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Will India be the next Super Power of Knowledge.

India is called the nest of Golden Bird. India has got both material and mental resources to guide the world towards a better creative civilization. What Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela,Abhraham Lincon has dreamt of and we have failed to implement their thoughts. India is base of creation of all kinds knowledge, major cultures and religions i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism and so many sub cultures. No one wants violence in the world. Every one wants to live in big houses and get enough time to pursue other better things of life than just working only for money. We can not make everyone happy, wealthy, educated. But we can do it for many by following and mixing the good thoughts of of visionary leaders of the world. For happiness we have to have knowledge and knowledge creates materials both physical & meta physical which human use to live and survive in this earth. India is store house of knowledge not only in present science, but also the know how of how to live peacefully despite difference of wealth, religions, culture, customs, regional imbalances and many such things which creates tension within a community, region, religion and culture. I do agree that we as Indians are also involved in many violence. But it is due to lack of understanding of Mahatma teachings by our own leaders. In the end I will quote two sayings of Indian mythology. "Basudhaiba Kutumbakam" means The Whole World Is Our Family. The second "Bahu Jana Hitaya Bahu Jana Sukhaya" means " Give Real Benefit to Many and Make Happy Many". If we follow the real path showed by Indian great thought leaders then India will be the next Super Power of Knowledge but also Super Power of Friends of Nations and people of whole World.

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    Aug 12 2012: George jee, Thanks for the comment. what India could not do Indians do it in USA. Many doctors, researchers, scientists, computer software and hard ware engineers are working in NASA, Research Institutes, Hospitals, educational institutes. But we in India could not because of many reasons. Hope the condition will change in a faster rate. Whenever I see or hear any good scientific achievement automatically picture of America flashes in my mind and whatever bad things, its the picture of slums. In my mind I have two picture one the statute of liberty and Indian slums engraved in my mind. That's why I want to come out of those picture and want to see a better India and World in my life time. In my life time I have traveled by bullock cart to attend marriage of my elder sister in around 1975 and now by plane 2012.
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      Aug 13 2012: There is definitely a brain drain, I can see that. I think poor people in general need two fundamental things: Food and Education.

      If they're given education, they won't need to be babysat for the rest of their lives. You give them education, you can also empower them to help society on their own, like help build/improve infrastructures, instead of being the one in need of help.

      Here is a tedtalk I think might give good ideas: http://www.ted.com/talks/william_kamkwamba_how_i_harnessed_the_wind.html
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        Aug 13 2012: Really Jamesji, I saw the talk by William Kamkwambas. The hunger is the pedestal of innovation. We have to give water & fertilizer to grow it as a big as a Banyan tree.In India do have countess young innovators, but many of those new ideas could not be implemented due o lack of coordination with manufacturers, educational institutions and lastly Govts. Now the internet has opened up a new gate way for young and old innovators of India.
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          Aug 13 2012: And also keep in mind, the internet has opened the gateway for even foreigners to come help India as well. I'm pretty certain many people see India as another business opportunity, like Huawei in China, I believe.

          I really don't know much about India myself, but you do, and you came here on Ted to make more people aware of the situation :)
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    Aug 13 2012: The only obstacle not mentioned is the caste system, the remnants of which can still be very detrimental, from what I've heard... Aside from that, in general, I agree with your sentiment. I think that democracy, diversity, and peace, combined with a billion people, and a strong sense of individualism, gives India the potential to become a greater repository of wisdom than The United States, ever was. It's probably going to take a couple generations.
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    Aug 12 2012: Today is the last day of Olympic. India have won six medals. In last Olympics it was three. If you have marked one thing in India's participating athletes you must have seen how many colors and how many regions and religions they are from. We call it unity in diversity. Even if it is six medals for us it is six hundred medals. The diversity is our boon and bane. It depends how united we are in organizing ourselves before the show begins. Today I just tumbled upon one very interesting and really entertaining performance by 18 Girls Band of China in You tube. Originally it was 12 girls band. In this performance they blended nicely music of East and west with Kathak (One of India's Classical Dance form & Table- Indian Instrument) with their music and dance. It is superb. I request all to see it in You Tube. This kind of blending and creativity will take us all closer and closer. The link is http://youtu.be/BjkKRSgm9RU
  • Aug 16 2012: Good for India. Knowledge is good. However, there is so much redundancy in our world. So much knowledge is the common heritage of man. Or as Tiny Tim said God bless us each and every one. All the best for everyone and curioustity
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      Aug 16 2012: Gorge jee, I appreciate your feelings. I agree that we are creating new knowledge and putting them in Internet or printed papers & electronic media. I do agree with your concern regarding redundancy of knowledge.We will be forced to think how to keep, why to, where to and at what cost. A bigger problems can be solved by simple ways and means. We have to think of that very deeply. We presently will not be able to decide which data will be the data of future. We can not store everything in binary system. Lets think of indepedent, self sufficient, efficient system to solve the problem. For this I have thought of one solution by aping nature. Take the example of seeds. Lets call it Data Seed or Seed Data. Nature does and does it very efficiently. Another is Genome. We can create a Genome Data of knowledge. So that we can create the same big data again and also can create many different type of data by using the Genome Data.
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    Aug 15 2012: In the Independence Day address yesterday Prime Minister of India has declared an unmanned mission to Mars to be launched shortly with the help of indigenous technology using PSLV rocket with less payload to collect data by orbiting Mars.Indian space scientists are very jubilant. Even though India has not mastered GSLV which could have tkaen higher payload. Nonetheless PSLV has got the right potential to reach Mars and can collect valuable data for future manned mission by India and other countries.
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    Aug 13 2012: I think that once India develops a solid enough infrastructure to support cheap internet, that's when things start accelerating.

    I also hear that India is a huge market for mobile devices. They actually prefer to go online with a phone than with a laptop. This would make things really interesting in terms of how they would revolutionize the way we use phones. We would have to be extremely efficient on the loading times of each site, find more efficient ways to design sites and more efficient ways to condense as much information into as little space as possible. And I also know a ton of Indian people who are into the IT department or computer science.

    I think something like Twitter would be extremely popular in India (I don't know if they already have this or not). I know in China, they have the Twitter-clone called Weibo, which is actually much more effective for the Chinese language than English.
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      Aug 13 2012: James Ji, The youth of India constitute of about 40%. Just imagine Sixty Crore young people and still growing. Its a world altogether. It is now a huge market of young buyer. Anything new will be sold. Twenty to thirty percent are super rich. The sale of mobile, mobike, laptop, tablets, chocolate, energy products, faster cars & fashion items have increased many fold and is increasing at a faster rate be it Urban or Rural. India is a huge market for any innovative products. The Urban & many Rural areas have now computer hubs. The Indian youth are are using social networking site like anything.They will be the game changers if properly guided.The business strategist are also not able to define the market.The Indian youth are adventurous by nature but the same is not utilized fully. If his market is regulated in a proper way then i will be win win situation for the young people, the Government and the investors.
  • Aug 12 2012: There are kinds of knowledge. Modern science India may not achieve its potential because of economic problems. I believe that my country can and should have done better, too. Religion Zoraster was greatly influenced by Vedic thought . Zoraster or whoever My goodness a short trip from the Persian Plain and you reach Abraham, etc., SToics I don't know. However, more than seven billion people in the World we'll have even more problems. India is not China. Though choices are tough, but we know what works.
  • Aug 11 2012: I wonder what makes you believe India to be or become a power of knowledge? I do not see India overcome his national problems, nor that i remember any remarkable or outstanding indian contribution to science or technique. At the moment, there is no indicator for India becoming a leader in fields of science or knowledge.

    And of course you can make anyone wealthy, happy, and educated. Not in an excessive way without limits, but way beyond the level of India. Yes, India made a fast progress in economy, but face it, it did not really solve the inner problems it suffers from. As long as India is not able to provide knowledge or whatever to all of his people or at least the majority, it sure will never lead any other country or nation, nor the world.

    The current leader, America, did just become this because they minimized their inner conflicts. And because they increased the life standard for their people and the rest of the world afterwards. They sure would have never become what they are if they had started with "we can not make anyone ...whatsoever". It needs dreams to come true, not nightmares to come true!
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      Aug 12 2012: Dear Lars
      To some extent I agree with your comments about science .....
      but about the indian contribution to knowledge , I am taking the liberty to disagree....
      I don;t know how the power of knowledge is measured to call a country SUPER POWER of Knowlegde.....!!!

      Ancient philosophical thoughts of indian origin are still alive in this era of scientific development.....do you consider that as to be knowledge ?
      Economics by Kautilla or his thoughts on politics (approx 400 BC) are not those knowledge?

      Yes science was not that developed in ancient India , so in military power they were not that advanced so was invaded many times and finally colonized for 200 years...thats the proof of your claim about science....but about knowledge I disagree with you ,
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        Aug 13 2012: Salim Ji, The peace loving society is not cowards. They just love to remain as peace loving creativity. If they were not creative or they lack scientific knowledge then you have rethink it after seeing the Sun Temple named Konark in Odisha. No one now knows how those people brought the big stones to built the temple. No such stones are available nearby.The Ayurveda is complete prescription for just treating one diseases at one time. It is a complete science of living and living well. Starting from your childhood to manhood and to old. I has solution to every problems related to wellbieng. From sports to sex it has got all kinds of herbal product which are not medicines but are derived from daily use food materials & herbs nearby ones house.
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          Aug 14 2012: Jay Ji, sorry I couldn't possibly communicate well.
          Where did I say "peace loving society is coward"?
          Neither did I say that Indian society was lack of creativity , when just a curious persom can easily find huge treasure ancient India like epics, poetrise, art , sculptures etc etc..

          Yes , Science also was there as you mentioned.But what I wanted to say is the modern scientific stride that caused Industrial revolution in Europe or made them winner in the battle field , subcontinent's knowledge was not there....thats it
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    Aug 11 2012: I wish this proposition had been articulated differently to indicate that the whole world has this potential. India as one of the BRICK nations (and yes, I include Korea too) is well positioned as long as it addresses the corruption which extends to slavery, population issues and overcomes a colonial history that raped and starved its people. Yes, India is and can be great but it must never adopt the attitudes of its slave masters. India can lead us, If it is willing to be noble.
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      Aug 11 2012: I do agree with Debra lets turn it around and see it in the perspective of World. Lets start from "Basudhaiyaba Kutumbakam". Lets think that we all are children of Earth.But will the developed Nations will be part of it, will they transfer the technology to techno-poor Nations ? I hope no, they will not do that, that's why we are thinking of BRICK etc. Lets make UN powerful and real.Most of the developed Nations are really polluting and not paying to different poverty alleviation programmes. If the techno poor nation are given the Green Technology definitely they will implement it. As an Indian I do not want see as Super power just for he sake of Super power. It has contributed to the knowledge bank of World. Despite flawed educational policy we do produce very good Doctors, scientists in many fields. If the World thinks of India then India thinks of World as well.Green movement was there with us, we practised it in our daily lives. We use and reuse the material till it becomes zero. But now due to media and internet young people are imitating bad things of West. We should learn best things of all the nations and change our habits to suit the need of the hour.Thank you Debra for your comments.
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        Aug 12 2012: Hi Jay, as we both know citizens of countries do not always have the reins which steer their countries but I think it is clear that there is a deep longing among many many people world wide for greater justice among nations and groups of people. India has never been one to wait for permission to have technology. You have many creative and talented and educated persons who are in my opinion now leading the world in innovation and inventionsl India is a superpower to my mind. It has been poor because its resources were stolen - and now it will turn all its resources and abilites to advance. India does not need anyone to give it technology - it can lead the world in innovation - if your people are given basic human rights in every quarter, if slavery is exposed and condemned and if corruption is quashed. YOU can do it without anyone's gifts or permission. Never forget what Ghandi Jee fought against and never surrender your sovereignty again. The Indian people have been brave and have worked hard for others and NOW is the time for it to do so for India itself and for Indians everywhere. Now is also the time for all persons of the world to embrace this goodness and believe that a better life is possible. EVERYWHERE.
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          Aug 12 2012: I fully agree with Debraji, its the deep rooted corruption and poverty which are the main obstacle for India. As it is a vicious circle. India has to come out of it. Now the youth are voicing their anguish and coming out using new media like face book and other such social media. But the same is also very small in numbers compare to the size of India's population. That too it is limited to urban areas only. As you have rightly said India has the technology and scientific man power and we do not have to borrow from any one. The process of change has just began lets see where it leads to. Thanks for the concern, comments & suggestions. Your comments and suggestion is really reassuring and created a new hope in me to see a better India and better World for all of us..
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          Aug 13 2012: It may be small now, but information travels like wildfire on Social Media. Once there's a good enough infrastructure for a good majority of India, things will kick off fast.
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      Aug 11 2012: Deb, I alwayss agree with you ... sometimes. This time you are technically correct but have left out the major factor that will hold India back. Politics. India has one of the most diverse populations of any country and that is represented in its government. India has super rich and super poor with little inbetween. Education at the present is a marketing tool. There is little respect for the educated in India as witnessed by the exitdous to other countries to open businesses, practice medicine, and so forth. The simple answer is the exchange rate US dollar is worth 55.285 rupees. So a computer repairman from India working in the US making $25 per hour for a 40 hour week makes $4K a month. If he mails back $1000 a month he gives his family $55,285 per month. He could not do that at home.

      Due to the political structure it is my opinion that India is the target of takeover to a Socialist government. If that occurs then the educational progress will take a further nose dive. It is my opinion that the politics of India hold the key not only to the educational strength but the economy and the growth and future of India.

      Humbly submitted ... by a friend .... "T" Bob. All the best.
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        Aug 12 2012: Dear Robert, does that first sentence mean that you agree paritally?. i can see that but I do not understand that sentence otherwise. Yes, politics and diversity are major challenges in India as they are in most countries with huge populations. China is the exception because their people basically consider themselves to be one family with the government acting as our sense of parents guiding that family- and this is exactly why it is so formidible and eventually brittle. Societies travel through developmental stages in my opinioin similar to human beings. In Canada we have many many Indian immigrants who could not find equal or simlar oportunities at home. However, as they are assimilated their children are very frank about both the weaknesses of the former system and of our own. Yes, like most immigrants they are dedicated to helping at home but that does not transcend generations very well. Soon the 2nd and 3rd generations are far more Canadian than Indian. In this regard, please see some of Russel Peter's comedy routines on Youtube. I am not convinced that socialism is likely to take over as self interest is a strong stage of individual development that many become not just interested in but mired in -in personal and in national development. Some of the best and most productive countries of the world as reported by their citizen's satisfaction -and in international measures such as longevity, overall measure of health and well being, low levels of corruption etc. are countries you might term socialist.
    • Aug 12 2012: Debra,

      "If it is willing to be noble." Do you really believe that a noble country will come to lead us? Or do you just hope so?
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        Aug 12 2012: Funny enough Barry, that is one of the things I am most certain about and that is not just because I am some sort of naive Canadian but because of observation and study.
        The hardest thing in this world is to be a good human being. It is the hardest and often has been the most unrewarded. It is also the hardest to counterfeit. Goodness is not something that can be imitated for long for those who do not live it do not actually have any idea how it works and more especially how that world view holds together. It is beautiful to humanity when they see it and it beckons to the deposit of goodness in others.
        So, now with media like Youtube, TED and others (not sure about much social media) people can expose themselves to goodness everywhere. As I have said before, you can find role model on youtube for rock climbing, one for social interactions and one for politics without ever seeing their weaknesses and only ever leaping from one person's high point of development to another's. This has a downside for everyday life but it could not be better for our inspirational lives.
        Nobility is unassailable unless people are willing to get in the gutter- which many appear to be but now people can rightly say = but they are right about that and what does their sex life have to do with insurance? Good voices everywhere are coming together like a chior.
        Now I am not sure it will be the noble country but I do believe that it will be the NOBLE people like Ghandi and Mandela. I also believe that countries go through stages of development just like people and that human beings seem to keep assembling their interior lives and their exterior lives to make progress both individually and collectively and the only firm foundation, in my opinion is rock solid and it is good.
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          Aug 13 2012: Debraji, I like the essence of your feeling through this one sentence" Good voices everywhere are coming together like a chior." If the youngsters of World sings the songs of Gandhiji, Nelson Mandela,Abraham Lincon, Leo Tolstoy and Gerorge Washington and many other inspiring great people, then we will not have wars. There will be another super structure of United Nation.
        • Aug 14 2012: "the only firm foundation, in my opinion is rock solid and it is good."

          I think so too.
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        Aug 12 2012: PS Barry, I think leadership will no longer be in the global sense and that will help us too. If one country or person leads in one area of strength and we allow another to lead in theirs - we can make continuous progress in areas of vital interest to all. As it stands now everyone waits until one leader drags us forward on one issue while the bad guys circle and attack. It is tougher to get that sort of pack mentality to work when power and leadership are diffused. I hope I am communicating my thoughts in a meaningful manner. If not, please give a me a chance to try again! I am loving getting a chance to bring all these thoughts out into the light of day when they have been stored in my attic for so long and I felt like I was looking out of an attic window!
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        Aug 13 2012: Abhishekh Jee, India has invented zero. If you enter deep inside the zero you will find a civilization which believes that everything has got a value and nothing is un-usefull. We use it and reuse it again and again till that product value is zero or and can not be used further.By boasting of Super Power status many countries are now eyeing towards India. Is the Indian are waiting to unleash the power of brain and material.As you said India has o go a long way. It is prepared to go a long way to create a systematic sustainable growth.The word is not going to be destroyed till next five billion years.So dont worry it will achieve its growth with its is normal speed. Artificial growth will not be sustainable. It is called Baloon Economics & Banana Republic.
  • Aug 11 2012: Why does it matter. Knowledge is not a zero sum game... therefore the super power status is meaningless, the question is will India contribute to the global knowledge in proportion to its population ..... Long way to go....
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      Aug 11 2012: Abhisekhji,India was and is a store house of knowledge our past was buried for last thousand year and our democracy is just not mature enough. The status of Super power is not to beat its drum but to contribute not only to Global knowledge but also technologies which is self sufficient and green, add to that the philosophy of coexistence. Thank you Abhisekhji.
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    Aug 11 2012: If India is not weighed down by overpopulation, poverty and numerous domestic problems; the there is enermous potential for greatness.
    Just as it will be hard for an equally talented athelete with stomach ulcer, broken ribs and brain tumours to compete with Usain Bolt and win; so also India has to handle her domestic problems with all the wisdom it can access.
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      Aug 11 2012: That's true. India is fighting against India. That's the core problem. When 20 babies born rich 80 more are born to poor. Thank you for the comment. Please post some suggestions to mitigate these problems.