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Where could I start implementing this edible landscape idea in my town?

I support Pam!

Who do I talk to, where can I find support, where do I pull my resources from?

Etc, etc. Please, I am interested in implementing this idea, but it sounds like I'd have to be some person with great influence or political status, which I have none of.

I live near the big city and I wonder if this could work in big cities as well?

UPDATE: Thanks mary for introducing me the the 17 tips for Activists. Here is a link for those interested in inspiring change around them.



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  • Aug 11 2012: same question, I'm thinking of just doing it.... probably just get some orange vests and someone with a service truck, start with empty lots public parks and freeway ramps.
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      Aug 11 2012: Can I seriously plant anywhere I please without getting any permission from some government person?
      • Aug 12 2012: No, you cannot plant anywhere you want legally. For public spaces, you probably need to get permission from the Government agency that maintains the area (e.g. Parks and Rec). For private spaces, the owner's permission is required. All that said, groups known as Guerilla Gardeners plant illegally on neglected spaces: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Guerrilla_gardening.
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          Aug 12 2012: Pretty, funny comment, but I enjoy there is a band of "misfits" who I could relate to. =)
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          Aug 13 2012: Something to be careful of when guerilla gardening is not to plant edible foods in a site close to traffic, since fruit and vegetables tend to take up toxins from traffic fumes. The same probably applies to using water runoff from roads to water plants.

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