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Where could I start implementing this edible landscape idea in my town?

I support Pam!

Who do I talk to, where can I find support, where do I pull my resources from?

Etc, etc. Please, I am interested in implementing this idea, but it sounds like I'd have to be some person with great influence or political status, which I have none of.

I live near the big city and I wonder if this could work in big cities as well?

UPDATE: Thanks mary for introducing me the the 17 tips for Activists. Here is a link for those interested in inspiring change around them.



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    Sep 8 2012: Love the idea, I would just be worried about some deranged teenager putting rat poisen on the food or something. Seems you just can't trust people as much nowadays and that is sad. Of course if you look at my profile you'll see that I live in Aurora, CO. I only live 15 minutes from that theater.
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      Sep 9 2012: That is very true, but we assume that with more plants, the higher the awareness everyone will have that the plants are for eating and gifting others.

      Oh, and always wash thoroughly before eating any food, especially fruits and vegetables.

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