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What are 10 things YOU know to be true?

I was interested and intrigued by Sarah's '10 things you know to be true' list exercise, particularly with the pattern she observed in hearing others; that you would continuously see items exact and opposite to your own, items you've never heard of, or thought about before in exactly that light.

I'm fascinated by our definitions of what we consider to be 'truth', and the disputes between our definitions.

So I propose we post a couple lists of our own here, and experience our agreements (and disagreements), learn some new ideas and lines of thought. Personally, I think it best to write your own list BEFORE reading the ones posted here to avoid influence ;)

I hope a couple people will be interested in participating in this miniature project. And, hey, if you see something in someone's list you'd like to ask about, or learn more about, or debate. . .we now have the TED conversation platform to make that possible.

My list:

1. These are the most exciting times in which we could ever hope to be alive which have already occurred.
2. Too often, we allow inertia to control our actions.
3. Everyone should travel.
4. 'Because that's the way things are' is not a valid reason.
5. Whenever you say 'I had no choice', you're lying.
6. It is possible to have an honest and even pleasant relationship with someone you do not like.
7. Loving someone or something heart and soul does not necessarily make it good for you, or them, or it.
8. There are ideas and inventions yet to come which will make into reality what we consider to be fantasy today.
9. Everyone has at least one story worth hearing.
10. My truth is not final.


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    Mar 20 2011: I am a troublemaker (that verity is off my list):

    1 - God does not exist (not the way the quasi-totality of people expects)
    2 - There is no such thing as omniscience
    3 - There is no such thing as omnipotence
    3 - There is no black and white choices in life, only an "infinity" of grey shades choices (possibilities)
    4 - Most humans have to power to control their own life
    5 - Most things are only a matter of perception
    6 - Statistically, life exists outside Earth
    7 - There is too much people on this planet and it's burning the resources on it
    8 - I will change the world, one step at the time (by changing the people around me)
    9 - Nothing is impossible
    10 - Life is wonderful (if you perceived it the right way)
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      Mar 21 2011: Prove it, Michael.
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        Mar 21 2011: It's senseless you can't prove a negative just like you can't prove that God is a giant omnipotent marshmallow.
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          Mar 22 2011: You are right.....you cannot prove a negative but there is a lot you can't prove...,.......that makes somethings more reasonable to believe. May be I am wrong and I will give you the benefit of a doubt, but why the sarcastic remark about a giant omnipotent marshmalow ?
        • Mar 22 2011: It is possible to prove a negative through induction. In this way, god can be proved not to exist, because his existence is in itself would be contradictory and illogical.
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        Mar 21 2011: Trying to proved the non-existence / or existence of a concept (God) created by mankind is illogical.
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        Mar 22 2011: Because it makes as much sense as a giant omnipotent human.
      • Mar 22 2011: Interesting how it is assumed (and probably rightly so) your challenge was the statement about the non-existence of God. I'm currently reading "The God Instinct". Think that book would be a real challenge for you Helen. Try it ;-)
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          Mar 22 2011: Very keen observation I would also like to point out that it's Interesting how the only list that mentions God has a "prove it" comment under it. Just like the only scientific theory which refutes creationism is violently being debated, all these things are interesting, lots of interesting things in the world.
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          Mar 22 2011: to Joseph van Eijdhoven............Thanks for the hint I am always eager to learn. I have read "The History of God" and am now reading "The Case for God" both by Karen Armstrong, a TED contributor whose "Charter for Compassion" and I am trying to live it
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      Mar 22 2011: Nothing is impossible? ...except omniscience and omnipotence?

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