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What language we humans think ? In how many Languages we think? How does it helps to know the brains fucntionality?


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    Aug 11 2012: Thinking in a language is thinking literally, it is better to think conceptually, truthfully it is a different way to view life. You can see the difference in people those who think literally and those who think conceptually. Then there are the one who don't understand the meaning of the words and are in a fog.
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    Aug 24 2012: Wow! What a surprising question! I have never thought of the way of thinking. However, I think thinking and communicating are completely different subjects. Languages are used for communication and communication is used to express our thoughts. Thus, languages might not be used for thinking. Actually, how we thinking may have a different system than how we communicate. Sorry for the incomplete answer. I hope my comment helped you.
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    Aug 13 2012: Thinking and communicating are two different functions/actions, while language (regardless, it may be any spoken + written language) is the medium of communication.

    The mind's default cognitive process of constructing and relating different ideas is "thinking", includes observing, sensing, feeling, creating, imagining, concluding, problem solving, memorizing.

    Communication or communicating, is a skill, using a spoken language as a medium is just a part of communication skills.

    According to Mind Sciences, the language of human mind is a picture language though it is still abstract theory. However, deaf-and-dumb and deaf-mute people can still thinks and learn sign language, as well as they communicate with sign language, written language, and even some with language of fine art and performing arts.
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    Aug 11 2012: We think in as many languages as we understand; some things are better expressed in one language than the other. And each language has its peculiarity of in terms of expression.