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Data Entry DeDuplication

I work with people who get their funding from organizations which insist on data accumulation. Each funding organization often SAME data. Different (interrelated) programs SAME data. An inordinate amount of time is spent correcting data entry errors, accounting for data duplication, and simply re-entering the SAME data in multiple locations for the satisfaction of multiple funding organizational requirements.

On a larger scale, much of what's on the web, much of the existing data is data DUPLICATED in numerous locations. There are so MANY places to find the exact SAME thing(s). A good amount of its accurate, a good amount of it is not. Yet we continue to accumulate and duplicate and regurgitate the same information OVER and OVER and OVER.

Is there a way to, is anyone working on a method or process by which (for example, as one poster here posed, having ALL information (as in credit cards) in ONE place ONE card for ALL essential information) a way to get the essential information without the information overload, the information duplication that increases the likelihood of data entry errors, that takes time away from doing good to keeping disproportionate track of the good doing?

Is there a balance to be had between more efficient methods of data entry, tracking and accumulation and privacy, confidentiality and minimization of risk of abuse of said data?

As we move into an era in which as some have suggested "Data is King", might we also find ways to better acquire data, acquire data with a greater degree of overall accuracy and far less duplication.

Wouldn't more efficient in the entry and accumulation of data, no more than is absolutely necessary be better all around? Is someone working on THAT and if so what have they (you) come up with?

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    Aug 11 2012: The same thing is happening every where. We were thinking that by introduction of computers in all organization will create efficiency and ultimately it will be economically sustainable. We will have paper less office but i was a myth created by computer companies. The introduction of computer has made easy to type and print. Now the bosses are asking for same thing on fax, then on email, then on chip or CD and finally on paper. Its now horrible state of affairs as the same thing is required by many other superior officer in the same department. Year after year we are sending he same ATR (Action Taken Report) to many bosses starting from field level to top.