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Why Don't We Just Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons

In a day when more and more nations have gotten nuclear weapons couldn't we come to a conclusion that perhaps one country only has them because another already does? Is it it up to us to take a role as peace maker and make a first move by getting rid of our nuclear weapons to give a good example to other nations; surely either way nuclear war is unlikely given that everything gets destroyed; why don't we just make the first move?


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    Aug 16 2012: This subject can be directly related to the anti-gun movement/organization. The anti-gun movement is asking for states to make it illegal for anyone other than police and military to own or be in control of a firearm.

    One argument they put up is "Which situation is safer, one where two people in a heated debate both have guns or neither have guns?" Well obviously it is the second option and that'd be great! Although, that is not a realistic situation. Even today, where firearms are legal with a license, there are guns that are not registered.

    The resources it would take at this point in time to find every firearm that is not registered would be next to impossible. So, when the citizens that have legal firearms now still feel the need for firearms after they are outlawed that would increase the amount of illegal guns more than 5 times.

    Also, if you look at the crime rate in Texas, you will find that it is the lowest in the U.S. "Why?" you might ask. Well, its because almost everyone in Texas has at least one firearm and there are plenty of normal citizens who carry holsters with guns the same as though they were carrying a cell phone in their pocket. So, my theory is "If you increase the countries who can effectively use nuclear weapons, then the threat of a nuclear war decreases."
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      Aug 22 2012: Hmmm, I'm not really sure if it's wise to scale it up like that. I mean if you accidentally shoot someone in Texas it will only affect you and the person you shot. If you increase the number of countries with nuclear weapons, and one of them accidentally fired off a nuke due to negligence or whatnots... I shudder to think of the consequences.

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