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Why Don't We Just Get Rid of Nuclear Weapons

In a day when more and more nations have gotten nuclear weapons couldn't we come to a conclusion that perhaps one country only has them because another already does? Is it it up to us to take a role as peace maker and make a first move by getting rid of our nuclear weapons to give a good example to other nations; surely either way nuclear war is unlikely given that everything gets destroyed; why don't we just make the first move?


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    Aug 12 2012: The quickest way to be totally subjugated to the control of another is to lay down your arms. It is called "surrender". If the nature of Man was free of evil there would be no need for arms. There always has been evil, there always will be evil. To be unarmed is to be enslaved. Do not lay down your weapon(s) in a hostile world unless you want someone else to exercise absolute control over your life.
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      Aug 16 2012: I really like your point here, Edward, but there was a time almost 40 years ago when laying down your arms and giving in to your enemy was not only accepted but praised by peers. It was the Revolution of 1963 in Birmingham, Alabama. Martin Luther King Jr. promoted a nonviolent army because there was no other option and it changed the world. Other people, no, the whole world was watching and it enabled them to peacefully protest the chains of oppression they had felt for so long.
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        Aug 16 2012: Dramatic stuff you speak of Dylan, but it's apples and oranges. Nuclear weapons, the topic of this debate, are tools of global application, clearly not suitable for civil disputes. As sophisticated as we think we are, it still comes down to jungle rules. The prey that lacks strength is the predator's dinner. To be free, and stay free, a nation must be strong, or must be protected by strong friends. If we all surrender the bullys take over. Sad, but true.

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