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Will India be the next Super Power of Knowledge.

India is called the nest of Golden Bird. India has got both material and mental resources to guide the world towards a better creative civilization. What Mahatma Gandhi, Nelson Mandela,Abhraham Lincon has dreamt of and we have failed to implement their thoughts. India is base of creation of all kinds knowledge, major cultures and religions i.e. Hinduism, Buddhism and so many sub cultures. No one wants violence in the world. Every one wants to live in big houses and get enough time to pursue other better things of life than just working only for money. We can not make everyone happy, wealthy, educated. But we can do it for many by following and mixing the good thoughts of of visionary leaders of the world. For happiness we have to have knowledge and knowledge creates materials both physical & meta physical which human use to live and survive in this earth. India is store house of knowledge not only in present science, but also the know how of how to live peacefully despite difference of wealth, religions, culture, customs, regional imbalances and many such things which creates tension within a community, region, religion and culture. I do agree that we as Indians are also involved in many violence. But it is due to lack of understanding of Mahatma teachings by our own leaders. In the end I will quote two sayings of Indian mythology. "Basudhaiba Kutumbakam" means The Whole World Is Our Family. The second "Bahu Jana Hitaya Bahu Jana Sukhaya" means " Give Real Benefit to Many and Make Happy Many". If we follow the real path showed by Indian great thought leaders then India will be the next Super Power of Knowledge but also Super Power of Friends of Nations and people of whole World.


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    Aug 15 2012: In the Independence Day address yesterday Prime Minister of India has declared an unmanned mission to Mars to be launched shortly with the help of indigenous technology using PSLV rocket with less payload to collect data by orbiting Mars.Indian space scientists are very jubilant. Even though India has not mastered GSLV which could have tkaen higher payload. Nonetheless PSLV has got the right potential to reach Mars and can collect valuable data for future manned mission by India and other countries.

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