quite clearer by the morning and that any sadness can be washed away in sleep,
    and that people's struggles cannot be quantified and measured relative to one another.
    Let's find truth together.
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    Mar 26 2011: Thank you Toni, it was a fun exercise. It would be wonderful to write these lists in a group of friends, shuffle and pass the papers around, then try to discern whom they belonged to! I imagine even close acquaintances might be surprised.
  • Mar 25 2011: 1. I am a mother
    2. There are people less privileged than me and there are people more privileged than me.
    3. Travelling makes me happy and so does chocolate
    4. I only hurt myself when I hate some one.
    5. The best way to avoid a bad situation is to walk away in the right time.
    6. Nothing lasts forever.
    7. Laughter is the best antidepressant
    8. My children will never be me.
    9. God is merciful.
    10. We shape our destinies.
  • Mar 24 2011: Ten Things I Know to be True:
    1. Even if you make enough money, if you are not passionate about it it will never be worth it
    2. Love is the biggest risk
    3. We don't grow up, we just learn how to act in public
    4. Everyone is a little bit shallow
    5. If you have all five senses, you should never complain
    6. There is a point in your life when you HAVE to be selfish
    7. Material things are only good for the moment
    8. I have a severe case of wanderlust
    9. I think the world's issues would be solved if we learned how listen to each other
    10. Communication is key
  • Mar 24 2011: 1) The time I've spent (the peak of my teenage life) in this school (British International School Shanghai) has probably been one of the most enjoyable / happiest time ever in my life.
    2) I know my grandfather has just been diagnosed with 4th stage pancreatic cancer which has already affected his liver but he may be too old for a surgery and ever since I knew this, I've been really sad.
    3) I want to be an astrophysicist when I grow up because I want to be there when new discoveries about the universe are made.
    4) I regretted not choosing higher level physics when I started my international baccalaureate program so now I'm only limited to the National University of my country (Singapore).
    5) I pity the people who are affected by the earthquake and tsunami that hit Japan.
    6) I'm just an ordinary teenager who believes strongly in this quote " Shoot for the Moon, Even if you miss, you'll land among the Stars" - I believe that the impossible is possible.
    7) The girls in my school are very beautiful but some sacrifices have to be made (yes it's hard) if I want to achieve my goals. (Of course I'm not going to remain single until I've achieved it, it's just IB is currently my whole life right now.)
    9) After reading this, you'd realised that I did not write the 8th thing I know to be true.
    10) A second ago, you looked up to see if the 9th thing I know to be true is true.

    Technically, I didn't write 10 things I know to be true so I'll finish it off.
    the last thing I know to be true) I'm not sure if this (writing 10 things I know to be true) is how I'm supposed to do it.
  • Mar 24 2011: it's cool!
    i like ur list NO.5
  • thumb
    Mar 24 2011: 1) Our world is shaped by our interactions within it.
    2) Societies that advance too quickly become morally underdeveloped just as fast.
    3) No one problem has only one solution.
    4) Listening to the views of others can help us better listen to ourselves.
    5) A lot of the people charged with making big decisions are the ones who have no understanding of their impact.
    6) Pastry may not be good for cholesterol but it sure is great for the soul.
    7) It is better to believe in something outrageous than to believe in nothing at all.
    8) The more time we spend searching for answers, the less likely we are to remember what the question was.
    9) There is an ever widening gap between being good and not being bad.
    10) The only way to truly learn, understand and know something is to do it yourself.
    • Mar 24 2011: 8) The more time we spend searching for answers, the less likely we are to remember what the question was.

      I don't even know what the question is now...
  • Mar 23 2011: 1) i am reading all these comments right now because i dont want to read a english book and write 2 page response paper which is due tomorrow morning.
    2) sometimes i think i am the most unhappiest person in the world.
    3) i am hungry but i dont want to go to the kitchen and make something to eat.
    4) if there is a medication that can substitute all the benefits of exercise, it will be supehit.
    5) brain is the most complex and the most vital organ in our body, yet we know just a little about it compared to other organs.
    6) the main purpose of life is happiness
    7) we want things that we dont have. its not a bad thing but sometimes we miss the value of what we have.
    8) it breaks my heart to see someone who is unhappy.
    9) it was really interesting to know that we dont see things live with our eye. it takes time for the light to pass through our eye into retina and to the visual cortex in the brain for us to see it.
    10) if you love yourself, u dont need someone else to love u and make u happy.
  • Mar 23 2011: 1. Sarah Kay's performance just changed my life.
    2. The sky is blue and the grass is green; but only if we're looking at them from underneath the same light.
    3. I love poetry.
    4. Words can build a person up, but they can break them down just the same.
    5. When God closes a door, he opens another one that's even better.
    6. Everything happens for a reason.
    7. Instead of waiting for your -big- life-changing moment, you should go out and make things happen.
    8. Lakers are going into triple overtime as I type this.
    9. Love is the most powerful magic in the world.
    10. Time can heal anything.
  • thumb
    Mar 23 2011: 10 things I know to be true:

    1.- Having a couple hours of sleep everyday for an entire month feels great when you get to save someone's life
    2.- A child smile will always make me smile back
    3.- The best meal is the one you share with someone you really care about
    4.- After a raining day, and a star appears at night, rain will stop
    5.- No matter how well prepared I am, I always shake when rushing to a car accident
    6.- Japan is teaching the world some lessons
    7.- Travelling should be a law
    8.- To be a HERO, is simple: Help somebody even if you don't know him/her
    9.- The Ocean is the most peaceful, soft, yet strongest thing in the world
    10.- I don't know anything for certain
  • Mar 23 2011: 1. We all are creative.
    2. we can change the world
    3. Travelling is the best way to expand our viewpoints
    4. Every countury is getting close at the moment
    5. Many barriers could be removed shortly such as poverty and etc
    6. The huge disaster in Japan remind us of that human beings are small parts of the mother nature
    ( Pray for Japan)
    7. In the future , social networks , interraction among people aroung the world , will be precious
    8. we have a craving about learning
    9. There is no the only ture regarding every shpere
    10. We should help to each other
  • Mar 23 2011: Ten things I know to be true

    1) truth is often stranger than fiction
    2) there is nothing stronger than the human spirit
    3) the easiest way to lose something is to want it too much
    4) imagination is more important than knowledge
    5) i am the master of my fate
    6) i am the captain of my soul
    7) i measure my life with cups of coffee
    8) we allow our lives to be run by two hands (of the clock)
    9) Rudyard Kipling's IF
    10) human beings have super powers - only a few know how to use them
  • Mar 23 2011: Ten things I know to be true
    1) I am myself and no one can tell me otherwise
    2) I like pie
    3) There is always another perspective
    4) Not everything is possible for everyone but anything is possible
    5) I believe in Fairies
    6) The Prairie is flat,
    7) I can hardly spell
    8) I ignore my own mortality
    9) I love my family and friends dearly
    10) I am loved
  • Mar 23 2011: 1 life goes on
    2 sunsets take my breath away
    3 what is, already is
    4 love will change the world
    5 money is stupid
    6 trees are the symbol of wisdom
    7 i love life
    8 the wirless internet is one of the most useful inventions ever!
    9 life never will be fair
    10 widom will always be one step ahead of science
  • Mar 23 2011: Well, ... these prove to be reoccurring factors of my experience. Though I really could know nothing or everything.

    1. morality is a question of time
    2. public opinions really are private laziness
    3. In every venture the bold man comes out best
    4. men rarely love beauty, they preserve it, blot it out, forget it
    5. it is boredom that ages us
    6. life without curiosity is death
    7. hate and love are reciprocal passions
    8. to concentrate on heaven is to create hell
    9. everything is connected
    10. As people grow older and more experienced they over-rate the accuracy of their judgement
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    Mar 22 2011: Your list, my thoughts:

    1) I don't believe this is the most exciting time. There have been many such times throughout history and for all they knew, it was as exciting as it is now.
    2)Inertia? I'd call it laziness and yes, too often.
    3) Everyone should explore, not everyone can afford to travel.
    4) TRUE
    5) Well, not 'whenever' but 'sometimes' so this is FALSE
    6) As long as one is able to avoid those attributes that are bothersome, I suppose this would be true.
    8)Let's hope we can maintain our economy so that we can afford the luxuries of science and technological advancements.
    9) One? Just one? FALSE in that this is demeaning.
    10) Nor is mine : )

    Thank you for your insightful list - it was fun to think about.
  • Mar 22 2011: If we understand truth as that which is complete and final than there is no truth to say of at the material level. However here are some observations:
    1) The material universe is infinite for us to comprehend
    2) There is an order in this universe or (universes) else we can't derive the constants
    3) Every action has a reaction
    4) Just as there is life in us so is there life in all living beings
    5) Blood is always red and true for all beings
    6) Everything is always changing from momemnt to moment at the atomic level
    7) Something of us always lives for ever at the atomic level
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    Mar 22 2011: Ten things I know to be true:

    1. Rhomboids are the key to my posture, as is wearing a simple bangle, whose jangling on my wrist reminds me not to slump.
    2. I was born in a hospital in Honolulu that was later torn down because it had lead in the pain and asbestos in the walls.
    3. Forgiveness is the hardest and most rewarding lesson to learn.
    4. Good deeds are the best prayer. (It's a Serbian proverb, but one whose truth still stands for me today.
    5. The power in written words is incalculable.
    6. The inside of a spoon is sweetest.
    7. I'll never say no to a strawberry.
    8. It may be autonomic, but you should never forget to breathe.
    9. Dancing has saved my life.
    10. What I'm discovering in the gap between the person I was and the person I want to be will last me a lifetime.
  • Mar 22 2011: My truth..
    1. Truth really makes us free, Freud was right
    2. Supreme happiness is in being with the person you want to be with, and doing the kind of work you want to do
    3. Rationality is relative
    4. A bowl of hot porridge can make you feel warm, secure and happy
    5. At times, life really gives you what you ask for
    6. Sometimes a cup of hot tea is all it takes to lift the mood
    7. We need other people
    8. Unrequited love can make you more empathetic
    9. Life is about experiences: of all sorts, shapes and tones
    10. Political discourse is selfish
  • Mar 22 2011: 1 - It's all relative.
    2 - "Cause and Effect" is bunk. All are causes and all are effects.
    3 - There is no little person living inside my brain driving me around. I just am.
    4 - "I'm not that kind of person" is bunk. We are what we do. And we are free to do what we like. While it is comforting to think that our actions are constrained, they are not.
    5 - We are all heroes. And thugs.
    6 - In the big picture we are all - each one of us and all of humanity throughout every instant of our history - utterly insignificant.
    7 - In the small picture we are all that significance is.
    8 - Walking simultaneously calms, inspires, excites, and restores me.
    9 - Some sounds resonate within me to an extent I cannot encompass. Some of these sounds have been words. Some have been spoken only in my head.
    10 - Eating together, laughing together, holding each other . . . these things I associate with a wonderful warm joy that I find in wild places alone looking over a great vista and taking deep breaths of raw and pungent air. Such disparate environments producing the same joy . . . I am filled with wonder.
  • thumb
    Mar 22 2011: Money don't make us happy
    Perception is more powerful then fact
    Life challenges make us stronger
    Volunteering can make a difference
    Every true in this life has an opposite side
    We all are connected, we want it or not
    Self reflection is useful for development
    Kids are our biggest happiness
    Change starts from each of us
  • Mar 22 2011: 1.) Prince's musical legacy is granitic.

    2.) Last night I was the chief architect of a monumental labyrinthine castle construction project. In my dreams I design structures in a Neuschwanstein Santorini style amalgamation.

    3.) Music is the culmination of sound and silence into culturally derived forms that are aesthetic and utilitarian in nature.

    4.) As evidenced by the following quote, Mozart believed that the definition of music include an element of charm: "Music, even in situations of the greatest horror, should never be painful to the ear but should flatter and charm it, and thereby always remain music".

    5.) I seem to be wholly incapable of escaping the gravity of certain events in my past

    6.) According to Google Earth, right now, i'm approximately 6259.16 miles (as the crow flies) from where I was born.

    7.) Given that an average sized mole is approximately 6 inches long, a mole (6.02214078(18)×10^23) of moles lined snout to tail would stretch from the sun to the outer edge of the Kuiper belt and back 100,389,959,434.907 times!

    8.) 피자 하고 소맥 좋아합니다! 진짜!

    9.) Billy Corgan was 26 when Siamese Dream was released.

    10.) I was a vegetarian for 4.5 years, but a trip to Paris changed that. However, I would've lived off Michelle's ratatouille if I had the chance!
  • Mar 21 2011: 10 things I hold to be true
    1.Change and death are the only constants in life
    2.Never be childish, instead try to be childlike, you'll find out beautiful surprises.
    3.Logic isn't the way to learn.
    4.A smile is always better than a frown. Not only sentimentally but also biologically (google it).
    5.If you look people in the eye when you're talking to them, they will trust in what you say.
    6.Influence is underestimated, every step you take will affect those around you, and perhaps those who are not; remember, there are six degrees of separation.
    7.Defend other opinions as you'd defend yours, even if you disagree. Different voices are what make us drive forward.
    8.Say what you need to say, even if you don't know how to.
    9.Time is linear but also influential. Don't let what you did keep you from doing, but keep in mind: it will surely affect it.
    10.All of the things between one and ten, someday, will change.
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    Krys C

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    Mar 21 2011: Wow, I'm thrilled so many people have already decided to add their own lists to this thread! I've read through a few of them in a bit of spare time I've had this week. . .wish I had more.
    I'll look forward to checking out the rest once I'm back from traveling next month; and also look forward to a few conversations stemming from them ^_^

    Definitely seeing the trends Kay mentioned. . .but also seeing another one. I've noticed, from the ones I have seen, most lists seem to have one larger driving factor behind them, a link that can be seen through many of the items on their list. One person's list will seem to stem greatly from a physical illness they have overcome, another will be largely based around her experience of being a mother. One will be driven by science, another faith. Idealism. Optimism. Cynicism. Logic.
    I don't believe I've seen a list yet that is a complete mixed bag (or even one in which the link is hard to pick out). . .with no one thing coming out really strongly. I'm wondering if these are the things that most drive these people. . .or just the first thing that comes to their mind.

    Curiousior still is I'm sure I'm not exempt from this 'rule'. . .though I don't really see the pattern in my OWN post. I'm wondering if other people do?

    Will forward to checking back here next month! Cheers, - Krys
    • Mar 22 2011: I agree with your finding about the larger driving factor. Though I think it stems from a rather short train of thoughts, as if some sort of philosophical momentum had been initiated and required closure within a certain timeframe.

      It would be interesting to see if there was some variance on a list started, say, a year ago and a truth added once a month or on the spur of the moment rather than trying to impersonate Confucius in 10 minutes on a blog.

      We can also see recurring universal themes standing out from the bunch. Life, love, happiness. Even in yours ;-)
    • thumb
      Mar 22 2011: I think we love making lists!
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    Mar 21 2011: We cannot jump up due to earth's gravity.
    We can walk easily in the hard surface due to Newton's 3rd law of motion.
    Nights are dark then days.
    We can see only one Sun from Earth.
    Physics is based upon Mathamatics.
    Peace does not mean to have zero voilence.
    Everything use to have uncertanity.
    Warrior can handle the sword nicely then the student.
    IF you are moving with the mass of 100 kg at the speed of 0 km per hour then No force is applied by you.
    IF anybody replyies me that above mention things are wrong then he is more then genious.
  • Mar 21 2011: 1. Love will make anyone go crazy
    2. Logic is no always the best way to approach something
    3. People want freedom
    4. Humans are animals
    5. 2 + 2 might not be 4
    6. Everyone wants some sort of satisfaction
    7. Ignorance is enslavement
    8. You will be dissapointed
    9. Hope is necessary
    10.Ironically, after i stated my 10 things i know to be true........ Nothing is ever actually "true"
  • Mar 21 2011: 1. we are the same and the different at the same time
    2. we will not die
    3. we don't know exactly what love is, but we feel it
    4. we control the future with our actions and thoughts
    5. life is good but you have to be smart with it
    6. we are not alone
    7. God is not a single person, but each of us
    8. money is 90% of our success
    9. but money is not everything
    10. truth is relative
  • Mar 21 2011: 1. True Unconditional Love is everything.
    2. Happiness begins with yourself.
    3. Without Honesty, there can be no real good in this world.
    4. Wisdom and Righteousness is what we should all strive all for.
    5. God loves everyone and everything. He is always there, within reach.
    6. The 'Truth Alone Triumphs'
    7. Death is inevitable but it's not the end.
    8. The mind knows fear, the heart knows none.
    9. Time is very little, priceless and makes the world go round.
    10. Things eventually change....
  • Mar 21 2011: It is an interesting concept. There was an NPR series that was similar - not 10 things, but something that I believe and hold as true. It was a really fascinating series.

    Ten things I know are true:
    1. Mothering is the best, worst, hardest, most fulfilling, most frustrating, most natural thing I've ever done
    2. Technology can either build barriers or bridges between us
    3. God doesn't give me more on my plate than he gives me the grace to handle
    4. There is a reason I am here
    5. Children come with an inherent nature and we can either nurture it or destroy it
    6. There is a lesson in every experience, situation, circumstance, moment
    7. Switching from my blackberry was the best technology step I've taken
    8. There is good, however, small in everyone
    9. Finances are confusing
    10. The more I learn and know, the more I learn about how little I know and how much more I need to learn

    So that's my list.
    • thumb
      Mar 21 2011: This is the first time I heard a mother said something less than "the best" after the "best thing I've ever done". I appreciate the honesty that made mothering sound more real.
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    Mar 21 2011: Sarah was right.

    There are things in these lists here that I find totally true, some that I cannot agree with at all, a few that I had not considered before and some... well i don't care about them :D

    But all this reminds me of one thing

    "We don't see the world as it is, we see it as we are"
  • Mar 21 2011: The things i know to be true, some are selfish and personal, whilst others tackle a broader spectrum.

    - i love my family
    - I love music
    - I have a long way to go
    - I've hurt people that i care for
    - i want to see more of the world
    - death is inevitable, but it's not a bad thing
    - cherish the little things, they are just as important as the big ones
    - everyone wants to be happy
    - life can be amazing
    - time is a great healer
  • Dan F

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    Mar 21 2011: Here is my list:

    1. Good health is often a consequence of good fortune.
    2. One's religious beliefs are mostly a matter of traditional ties and geography.
    3. Individual existence as we know it on earth is temporal.
    4. Sharing our ideas, etc., and friendships are vital for good mental health.
    5. The number of living humans on earth breaks a new record every day.
    6. Our individual life fates are usually adventure-less and predicable.
    7. Time is relentless in dictating and limiting our lifeline choices.
    8. Freedom and knowledge are the great liberators of the human spirit.
    9. Spaceship earth has finite resources and carrying capacity limits.
    10. The status quo is the least dynamic aspect of our cultural evolution.
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    Mar 21 2011: 1. Everything changes.
    2. Everything is relative.
    3. Everything is in the mind.
    4. Life is beautiful but not easy.
    5. Life is not fair.
    6. Life is precious.
    7. Sincerity is the way of Heaven.
    8. Love is everything.
    9. Hope is necessary in every condition.
    10. We are not alone.
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    Mar 21 2011: 1. What is true to me, and what I believe in, is not necessarily true to you. (and that includes the 2+2=4 or 5 or 12 discussion)

    2. I rely on the planet Earth for survival.

    3. Our world needs differences, and needs to accept that differences exist and be able to tolerate differences.

    4. What we know today is only a fraction of what we will know in the future.

    5. What happened in the past does not change, but the story surrounding it does.

    6. I love my life and am comfortable with who I am.

    7. Any individual or group that claims to be right has an opposing force that claims it to be wrong (corollary to 1 and 3).

    8. Power, privelege and wealth are illusions of greatness and success.

    9. What others tell me I must do, is not so from my perspective.

    10. Humans will never solve every crisis and every ill of society for our species has an inate quality (desire?) to create / fabricate new ones.
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    jag .

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    Mar 20 2011: 1.I dont know
    1.I do know
    1 I'm spontaneous
    1. I'm loving
    1. zelda
    1. TED will change the world
    1. curiosity is so fun
    1. I'm so grateful for the moments of satori
    1. The buddha make me laugh
    10.Nothing can ever be finished, supposedly time isnt true as all we have is the now, intellectually i get it, not yet emotionally..
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      Mar 21 2011: I love the first two, Jag, Put them together and you have the most basic truth in the universe.....................................
  • Mar 20 2011: Right in the money that list, specially your number one, people just seems to forget how generation after generation a group of people just love to be worried about everything except what is most important, that is to enjoy life.

    I would only add to my list the last commandment from George Carlin: "Thou shalt keep thy religion to thyself".
  • Mar 20 2011: - In no particular order...

    Dogs really are man's best friend

    We have abused the planet with arrogance and contempt; and she is about to give us a humility lesson

    Olympic games are a big pharmacology contest

    Nothing is sacred in today's world

    We don't see ourselves the way others see us

    Mastering the atom (or at least thinking that we do) is the most dangerous thing science has brought us.

    Engineering genes is more dangerous for all living things than working the atom.

    The only constant is change

    Knowledge of more than one language is true wealth

    Nothing is totally secure in digital form
    • thumb
      Mar 21 2011: Why is mastering the atom the most dangerous thing? Do you specifically mean that in relation to atomic bombs?

      Also why is engineering genes so incredibly dangerous?
      • Mar 22 2011: The atom is the basic building block of the universe. Judging by the way humans have exploited other forms of energy - coal, oil etc.- I think it is inevitable that we turn eventually to this gigantic energy potential once we run out of the other finite resources. With dire consequences, of equally gigantic proportions. History tends to repeat itself and I hold very little confidence in mankind to suddenly wise up and get over its insatiable thirst for power over its fellow man.

        Genes are also building blocks for living things. Judging by the way humans have abused pharmacology so far, I think it is also inevitable that greed and an insatiable appetite for eternal youth and perfect health or even only for an extended life expectancy will lead to very sad tomorrows.

        The problem with bulding blocks is the radical and extreme nature of the changes they can induce. We can remove the human madness or evilness factor from the equations if you like, the accidental or unforeseen consequences alone are enough to make me, well, pessimistic about our civilisation's fate.

        Man's propensity to play God — that is: to believe that he is somehow superior to the rest of the creation and that he can shape, enslave, transform anything and everything around him for its profit or its entertainment — has reached a scope so far and wide that he has damaged the very system that supports life and continues to do so even after it has been proven suicidal.

        This is not a Star-Trek episode. This will end badly. When condensed in a few paragraph, it does indeed sound apocalyptic and with good reason. I don't go around preaching the End Of The World Is Near and I tend to enjoy life, nature and the people dear to me. Maybe that is why it saddens me so much to know these two truths to be very real.
        • Mar 23 2011: but what about in a situation where man is already playing God , its too late we've alreay gotten there and man drank the god potion. now what? now its more important to discuss the ethical considerations of this new power that we already have (this isnt a potential thing, this is already happening) rather than go into talks and talks about man not needing to have this much power. ok we get it, man having this much power = young frankenstein, but lets figure out what to do with the people that, in fact, DO have the power! right? i mean TED is basically the only place where these scientists are approached in this democratic setting anyway!
      • Mar 23 2011: speaking of genetic engineering

        the biggest problem with genetic engineering is that genes are not circuits, genes work as a whole system and cannot be reduced to "gene 23 causes depression" sense. just like the brain isn't just synapses, its mostly white matter, the second we manipulate things prior to understanding of nature's original teloscopic reason (although i realize nature is reasonless still there was a functional purpose, right?) to the coding (the genes) then we can manipulate it.

        genes are nothing more than the "do this" part of our cell, when we start to change that we get great things, we get things as artificial as hydroponic pot or dogs but also things like 6 fingers and cancer.
        • Mar 27 2011: My point, as I elaborated in my reply to Josh, is that man has and will continue to abuse the power that tools and knowledge confers him. The more powerful the tools, the bigger the potential damage as well as the potential gain. Are genes a powerful tool ? I think you already answered that.
  • Mar 20 2011: 1. I have a pain in my stomach.
    2. It makes me realize how great it was when i didn't have this pain in my stomach.
    3. A moment is only great once it has become a memory; so living in the moment is not just rare, it's kind of impossible.
    4. (Good) food makes me happy.
    5. (Good) sleep makes me happy.
    6. Too much food and/or sleep makes me nauseous and weak (and fat).
    7. I'd like to believe that I'm less selfish or self-involved than I actually am.
    8. Songs, movies, books used to be much better.
    9. I would like to meet someone great - but feel like I am yet the person I wish to be when I meet him.
    10. I need to start my paper instead of writing lists.
  • Mar 20 2011: 1. I am very cold when temperature drops to -10.
    2. When the temperature drops to -25 it's better to stay home.
    3. I will grow old.
    4. To not know what to do in life is scary.
    5. Everyone needs friends.
    6. Noone else knows what you think or are thinking about.
    7.You can "have" or "be with" someone not being in the relationship with that person.
    8. All women want to feel beautiful in someone's eyes.
    9. There are times when you don't understand yourself.
    10. Everyone wants to be happy.
  • Mar 20 2011: 10 THINGS I KNOW ARE TRUE

    1. empathy and understanding is powerful
    2. I often direct my actions to please other people
    3. What makes one individual truly happy, may make another individual truly unhappy. We do not all have the same needs and desires.
    4. Self discovery is an amazing life long journey and will lead ourselves in the right direction.
    5. Karma.
    6. Change is possible with the right attitude.
    7. Love is magical and does not need to be spoken to be felt.
    8. I love my family
    9. We have one chance at this life
    10. This is a fantastic idea.
  • thumb
    Mar 20 2011: 1. When you think, "This is a bad idea", even if it is a fleeting thought - it is true.
    2. Your personal experience changes others. (Whether it is witnessed, spoken, or passed on through interaction)
    3. All things are connected, and at some level, we all know it.
    4. This list will change.
    5. Beer is good. Alcoholism is not.
    6. Hate is really fear.
    7. The news/media can never tell the whole story.
    8. The people you surround yourself with have more of an effect than you may realize, admit or want.
    9. Change is inevitable and good.
    10. Self-pity, or any other obsession, begins as a crutch, and ends up a poison.

    I'd like to add that this is a wonderful idea! I'm so glad there are so many places to exchange ideas!!
  • T W

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    Mar 20 2011: 1. My conciousness exists (either alone or as a child of a larger conciousness - I don't know which is the case but presently, I assume alone)
    2. I am currently biased towards myself.
    3. I am currently biased towards fairness.
    4. Points 2 and 3 come into conflict sometimes.

    5-10 (none)
  • Mar 20 2011: 1. God
    2. Day of resurrection
    3. I listen to the thinker inside my head!
    4. Love doesn't equal to sex
    5. "Happiness is the way".
    6. I am transforming
    7. Sky is the limit for human potentials
    8. Communication can save many failed marriages
    9. Being yourself is the key to freedom
    10. Only free ones can transform their life's.
  • thumb
    Mar 20 2011: My list:
    1. This is utterly pluralistic world we have never had which has both sides of spectrums.
    2. Most people feel better when they live together with good amount of natured people around compared to live alone with good amount of physical treasure.
    3. Sun rises.
    4. No one can force you how to think/love/feel unless you let it
    5. Mountains are mountains; oceans are oceans; and human beings are human beings.
    6. Human beings are mortal.
    7. How one thinks determines who s/he is.
    8. That learning and understandings are worthwhile when one acts on based on them.
    9. Human beings have much more capacity than we think we do.
    10. Our global community is getting closer, larger, and flatter.
  • Mar 20 2011: Well, I think that all of those truths are valid, and another thing that I think to be true, is that when you love someone, rational judgement is impossible.
  • thumb
    Mar 20 2011: There are no truthful truths only useful ones.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: I love my kids.
    Everything else seems built on some form of sand and the older/wiser I get the less absolutes I believe.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1. Anything said about the truth will be more limited than truth itself.
    2. The only thing I know about truth is that I don´t know what it is.
    3. A concept like truth is very intriguing and can be used to exercise your brain.
    4. Lies are known as the opposite to truth.
    5. Which means I do not really know exactly what lies are either.
    6. In real life true and false are very useful concepts.
    7. I am running out of things I know are true.
    8. But that will not stop me from trying to make a list with 10 items.
    9. I am very serious AND I take it very lightly when I make this list.
    10. I am grateful to the one who asked this question so I could write this list.

    ...and have tears in my eyes now, when I have watched and listened to Sarah´s talk, after I made the list.....
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1. I have the biggest wish to change the world.
    2. My desire to change the world scares me, and the fact that I can be successful in it, scares me even more.
    3. Today I realized how many things do interest me.
    4. I believe that we are all connected.
    5. Health is not everything, but without health, everything is nothing.
    6. I seek to inspire, and I seek an inspiration.
    7. I inspired someone to become a TED Translator.
    8. I’ll take a serious part in learning revolution.
    9. My truth facts are some kind of my life list.
    10. Green School is something I wish to experience.
  • Mar 19 2011: What are 10 things YOU know to be true?
    1. People are inherently giving and helpful ( and/or selfish)
    2. To know something and be certain is ignorant.
    3. I need other people’s help to live my life.
    4. Independence is a sign of a warped super ego.
    5. Love is contagious and freely given and produces more love.
    6. Children are highly influenced and influential.
    7. To stop learning is to die.
    8. Money can buy material comfort.
    9. To have money is to have power to buy things.
    10. Things that are most important cannot be bought.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1. Everything changes (except this).
    2. More of us had better start learning Chinese or we will be left behind.
    3. Every kid counts.
    4. Good teachers should make more money than stockbrokers.
    5. We are deep in an information war, and if you don't realize/believe that, it means you are losing.
    6. Corporations are not people and should not be given political rights and powers as if they were.
    7. Parents should act like parents so teachers don't have to try to do both jobs.
    8. We will never fully understand the human mind, because as we approach that state, we change and grow further.
    9. The science of 1000 years hence will make ours seem as limited as ours does that of the ancient Greeks.
    10. TED is awesome.
  • Mar 19 2011: 1. Negativity breeds negativity.
    2. People have way more abilities than they know.
    3. We are insignificant on many scales, but can change the world on many others.
    4. We have no way of knowing what happens after death.
    5. We need others to be complete.
    6. Reason is not all that matters.
    7. There is always something you can do to benefit another human being.
    8. Most things, in fact almost everything, should not be taken personally - it's not all about you.
    9. The sun will rise tomorrow.
    10. Loving another is the most fulfilling thing you can do.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: Here is my list :

    1.If you pay a lot attention to a thing it loses all the meaning
    2.Music is the food of spirit
    3.Everything happens for a reason
    4.Truth is rare
    5.Everything is relative
    6.Winner takes it all
    7.Success is upon value
    8.Listen to a lot of opinions to have a good one
    9.We are not who we are but how others see us
    10.When we see the light its day , when we see dark its night
  • Mar 19 2011: 1) Pursue of knowledge is a great way to have purpose in the life
    2) Having family and friends are another way to have purpose in the life
    3) There is fundamental and universal morality based on two things that all animals and people share: avoidance of pain and right to make one's own choices (freedom)
    4) Alien life exist in the Universe and we are one instance of it
    5) Societies cannot progress toward more freedom and equality without rational thinking and science
    6) Donating and helping others is our moral duty
    7) If all people were educated in science, philosophy, history, social studies, ethics we would not have wars and suffering
    8) Only through science and social studies we can understand the world and ourselves.
    9) Technology will fundamentally change our societies and our bodies. It is only a question of time before we transform on another form of living beings with fully integrated technology in our bodies and minds.
    10) Overall the world is getting better and people's lives are improving everywhere. However, women and children still suffer from abuses and unequal rights.
  • Mar 19 2011: 1 : There is not such thing as The Truth, only subjective perceptions.
    2 : i am who i am.
    3 : We are limited by our senses.
    4 : Everything can be achieved trough technology.
    5 : We're all equal, some more than others.
    6 : Nothing is the same as it was before.
    7 : Humanity is scared by the unknown.
    8 : Information is the key to success.
    9 : 1+1=2
    10 : I'm not sure.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1. No, life's not fair -- get over it.
    2. Nobody likes a whiner or a complainer.
    3. At some point, you've just got to shut the f*** up and do it; otherwise, stop talking about it!
    4. Watch what a person does, not what they say.
    5. "Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." - Dr. Suess
    6. You will get to a point where you'll think, "I'm too damned old for this s***."
    7. There's always a choice -- we just don't want to admit it because, sometimes, all the options are things we don't want to do.
    8. No matter where you go, or what you do, you will always find people who choose to get mad over the dumbest things.
    9. "Luck" really does favor the prepared.
    10. Nobody's interested in hearing your excuses; be accountable.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1) There is no truth in this world.
    2) Our mission is to find the truth in this world
    3) Death is the only absolute truth in this world
    4) Chances for realizing the truth after death is greater
    5) We should find our purpose in this life
    6) Happiness can not be a life purpose
    7) There is no justice in this world
    8) Listen, Think and then the bulls**t comes all the way out.
    9) Everything in this life, including living itself, are all insignificant
    10) I'm gonna change my mind about all of this someday.
  • Mar 19 2011: You can count all your true friends on the fingers of your right hand.
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1. I will never be exactly the same as I am in this very moment.
    2. My memories of the past are an altered perception of what I perceived at the time, but that does not necessarily make one or the other true.
    3. When you do something to help or inspire just one person, you are affecting eternity, in fact you are probably a player in someone else's effect on eternity long before you were born.
    4. My truth is only mine, someone may agree with something I say, but some part of my truth is always different from anyone else's.
    5. Humans crave connection.
    6. Everyone has a story that they need to be heard. (need and want, or sometimes just need.)
    7. I need nature in my life in order to feel alive.
    8. Growth requires accepting that you can be wrong.
    9. Something good can be brought out of anything if we try hard enough and believe in this.
    10. The mind has capabilities that we have not nearly tapped into yet.
  • Mar 19 2011: 1. we all have to die.
    2. without death our lifes would be pointless.
    3. I do not want to immagine my life without my piano.
    4. I do not want to immagine my life without "classical" music and without art
    5. we should try to love each other more
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1)the future is going to look like star wars
    2)self improvement is masturbation
    3) There is soo much to our surroundings than what we percieve
    4)I don't really know much
    5)Nothing fits the cookie cutter
    6)Every living organisms is interconnected, we are all family
    7)We are dependent on the well being of our earth (right now)
    8)Everything an individual does can be rationalzed that they did it for a self-fish reason
    9)Bacon is great
    10)...I am all out
  • Mar 19 2011: There is not just physical object
    we human being can survive without food we commonly think
    outspace beings do exist
  • Mar 19 2011: 1. We can share our emotions
    2. We can accomplish anything
    3. Wealth is a feeling
    4. We need each other
    5. Anger, hate, envy, and pride are always destructive
    6. Giving away, is recieving
    7. Doing my best = Winning
    8. Silence comes from the inside
    9. It is better to follow my gut, than my head
    10. I don't really know anything
    11. Friends and family are important
    12. Its OK to not always follow the rules ;)
    • Mar 19 2011: holy crap.. I hope you are not a politician or a man with might..

      A small list of mine:
      1. A=A
      2. We can accomplish almost everything, if we put our mind, time and effort into it
      3. Anger, hate, envy and pride are not necessarily destructive
      4. Giving away is getting less, recieving is getting more.
      5. It is always better to follow your head, rather than emotions and feelings
      6. I know alot, and am proud to do so.
      7. There is alot I do not know, but I can learn most of it - if I wish
  • thumb
    Mar 19 2011: 1)Things are never as they seem.
    2)Plants are very much alive, and aware, though not like we are aware.
    3)Mankind still has no idea whether awareness continues beyond death.
    4)The universe has an unimaginable number of possibilities for every possible outcome and circumstance.
    5)Gravity exists not only physically but also emotionally.
    6)Emotions are shared by all human beings.
    7)All beings are interconnected through God (this one's up for grabs)
    8)Timesplitters 2 was the greatest multiplayer experience that no one ever knew except me and my pals.
    9)Love is the best thing. EVAH!
    10)Dinosaurs did exist, and they were totally way more awesome and intense than we could ever imagine!
  • Mar 19 2011: ..look at that, I already see parallels between just these three lists, and only one list is fully complete.
  • Mar 19 2011: things that I know to be true:

    1. There are more species of insects that have not been described than there are species of insects that have been described.
    2. Blues music can make heartbreak feel alright.
    3. The force that keeps me on this earth amounts to a deceleration of 9.8 meters per second squared and this is a relatively weak force.
    4. I am looking forward to reading more lists like this one.
    4. My mom loves me.
    5. I am tired and my body needs to rest ...and so I will finish my list later